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YouTube Channel | Brioude Internet

YouTube Channel | Brioude Internet

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Would you like tips on SEO and SEA referencing? Discover Brioude Internet’s YouTube channel.

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Brioude Internet is the official channel on which the agency’s professionals share advice and tips through explanatory videos. The videos on this channel cover topics related to SEO and paid online advertising campaigns.

Description of the Brioude Internet YouTube channel

Brioude Internet is one of the best implemented SEO agencies in France. This agency also has a YouTube channel through which it publishes videos with its community on the various issues of SEO and SEA.

In this description, we discover Brioude Internet’s YouTube channel as well as the types of videos they contain. So follow!

Presentation of the Brioude Internet YouTube channel

The Brioude Internet YouTube channel was created on November 1, 2013. With more than 1.17k subscribers and a total number of 200,607 views, this channel aims to provide valuable information and advice in the field of natural and paid referencing.

If you are an online marketer, entrepreneur, or just a website owner, this channel is for you, especially if your goal is to improve your online visibility.

The channel’s videos cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Search engine optimization techniques;
  • Paid SEO strategies;
  • SEO best practices;
  • Case studies;
  • Tips.

With this channel, you will be able to stay up to date with the latest trends as well as best practices in SEO and SEA.

Playlists from the Brioude Internet YouTube channel

Brioude Internet’s videos are divided into several playlists in which you can immerse yourself to enrich your knowledge.


This three-video playlist features a variety of content related to SEO and SEA. You will find videos that cover different topics on paid advertising and natural referencing.

Brioude t’interview

In this playlist, you will discover exciting interviews conducted by the Brioude Internet team. They invite experts from the SEO and online advertising industry to share their knowledge and experiences with the community.


This playlist brings together answers to frequently asked questions about SEO and paid advertising. You will find informative videos that cover the key topics of natural referencing as well as paid referencing.

Worst/Best Anecdotes

Through the videos in this playlist, the Brioude Internet team shares interesting and sometimes funny anecdotes related to their experiences in SEO and SEA. You will discover the best practices to follow and the mistakes to avoid in the field of online marketing.

Voice Assistants & SEO

This playlist explores the relationship between voice assistants and SEO. Here you will find information on how voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa impact SEO strategies.

You will also discover the practices to adopt to optimize the visibility of your pages in voice searches.


This playlist includes videos of events in which Brioude Internet has participated or organized. You will be able to watch conferences, presentations and discussions led by SEO/SEA experts.

These videos will keep you up to date with the latest trends and developments in SEO and online advertising.

Popular videos from the Brioude Internet YouTube channel

Among the most watched videos of the channel, we have:

1. Brioude Internet: SEO and digital marketing agency

This video, which has accumulated more than 86 k views, presents the Brioude Internet agency, its employees and its customers.

She also talks about the agency’s goal, which is none other than helping her clients acquire qualified traffic by using various levers and providing advice on social media and digital marketing.

2. BIG SUCCESS & BRIOUDE: Officially associated

This video, which features a lively conversation between Jean-Paul, Rodolphe and Yannick, announces the collaboration between the two agencies.

3. Find the error

This video talks about the true/false queries people make on Google about Game of Thrones. From the actor who plays Tyrion Lannister, to the interest in dragons and food in Game of Thrones, you’ll find the incredible research people are doing about this cult series.

4. Webinar #20: 20 tips for better conversion on Google Adwords

This is a webinar video that features valuable tips for optimizing Google AdWords campaigns. For example, it highlights the importance of:

  • Use the extended text ad format;
  • To measure the return on investment;
  • Segment campaigns;
  • Adapt ads to different devices;
  • Etc.

5. FAQ #1: How to generate business during confinement?

This video dedicated to confinement talks about how to create an activity during this period. The advice in this video is still valid, as it covers essential topics such as:

  • The use of Google applications and social networks for advertising;
  • The implementation of effective retargeting strategies;
  • Creating valuable content for webinars and videos;
  • The use of search targeting and exploiting the opportunities offered by e-mail marketing;
  • Etc.

From these tips, you will be able to maintain a vibrant online presence, grab the attention of your target audience, and increase conversion opportunities.

6. Webinar #25: Adwords, Spend less, get more

Through this video, Brioude internet talks about how to make your AdWords campaigns profitable. They address in particular:

  • Optimizing your bidding strategy for mobile devices;
  • Increase your click-through rate with local queries and guaranteed reviews;
  • Maximize ad space with new AdWords features. (00:08)
  • Optimization of landing pages;
  • Etc.

Types of videos offered on the Brioude Internet channel

On Brioude Internet’s YouTube channel, you can find videos such as:

  • Tutorial videos:  You learn tips for using SEO tools and many more;
  • Videos in FAQ formats: These videos answer specific questions about natural referencing and paid referencing;
  • The webinars: These types of videos are like live presentations with professionals and the Brioude Internet community.

In summary

In view of the above, Brioude Internet’s YouTube channel is a channel dedicated to SEO and SEA referencing on which you will find tips for developing your site.

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Presentation : rioude Internet

Chaine Youtube Brioude internet Logo

Yannick Socquet is the founder of the YouTube channel Brioude Internet, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO (SEO, SEA) and social media.

Yannick Socquet is from Auvergne, a city located in the center of France. At the age of 17, he began to take an interest in the web and learned to create websites with software and computer language.

After his baccalaureate in France, he traveled to Canada to learn programming properly. At the end of this training, he then returned to France to gain experience through various positions over the years.

He finally decided to take over his father’s family business, based on service offerings whose goal is to help companies expand their visibility on the web throughto SEO and SEA.

To reach Yannick Socquet, simply contact them on:

LinkedIn : Yannick Socquet

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