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Short Description : The SEM Post

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To deepen your knowledge of SEO, PPC, marketing or social media, did you know that you can explore The SEM Post blog?

Long Description : The SEM Post

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Blog by The SEM Post

The SEM Post blog is a web portal that brings together a myriad of informative content relating to marketing, SEO, social media, etc. Regarding these different sectors of the interactive web, you will also find valuable advice, tips and advice on the portal. techniques to improve your knowledge. Finally, there are valuable resources like how-to guides that are available to help you improve your traffic on Google..

Description du blog de The SEM Post 

Natural referencing, PPC, content marketing, Google… all these industries are linked. Thus, to get out of it, several solutions are possible, but the most accessible solution is reading blogs.

These bring together informative articles, guides and lots of other resources that help you calmly deepen your knowledge. By the way, one of them is The SEM Post blog, it is very rich in content and we invite you to discover it.

Introducing The SEM Post Blog

Launched in 2014,le blog The SEM Post brings together an exuberance of articles that cover a host of related topics:

  • To natural referencing;
  • Au PPC ;
  • to social media and
  • To the content strategy.

Through this blog, the contributors, all experts in the marketing and SEO industry, intend to share qualitative information concerning these industries. So, become an excellent SEO or webmarketer by reading the advice, techniques, tips and guides published on The SEM Post blog.

Is it a blog that has good visibility? Do visitors last on this blog? To get a clear idea of ​​all this, we have taken a look at its main metrics.

Top blog metrics from The SEM Post

The main blog metrics from The SEM Post are the following data:

    • Authority Score: 25
  • Volume of organic traffic per month:3,67 k
  • Duration of visits: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

This data was collected using the SEOquake plugin when writing the article. This means that they are approximate and from one minute to another, the readings may vary.

For editorial purposes, we have provided a section that discusses blog categories. Let’s take a closer look at these categories.

What are the main blog categories of The SEM Post?

This blog brings together a myriad of classified articles in a number of categories. 47 to be more exact. But on the blog interface, you can clearly distinguish 9 categories which we can call the main ones. Here are brief introductions to each of them.

1. Google 

Among the search engines used by Internet users to launch a request, Google is the most used with8.5 billion queries per day. This predominance certainly comes from its flexibility, its speed and its indexing algorithms.

Within thisblog category of The SEM Post, discover the current news on the updates undergone by this famous search engine. Also read news, trends and reviews of its algorithm updates.

In summary, the articles in this category teach you how Google works, its indexing algorithms as well as in-depth research.


SEO practices are intrinsically linked to the process of how search engines work. In thiscategory, improve your SEO by reading the informative articles grouped in this one.

Also find excellent tips to make significant changes in your vision of SEO. Finally, learn through many valuable tips, how to rank first in the Google SERP.

3. Mobile 

5h01 minute, is the average time spent daily on our smartphone. Or +2.4% in one year. Under these conditions, it would be wise for all web 2.0 professionals to think about exploiting mobile technology in their various strategies.

Learn through thiscategory to optimize your website for mobile, find useful tips and techniques for more comprehensive use. Discover especially news about Google and the use of mobiles for Internet browsing.

4. Local

Local SEO is a mode of natural referencing whose understanding and mastery of its practices are necessary for the professional. Although it is very useful, developing a Local SEO strategy can be a bit complex.

If you therefore wish to understand this mode of referencing, discover its advantages and its limits, you must try to read the informative articles grouped in thecategory. You will also find advice and real tips to rank better.

5. Bing

AT Apart from Safari, if there is another alternative to the Google search engine, it would be Bing. How to use it effectively? And what are the different ways to advertise with it?

The answers to his questions as well as many others from elsewhere and concerning Bing can be found incategory items. Find tips, tricks, and news about Bing search, advertising, and updates, too.

6. Pay Per Click 

Better known as PPC, Pay Per Click is often used in web marketing to generate traffic from Google or other search engines. In this category, it is only the latter.

Good and healthy practices, useful tips, informative articles and many other things await you within thecategory. If you want to understand and better understand the most important aspects of this marketing channel, you must take your time to explore the contents of the category.

7. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has been and continues to be a staple in digital marketing. In thisblog section, learn how to effectively use this social media to boost your visibility and get qualified traffic to your website.

Find valuable tips and tricks to outperform your competitors through the exploitation of Facebook Ads. You will also have at your disposal news about new products and updates to this social platform.

8. Twitter

Currently acquired by Elon Musk, Twitter can also be really useful for digital marketing professionals.

Within thiscategory, you can read informative articles and news about Twitter. Likewise, find out news about the updated settings of this social platform.

9. State Of The Industry

The SEO industry is constantly evolving. New advances appear every day. Faced with these, you have to get up to speed so as not to remain inout competition.

Within this section of The SEM Post blog, discover the state of the SEO and digital marketing industry through informative articles.

Here are some of the thirty categories of The SEM Post blog, the main ones that best illustrate the objective of this blog. However, beyond this blog, there are other additional resources that we want you to discover.

The SEM Post Blog: Other Resources Available

In terms of other resources available on The SEM Post blog, the following two resources should be distinguished: Guides and Speaking Engagements. What should we remember about them?


Thisresource is a series of guides you can use to understand search marketing and SEO. Remarkably practical, these guides cover topics such as:

  • Google Panda ;
  • Mobile Friendly Algo ;
  • Directives de Google Quality Rater…

By exploring these guides, you will deepen or refresh your knowledge of marketing and SEO with the Google search engine.

Speaking Engagements

The authors of The SEM Post blog are used to speaking at many events related to marketing and SEO. In thisresource, discover these authors.

Know how to contact them if you would like them to speak at any event you have organized.

The SEM Post blog has several contributors and authors. As such, can we say that despite this, he accepts guest posts? Keep reading to find out.

Does The SEM Post Blog accept guest posting?

AT this question, the answer is negative. So no, The SEM Post blog would not accept guest posting.

However, when it comes to an exceptional article, that is to say an article written by an expert in the sector, the blog accepts its publication.

Finally, faced with this issue of guest posts, we would like to point out that we have aplatform that brings togetherblogs that accept guest posting.

Blog The SEM Post: what should we remember in the end?

It should be remembered that this blog brings together content to read and use if you want to deepen your knowledge of SEO, marketing, advertising and social media. It is made up of several categories which can be gathered into 09 main ones which are:

  • Google ;
  • THIS;
  • Mobile ;
  • Local ;
  • Bing ;
  • Pay Per Click;
  • Facebook ;
  • Twitter and
  • State Of The Industry.

If we had to give you one piece of advice regarding The SEM Post blog, it would be to bookmark it.

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Jennifer Slegg is the founder and editor of The SEM Post blog. She is a longtime speaker and expert in the field of search engine marketing, working in the industry for almost 20 years.

She workedAlsofor Search Engine Watch and ClickZ from 2013 to 2014 and has been writing about the industry for over 15 years.

Launched in 2014, The SEM Post blog is a fresh look at the search marketing industry with the most important news and how it can impact you and your business.

There are also plenty of ideas, tips, and strategies on all things SEO and PPC, social media, and content strategy.

She is a regular speaker at Pubcon, SMX, State of Search, Brighton SEO and many more, and has been presenting at conferences for over ten years.

Do not hesitate to follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter to never miss one of these articles!

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