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Blog | Yumens

Short Description : Yumens

Blog Yumens Agence de référencement et de marketing mise en avant

Would you like to learn more about SEO and digital marketing? Consult the Yumens blog.

Long Description : Yumens

Blog Yumens Agence de référencement et de marketing Ressource 1

As you will see, the yumens blog provides its visitors with a set of articles offering rich and detailed content on both SEO events and user experience. There is also other content relating to web marketing and advertising campaigns.

Blog Yumens 

To better understand the world of SEO, it is impossible to do without SEO news.

It is for this reason that you will find on the blog of Yumens a variety of articles allowing each other to be aware of all this news.

I therefore suggest that you follow in the following lines, the different resources that you can find on this blog.

Presentation of the Yumens blog

First of all, it should be noted that Yumens is a digital strategy consulting agency that helps you accelerate the business performance of your website.

It offers you as such to accompany you to:

  • Define a digital strategy;
  • Accelerate your business;
  • Grow your audience;
  • Design your website;
  • Generate more contact;
  • To increase your skills.

Cumulatively, Yumens also provides its users with a blog where various articles are published.

We thus find articles related to SEO events, the life of the Yumens agency and all the news of the digital world.

Who can consult the Yumens blog?

Anyone can visit and read Yumens blog posts. They therefore have the opportunity to learn more about all the news of digital marketing.

On the Yumens blog, we can also note the presence of a newsletter to keep Internet users informed of new publications on the blog.

There is also the social media button that allows people to share content and follow the Yumens blog through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Another interesting thing to remember from the Yumens blog is that most of the articles are written by different consultants, which makes it possible to offer different users a diversity of points of view on the world of digital marketing.

Yumens blog metrics  ? 

Yumens blog traffic analysis shows the following metrics as of December 14, 2022:

  • Authority score : 43 ; 
  • Organic traffic : 3060 visits per month;
  • Rebound rate : 86,78 % ;
  • Average time : 00 minutes 46 seconds.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

As we can see, these different measures are quite important and clearly show the performance of Yumens’ blog.

What will you discover on the Yumens blog?

Once on the Yumens blog, you will find several articles grouped into three categories, namely:

  • Digital news : As the name reveals, this category of the blog includes articles presenting SEO news, new advances and changes in the industry. It is right that we find articles such as: “What will the advertising landscape look like in 2023, what to remember from Google live marketing 2022”, etc;


  • Agency life : This category includes articles relating to the actuality of the Yumens site;
  • Events: This is content that relates to the presentation of past or future events related to SEO and digital marketing.

Beyond the Yumens Blog

Apart from the articles that you will find on the Yumens blog, it should be remembered that Yumens offers a certain number of expertise relating to several areas of digital marketing.

These services concern:

  • Web analysis and conversion : Through this service, the agency offers to identify and monitor the performance of your website with you;
  • The SEA : This paid referencing service offered by the Yumens platform helps you set up and conduct your optimization strategy for paid advertising campaigns;
  • Le social media management : With the social media management service, Yumens helps you organize your presence on social media;
  • Display : Yumens accompanies you here to boost your notoriety as well as your performance through videos;
  • THIS: The platform can help you improve your natural referencing strategy;
  • Social ADS : This service allows you to reflect with Yumens experts on the design of a personal strategy in the use of social ads;
  • Day before: This is about setting up a strategic watch to monitor your competitors;
  • Acquisition levers : Helps you to be present on several levers of acquisition of traffic and prospects;
  • The contents : This service supports you in setting up personalized content on your website;
  • User experience and web design : Yumens supports you in improving the graphic interface of your website;
  • Le marketing d’automation : Yumens offers here various solutions to help you ensure proper use of your data in order to better deploy your business.

Apart from these different services, we must not forget that we also find a set of resources on Yumens.

These are divided into two categories which are:

  • The white paper library : This is a set of white papers authored by Yumens. From these documents, the agency shares not only its know-how, but also certain practices;
  • The webinar library : In terms of resources, you also have webinars which are organized on different subjects in order to allow those who wish to learn more about digital marketing in a global way;
  • The training library : From these different resources, you have the possibility of benefiting from a multitude of certified digital training courses. You have access to more than 80 training courses. The platform also gives you the opportunity to follow a professional path.

In view of all this, it should be said that the Yumens blog offers several resources to help anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

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Presentation : Yumens

Blog Yumens Agence de référencement et de marketing logo

Yumens has become known on the net as a renowned SEO and web marketing agency. It allows the economic actors of the territories to improve their commercial performance thanks to its various marketing strategies.

Yumens is part of the Mediaveille group which includes 9 other subsidiaries which are Ebit-Data, NM Data, Good Buy Media, 301, Graphisweet, Tribu, Avanci and Winbound.

Mediaveille Group was founded in 1999 by Christophe Potron. However, the latter is no longer at the head of the company today.

The company was bought several years ago by Olivier Méril, who is its new manager. The latter strives to make it prosper more than ever. Its new policy obviously also concerns the group’s subsidiaries and thereforeYumens. 

Although no longer a manager of MV Group, Christophe still has an important place within the company.

During the 20 years of the company, the latter had the opportunity to meet with the current leader as well as all the employees to discuss the future of the company. Together, they are trying to further develop the latter by betting on a customer-oriented future.

Find the news of the company onLinkedIn, YouTube AndInstagram. Also join Olivier Méril, the president on his accountLinkedIn.

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