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Facebook Group | SEO – Backlinks – Guest posts

Facebook Group | SEO – Backlinks – Guest posts

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Discover the SEO Backlinks Facebook group – Guest articles and the backlink opportunities it offers to improve your SEO

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SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles is a Facebook group that offers backlink opportunities for netlinking campaigns to improve the SEO of websites.

It offers a space for exchange, purchase and sale of backlinks, guest blogging, partnerships and sharing and mutual assistance between webmasters.

SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles

Netlinking is an essential strategy at the heart of SEO. Today it represents a major challenge in the constant quest for online visibility for website owners.

The Facebook group SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles is therefore positioned as the crossroads for netlinking campaigns. It is a privileged place of exchange which promotes the acquisition of backlinks and the sharing of SEO strategies between webmasters.

In this article, we will explore in depth SEO – Backlinks – Guest Posts and the main opportunities it offers to facilitate the optimization of online sites.

Presentation of SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles

SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles is a Facebook group dedicated to finding backlink opportunities for netlinking campaigns.

It was created on June 23, 2015 by Christophe and Sébastien, who are its administrators. On September 4, 2019, its name was last changed and it currently has 5,613 members. 

SEO – Backlinks – Guest Posts is based in France and is open to anyone looking to improve their search engine rankings.

It provides a platform for:

  • The exchange, purchase and sale of backlinks;
  • Le guest blogging ;
  • Partnerships;
  • As well as sharing and mutual help between webmasters.

SEO – Backlinks – Guest Posts has strict rules for posting. For example, any publication containing a mention of a price in a post or in a photo is automatically deleted.

The group is private, meaning only members can see who is in the group and what is posted there. However, it is visible, which means anyone can find this group.

Categories concerned by SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles

In SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles several categories related to SEO and backlinks are discussed. These categories focus on the opportunity for link exchange and Guest Blogging.

Backlink Opportunities

The SEO – Backlinks – Guest Posts group is a space for those looking to improve their SEO through quality backlinks. It allows members:

  • To engage in backlink exchanges between two sites to improve the SEO ranking of both sites;
  • To buy backlinks from websites with good domain authority;
  • And sell your backlinks to other group members.

While helping others improve their SEO, members create an additional source of income.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an SEO strategy where one member writes an article for another’s blog and in return, gets a backlink to their site. In detail, here is how it works.

Find opportunities

Group members find content creators or businesses that are interested in guest blogging. Looking for fresh content for their blog, they are ready to accept an article from another member in return.

To write an article

Once they find a company interested in guest blogging, they write an article on a topic that is relevant to their audience. The article is of inestimable quality and provides value to the readers of the blog.

Inclure un backlink

In the article they write, they include a backlink to the site. This backlink is either placed in the author’s bio or in the content of the article itself. It is relevant to the content of the article.

Publication of an article

Once the article is written and the backlink is included, the article is published on the company blog. This gives their audience a new article to read and in return to the editor, a valuable backlink to their site.


SEO Backlinks – Guest Articles massively promotes partnerships between webmasters. He offers :

  • A platform for webmasters to connect and build professional relationships;
  • A form of collaboration on specific projects between professionals;
  • A backlink exchange partnership between webmasters.

Other SEO categories – Backlinks – Guest articles

SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles is a space dedicated to sharing information and helping each other between webmasters.

Share SEO tips

Members regularly share SEO knowledge and resources. They exchange among themselves:

  • Strategies to improve search engine rankings;
  • Techniques for obtaining quality backlinks;
  • And tips on keyword optimization.

Exchange ideas on backlinking strategies

The group is a place where webmasters can exchange ideas on backlinking strategies. They create discussions about:

  • Best practices;
  • Mistakes to avoid;
  • And new trends in the field of backlinking.

Help to resolve technical problems

If a member of SEO – Backlinks – Guest Articles encounters a technical problem, he or she can ask other members for help.

Whether it’s issues with website coding, issues with SEO, or issues with setting up backlinks, other members are available to help.

In summary

The SEO – Backlinks – Guest Posts Facebook group is a resource for anyone looking to improve their SEO and get quality backlinks.

It offers several SEO opportunities such as:

  • Link exchanges;
  • Le guest blogging ; 
  • Partnerships between webmasters;
  • As well as information sharing and mutual assistance.

If you are a webmaster looking for backlink opportunities, we invite you to try SEO Backlinks – Guest Posts. To learn more about building backlinks, check out this guide complete on our site.

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Sébastien Tardieu is a recognized SEO consultant and netlinking expert, founder of the Netlinking Agency since May 2012. Passionate about the world of SEO and digital communication, he has distinguished himself through his in-depth expertise and innovative approach in the field of SEO.

Sébastien is particularly specialized in netlinking, an essential technique for improving the visibility and positioning of sites.

With a rich and diverse career, Sébastien has developed knowledge of effective SEO strategies, including the importance of backlinks and guest blogging for natural SEO.

He is also the creator of the Facebook group “SEO – Backlinks – Guest articles”, a community dedicated to backlink opportunities and which offers SEO partnerships and spaces for guest blogging.

This demonstrates its commitment to sharing its knowledge and creating synergies between SEO professionals.

Sébastien stands out for his ability to transmit his knowledge and effectively advise his clients, emphasizing the advantages of SEO and netlinking for companies wishing to improve their online presence.

His expertise and educational approach make him a reference in the field of French-speaking SEO, where he continues to inspire and guide professionals towards success in their SEO strategies.

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