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Blog | Whiteboard marketing

Short Description : Whiteboard marketing

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Do you want to learn more about the different notions of web marketing? Let’s discover Whiteboard marketing

Long Description : Whiteboard marketing

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The Marketing Whiteboard blog is a portal to several articles and resources that cover a wide range of topics. This is in particularyou marketing digital, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and other related topics. The blog seems to be regularly updated with informative articles, and is therefore a useful resource for those interested in marketing-related topics.

Description du blog Whiteboard marketing

Web marketing is an essential aspect of the transition of companies to digital. Today, most companies want to develop their online presence, but the success of their digital strategy largely depends on effective web marketing.

Without any digital marketing strategy, it would be impossible for you to be competitive in the digital market, or even to stand out.

This is why the Whiteboard marketing blog offers its users content on how to succeed in web marketing. In this description, we discover this blog and the content it offers.

Introducing the Marketing Whiteboard Blog

The Whiteboard marketing blog shares informative content, advice and above all tips based on trending information and which work well. These articles refer to several subjects including:

  • And that;
  • Social media, 
  • Le content marketing, 
  • L’emailing
  • Advertising 

By learning about these topics, you can:

  • Fbuild a strong online reputation;
  • Increase awareness of your brand;
  • Generate leads;
  • Drive more sales.

Could this really be a reliable blog? What does the Google search engine say about it?

Marketing Whiteboard Blog Metrics

The few metrics of the Whiteboard marketing blog are as follows:

  • Authority Score:23
  • Number of unique visitors:4,70 k 
  • Pages per visit:1.92 
  • Average length of visit:00 minutes 11 seconds 
  • Rebound rate :69,48 %

These data were collected during the writing of this article. They may vary over time. You can be sure of your expectations only by visiting this blog.

Let’s move on to the different categories that the content of this blog brings together.

Presentation of the different categories of the Whiteboard marketing blog

There are several categories of content on this blog. But we have identified the main topics:


This category tells us about visual identity in general, from branding on social networks to the design of a website.

The blog section devoted to this subject includes a dozen articles that are continuously updated and offer insight into branding on social media platforms and web design.

These articles provide businesses with essential branding information and are a valuable resource to help them establish a strong visual identity.

digital marketing

This category brings together the different marketing strategies to adopt if you havea dental practice. 

If you want to grow your business using digital marketing, just browse through the articles in this category to find plenty of tips.

The Whiteboard Marketing blog clarifies this question somewhat on its blog by offering more content to help you in your quest for understanding.

Advertising by e-mail

Email advertising typically involves building a list of subscribers who have shown interest in a company’s products or services, and then sending targeted, personalized messages to that list.

The goal of email advertising is to build customer relationships, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales or conversions.

This is a fairly common technique today in the implementation of a successful marketing strategy. It requires a lot of meticulousness and mastery in practice. It is then necessary for you and your company to seek to know more about the subject.

The Marketing Whiteboard blog is the best option you can currently choose to update yourself on this notion of email advertising.

Google Advertising

Google advertising is a real digital marketing boon that many businesses overlook today.

Google Ads, also known asfrom “AdWords”, is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform created by Google.

This platform allows businesses to create and display ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), as well as other Google-owned sites, such as YouTube and Gmail.

The Marketing Whiteboard blog brings you the facts about Google Ads so you can start adopting it in your marketing strategy now.

To better understand how it works, it is essential to be familiar with this area. You will also need to inform yourself as often as possible of news and updates around the subject.

Google Business Profiles + Local Search

Even if you do not have the sufficient budget for a marketing strategy according to your ambitions, it is essential to have at least a Google business profile.

This is a storefront that appears in various Google services, including Google Maps, Google Search Results, and Google My Business.

The profile allows businesses to manage and update their information and engage with customers by responding to reviews, posting photos and answering questions.

It’s a completely free alternative for any business that wants to grow steadily on Google.

This is a slightly less discussed topic on the majority of recognized blogs in the world. For this, the Whiteboard marketing blog shares very detailed information around this subject so that you can benefit from it from the moment.


This section refers to the association of google advertising and SEO referencing. We talk more and more about SEO, but the joint implementation of two strategies like these, have you ever thought about that?

The Whiteboard marketing blog clearly tells you about it through this informative content rich in valuable information.

Social Advertising & Social Media

This category brings together a large number of articles that talk about a set of strategies used on social networks to expand its visibility and increase its leads.

This resource includes two mutually dependent sections. One that refers to social media advertising. The other refers to a series of possible strategies that can be used on the different kinds of social media that exist.

The Whiteboard marketing blog responds perfectly to its various concerns by sharing only quality content with high added value.

Other resources available on the blogWhiteboard marketing

Website portfolio

This part presents the different achievements of the Whiteboard marketing agency. It is simply the portfolio of the company. These are the website designs made by the agency to tell their story and journey.

Case study

If you are not always convinced of the content offered by the blog and you want proof of the effectiveness of these strategies, please learn more in this section of the blog.

It brings together detailed reviews of the various projects carried out and tested which provide an understanding of how a particular approach or strategy has been successful.

Does it accept guest posts or not?

MUnfortunately, the Whiteboard Marketing blog does not accept guest posts. That said, you can submityourguest posts to several other blogs available on our platform.

Twaino offers you a catalog in which you will find alist of sites that accept guest posts

In summary

At the end of this analysis, we note that the Whiteboard marketing blog offers content to help its readers, more specifically companies or professionals, to generate more results thanks to different marketing strategies.

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Presentation : Whiteboard marketing

Blog whiteboard Logo

Sean White is the founder and CEO of the Whiteboard marketing agency. He was able to realize his dream after many years of accumulated experience and thus successfully set up his business.

For these collaborators and employees, he is a very remarkable personality who fully assumes his role as leader. let’s remember thatSean White a got sa licence en B.A (Business Administration) & Marketing en 1997. 

After his license,Sean White, had to work from 1997 to 2001 in two different companies as an elite salesman. Subsequently, he joined the team of the Danaher company in which he held the position of manager for five (05) years between 2001 to 2006.

Still in office,Sean White launched its project in 2005. Its objective was to help dental agencies use digital opportunities to find customers and thus position themselves quickly on the market.

TodaySean White is an expert in digital marketing and helps hundreds of agencies in the medical field to stand out on the web.

You can reach him on hisLinkedIn Sean White.

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