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Short Description : SEO Hacker

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Discover in this article the blog of SEO Hacker. It is a company specializing in web referencing and digital marketing.

Long Description : SEO Hacker

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The SEO Hacker blog is a website that deals in detail with topics related to natural referencing (SEO) as well as digital marketing. We discover on the site a multitude of strategies and news of all kinds which aim to help visitors improve the SEO score of their website.

SEO Hacker Blog

Any online business that wants to improve its online visibility and grow its revenue must ensure that it has a good digital marketing strategy and a fairly high SEO score for its web page.

If, in theory, these two conditions seem quite simple to fulfill, this is not the case in practice.

There are a multitude of SEO strategies and you have to know how to choosethat that best suits their business.

Fortunately, the SEO Hacker blog offers Internet users informative content that can strengthen their knowledge of these themes and guide them in their choice. Find out!

Introducing the SEO Hacker Blog

Theseo hacker blog is a web page that educates the general public on issues relating to natural referencing and digital marketing. It is one of the best SEO platforms in the entire Philippines.

The site allows visitorss to access a large number of diversified content that will help them master Search Engine Optimization at their fingertips.

We also find on the platform all the news related to online marketing as well as various strategies to improve the digital marketing strategy of your company.

In addition to the content, the platform provides visitors with several other resources, including an FAQ section to help them in case of concerns.

What are SEO Hacker’s blog metrics?

Here are the different SEO Hacker blog metrics.

Website authority score: 57

Average length of visit: 22:24

Average bounce rate: 85.09%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 19.0K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the SEO Hacker blog

The articles present on the SEO Hacker platform are grouped under several categories. This classification is based on the topic of the article. Below is an overview of the different categories present on the SEO Hacker blog.

Case studies

Case studies are experiments conducted to better understand certain aspects of how certain tools work.

This section includes articles that aim to provide advice to Internet users based on the experience of other individuals in terms of natural referencing.


Blogging is the act of creating and publishing content (both written and multimedia) online for a target audience.

The articles present in this section present in detail how to create a blog, feed it regularly and make it gain an audience.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the act of planning, developing and managing content in order to achieve specific business objectives.

Visitors can access in this section the different tools to implement an effective content strategy for their business.

Customer relationship management

The relationship with customers is an important aspect that must be taken into account by any company that wishes to prosper more. This category includes a variety of articles that indicate how to manage the relationship with customers.

Digital marketing

The Digital marketing section includes articles that relate to online marketing. There are tips and tricks of all kinds to develop a good digital marketing strategy for your business.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing isAn excellent marketing strategy that the contents of this category present in detail.

Google and Other Search Engine News

Google is undoubtedly the search engine used by 90% of Internet users. Most SEO optimizations relate to this search engine.

As a result, the SEO Hacker blog has devoted an entire section to this Internet giant in order to allow subscribers to stay up to date on related news.


SEO is at the heart of the SEO Hacker site. It is therefore no surprise that we find a category of the site devoted to natural referencing and various tips to improve it.

There are also specialized SEO categories, namely: SEO Advice, Consultation, Copywriting, Hacker and School.

Other resources on the site

SEO hacker is much more than just a blog. It is a complete platform offering subscribers and visitors a range of resources to satisfy them whatever their needs.


The SEO Hacker site offers its subscribers the services of these optimization experts to help them improve the referencing of their web page.

It offers visitors On-page and Off-page SEO services, Linlbuilding services, and even content writing offers.


The FAQs section of the site is intended for users who need help or answers to specific questions. It includes answers and solutions to questions that are often asked by SEO hacker visitors.

Ebooks, Case Studies and More

Here you will find e-books, case studies on digital marketing and SEO and other lessons to learn more about the subject.

SEO Tools

This resource section provides the most recommended SEO tools on the market. These include Mangools, Hubstaff, SE Ranking and AccuRanker.

Does SEO Hacker accept guest posts?

A Guest Post or guest article is a marketing strategy allowing two websites to use each other’s audience to gain visibility. The SEO Hacker site is a fan of guest posts.

Moreover, we can see on the platform a “Guest Post” section entirely dedicated to the various guest articles posted on the site. The platform therefore does accept guest articles.

In summary

The SEO Hacker blog is a page that allows Internet users to improve their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and online marketing.

It provides users with a variety of relevant articles written by experts as well as all the web news related to the topics covered on the platform.

Finally, the site has a multitude of resources and even offers the services of these experts to support those who wish so that they can improve the recess of their web page.

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Presentation : SEO Hacker

Blog SEO Hacker Logo

SEO Hacker is one of the best SEO companies based in the Philippines. Created by Sean Si, one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers. He also gives several training courses internationally.

Sean Si is also part of the prestigious John C Maxwell team, a highly recognized leadership expert. Besides that, the founder and president of SEO Hacker holds a Reiss Profile Master certification. These titles have made him a specialist in motivation and leadership.

In addition, Sean Si is a writer whose books have been published in the Philippines. These books are also marketed internationally.

When Sean is not in his shoes as a public speaker, he broadcasts podcasts and becomes a search marketing consultant. Note that he is also an outstanding research strategist.

One of the qualities that sets him apart from others is the dexterity he shows for what he is passionate about. He even transmits his knowledge with love and passion. Today, this entrepreneur at heart is the founder of several companies.

In addition to SEO Hacker, Sean Pi runs the companies, Qeryz, Workplays and Sigil. Learn more about him by following him on his networksInstagram, LinkedIn, Twitter AndFacebook.

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