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Blog | Thomas Cubel 

Blog | Thomas Cubel 

Short Description : Thomas Cubel

Blog Thomas Cubel mise en avant

Learn more about SEO with the articles that Thomas Cubel publishes regularly on the blog of his website.

Long Description : Thomas Cubel

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With a very simple design and very easy navigation, Thomas Cubel’s blog allows you to discover through a multitude of articles and various other resources all the news and novelties in the world of digital marketing. The articles offered are also designed in a very accessible format. This then allows each other to better understand their content in order to exploit them.

Presentation of Thomas Cubel’s blog

Thomas Cubel is an SEO consultant who, through his website of the same name, offers various consultations and services in the field of SEO. Besides that, it makes available to its public a space intended for the publication of articles and other sharing of experience. Most of the articles published regularly on thisblog have a link with natural referencing and several other aspects of digital marketing.

Who is the Thomson Cubel blog intended for?

TheThomas Cubel’s blog is available and accessible can be visited by anyone who is interested in all matters related to digital marketing in general and SEO in particular. Thus, whether they are an SEO expert or a beginner, everyone will be able to find in the content offered on Thomas Cubel’s blog reliable and useful information likely to interest them and help them to better refine their knowledge and their strategy. in web referencing.

Thomas Cubel’s blog metrics?

An analysis of the traffic received by Thomas Cubel’s blog reveals the following results as of December 14, 2022:

  • Organic traffic: 9380;
  • Average visit time: 05 minutes 07 seconds;
  • Bounce rate: 69.23%;
  • Authority score: 30.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

In addition to these different measures that are quite interesting for a blog page, it is useful to specify that Thomas Cubel’s blog has other advantages that should be noted.

First, we can look at the social network buttons present on the blog and which facilitate the sharing of content. It also allows you to maintain a link between blog users who are present on social networks.

Then, we can identify the many categories into which the blog articles are divided. Finally, we can look at the modern design and smooth navigation through the different pages of Thomas Cubel’s blog.

What will you discover on Thomas Cubel’s blog?

The blog offers several articles divided between many categories which are:

  • Blogging : This category offers articles relating to articles relating to the management of the blog, interviews, participation in activities, etc.;
  • Le consulting : You will find in this category articles written on issues related to SEO consulting;
  • Le linkbuilding : These are articles relating to the strategy of creating and building links in general as well as obtaining backlinks. You will therefore find here articles addressing, for example, Google penalties, strategies and types of artificial and natural links, etc.;
  • Books and Resources : We find in this category content presenting SEO books or offering reviews about certain books read by Thomas Cubel;
  • SEO software and tools : This category puts you in touch with SEO software and tools. These are mostly articles to learn a little more about the use of certain SEO tools;
  • Optimisation on page : Through this category, Thomas Cubel offers its readers articles related to On-page optimization techniques. As such you will find articles on optimizing the speed of a site for SEO, the semantic cocoon method, how to use webdesign for SEO;
  • Podcasts : These are articles presenting various concepts of podcasts animated by some SEO experts;
  • Web writing : This part of the categories of articles offered by Thomas Cubel’s blog presents content on web writing. Most of it is content with tips. There are, for example, articles on how to create quality content, how to make your text a real human experience and lots of other tips and advice;
  • Thoughts : At this level Thomas Cubel shares with his audience his own thoughts on SEO, Google updates and many other topics;
  • Social networks : As you can imagine, this part includes content on social networks. There is therefore advice on the use of these social networks as evidenced by the article on “how to build an effective community on Facebook”;
  • Web marketing : The blogger offers here articles that deal with webmarketing. It shows for example the link between SEO and digital marketing.

Beyond Thomas Cubel’s blog

Apart from the articles you will find on Thomas Cubel’s blog, it is worth saying that his site also offers a set of resources.

These resources are divided into 4 topics, namely:

  • An SEO guide : This guide covers in 10 chapters everything there is to know about SEO;
  • Podcasts : Thomas Cubel hosts a program dedicated to natural referencing and digital marketing every Monday. This program discusses SEO news, Google’s changes and answers questions from Internet users. He therefore rightly suggests that you listen to them;
  • You also havevideo resources which include most of Thomas Cubel’s YouTube videos. These videos are made up of interviews, tutorials, tool tests and more;
  • You finally have the resources relating totools. Through these contents, the author shares with you the tools he uses as well as others that they find interesting. It therefore offers you tests and other ideas of tools to use to carry out your SEO tasks.

Apart from all this written content, it should be noted that through his site Thomas Cubel offers a set of SEO services.

The different services offered by Thomas Cubel are:

  • SEO audits : This service allows thomas cubel to make an inventory of your website in order to inform you about what is wrong from the point of view of technique, content and popularity;
  • The implementation of strategies and action plans: This action allows Thomas Cubel to make recommendations and proposals to you to overcome the difficulties you encountered through your website;
  • Advice and support: This service is part of the consultations offered by Thomas Cubel through its website. This will be for him to help you move forward by transferring his know-how and knowledge of SEO and the implementation of sustainable solutions;
  • The follow-up : Thomas Cubel offers you here to follow the positioning and statistics of your website after the optimization and the implementation of the strategies and the various recommendations.

With all this information, you have a good idea of ​​what Thomas Cubel’s blog can really do for you in your search for information, tips and new ideas on SEO and digital marketing.

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Presentation : Thomas Cubel

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Thomas CUBEL is an SEO consultant, trainer and head of a company specializing in natural referencing. During his training as a webmaster, he became familiar with web design, web development, but also with SEO.

This is the area that caught his attention the most. Finding it very exciting and rewarding, he specialized in it. This allowed him to document himself on this subject which had become his center of interest.

A few years later, he launched his company whose main specialty is natural referencing consulting. It then offers other companies many services for their positioning in search engines.

To better talk about his activities and especially to share his thoughts on SEO, he created his blog. Users can therefore consult the various articles that this consultant publishes there.

Nevertheless, on his site, Thomas CUBEL does not only talk about SEO. It also addresses the topics of web writing, marketing and social media.

To learn more about him or to get in touch with him, you can send him your concerns via a contact form. Also find Thomas CUBEL on his social networks:LinkedIn, Instagram AndTwitter.

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