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Want to improve your SEO and content marketing performance? Discover the themes discussed in the articles of the GrowthBar blog

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GrowthBar Blog

The GrowthBar blog is a resource with several articles that cover several topics related to SEO and content marketing. In this blog, you will also find practical guides and tips to improve your SEO performance. Also discover articles on other topics such as social networks, SEO tools or online advertising…

Description du Blog de GrowthBar

Did you know that after a request,75 % of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of the SERPs? This percentage proves that Internet users focus more on websites that have a good ranking in the SERPs.

It isFor This is why you have to develop the right SEO approaches and use good practices to hope to be on the first page.

Master content marketing techniques and read advice and tips from experts web marketers can also participate in a good ranking on the SERP.

Many of these resources can be used in certain blogs such as GrowthBar. Here is a description of it.

Introducing the GrowthBar Blog

The GrowthBar blog is a collection of articles that largely focus on SEO and content marketing. More precisely, the best practices to adopt to develop or improve your skills in these two industries.

It is a blog run by SEO experts with at least a decade of experience allowing them to share their experiences with visitors. But also to offer complete guides, to provide advice, tips as well as SEO and content marketing techniques.

As you can imagine, the intention behind this sharing is to help users find suitable solutions if they are concerned about a topic or problem regarding SEO and content marketing.

But is this blog really visited? Does he have a good authority score? Check out this blog’s metrics for a factual answer to both of these questions.

Key GrowthBar Blog Metrics

The metrics we will present shortly were collected using the SEOquake extension. Here they are :

    • Authority Score: 32
  • Monthly organic traffic:57,1 k
  • Duration of visit:04 minutes 46 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:29,94 %

Noticed: These measurements are approximate and were noted at the time of writing this content. Thus, at any time, this data may vary.

This blog unlike most has no categories. On the other hand, the articles that the blog offers revolve around several themes that we invite you to discover immediately.

What are the topics covered in the GrowthBar blog?

In the GrowthBar blog, several topics have been discussed. The most essential are those that we will soon describe.


This theme is at the center of the GrowthBar blog. Thus, by exploring the articles published by this blog, you will find several contents that concern two important aspects of SEO. In particular, the various techniques and optimization approaches that make the SEO of any website more consistent.

In addition, the content published and regularly addressing this theme is useful advice, practical guides, but also tips to considerably improve your SEO performance.

As such, whether you are a newbie in SEO or a specialist, you will find a good dose of information to exploit. This is a theme that is addressed by GrowthBar to help you develop or perfect your SEO skills.

Content marketing

This blog also provides several articles on the subject of content marketing. If you want to establish an excellent editorial strategy or simply create quality content, you will find many elements in the articles addressing this theme. Incidentally, the topics that are appended to it include:

  • The editorial strategy;
  • Optimizing the titles of your content;
  • Searching for blog topics…

Finally, the articles that exploit this theme offer tips and tricks for writing well in order to attract the attention of visitors. You will also find marketing techniques that will allow you to improve the SEO of your website.

Social networks

Social networks are exploited by marketers to increase the visibility of any business with a website. Content that explores this topic offers tips and tricks for:

  • Optimize publications on social media platforms;
  • Generate leads;
  • Improve engagement…

This theme is covered in informative articles and guides whose reading will allow you to better understand marketing with social media.

Online Advertising

The GrowthBar blog also brings together articles that deal with online advertising as a theme. This allows visitors to understand its importance and find out how to use it to become better at digital marketing.

Whether it’s Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads, you have techniques and tips at your disposal to work effectively on your e-advertising. Just read the articles that cover this topic.

SEO tools

This is a very interesting topic covered by the blog. Indeed, perfecting your SEO involves automating tasks, choosing remarkable tools like GrowthBar and mastering the functionalities of these tools.

Concretely, in the articles dealing with the theme SEO Tools, it is about all that.

As such, you should know that the content that highlights this theme is opinions, comparisons and practical guides on the use of certain SEO tools such as:

  • Keyword analysis tools;
  • Positioning tracking software;
  • Marketing tools;
  • SEO audit tools…

Discover the best SEO tools to improve your productivity and to be more professional than usual by reading the articles that address this theme.

ANDtude de cas

Case studies are proof of practical use cases for such and such things. In this case, these are real case studies of SEO success due to the GrowthBar tool.

Apart from these real cases that use the GrowthBar tool, you also have concrete examples of what can be executed in SEO by following good practices. This theme can therefore be considered as a category even if the blog does not really have categories for its articles.

This last theme is the one that closes this section on the themes covered by the GrowthBar blog.

The question we now intend to draw your attention to is: does the GrowthBar blog accept guest posting? Here is the answer.

Does the GrowthBar blog allow guest posts?

It is true that by publishing guest posts on blogs, you have the opportunity to reach new audiences and increase your online notoriety. However, not everyone has the same visions and challenges.

Some are created to only publish content relating to their products or services and related topics. These blogs often do not allow guest posts. This is also the case with the GrowthBar blog.

Nevertheless, you can find on ourplatform a multitude of blogs, at least 1000 which accept guest articles whether in English or in French.

In summary

GrowthBar has a blog that explores topics related to your website’s SEO performance. This content mainly revolves around the following 6 themes:

  • Natural reference;
  • Content marketing;
  • Social networks;
  • Online advertising;
  • SEO tools and
  • Case study.

So, advance your business or that of your clients by leveraging the resources of GrowthBar’s blog.

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After spearheading a few digital marketing startups, Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera launchedGrowthBar, which is one of the most famous internet marketing blogs today.

They discovered the real need for the use of AI tools for the rapid creation of search engine optimized content, which gave birth toGrowthBar. 

Today,GrowthBar is a team of developers and remote SEO experts dedicated to helping you create the best content on Google. However, to provide quick answers to their readers, the BlogGrowthBarSeo was born.

The blog ofGrowthBar is a resource that brings together several articles that address several topics related to SEO and content marketing. In this blog, you will also find practical guides and tips to improve your SEO performance. You can contactGrowthBar about :

Facebook :

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