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Short Description : SEOPress

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Discover the SEOPress blog and learn how to properly use the all-in-one SEOPress tool for referencing your site under WordPress.

Long Description : SEOPress

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The SEOPress blog is a portal that brings together articles, tips and tricks for a good use of its SEOPress plugin for SEO with WordPress. It also offers useful guides and practical tips for improving productivity with the SEOPress add-on. Finally, discover in this blog many news gathered each month on SEO and Google.

SEOPress Blog Description

The SEOPress blog is the property of SEOPress. A French company whose mission is to offer an easily accessible all-in-on solution to facilitate the optimization of sites under WordPress.

What particularly concerns us here is not the company, but the SEOPress blog. Precisely, the themes addressed and what the content classified in the categories of the blog deals with. Let’s go.

Presentation of the SEOPress blog

The seo press blog is only the sum of the quality of the products and services offered by the SEOPress company. Indeed, the topics covered in the publications of the SEOPress editorial team mainly revolve around:

  • L’extension WordPress all-in-one SEOPress;
  • THIS;
  • WordPress.

It is a blog presented as an information center in which you will find several advices, practical guides, useful techniques, but also case studies for:

  • Master the SEOPress plugin
  • Improve your traffic;
  • Boost sales and conversions;
  • Boost your income.

As such, the blog is aimed at all WordPress users and mainly site owners. We should now know if the SEOPress blog is really visited and how much time they spend on it. For that, let’s take a closer look at these metrics.

Key SEOPress Blog Metrics

The following metrics were collected using the SEOquake plugin. It should be noted, however, that these data were taken at the time whenwe are writing this article. 

We have made this precision to mean that they are approximate and may change from moment to moment. Nevertheless, these measurements remain reliable.

Without further ado, here they are:

    • Authority Score: 30
  • Monthly organic traffic:57,4 k
  • Average length of visit:06 minutes 51 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:48,40 %

Here is roughly the data regarding the blog. As you have noticed, this blog receives several visitors per month who take the time to thoroughly explore this blog. This situation is certainly due to its different categories that we also invite you to discover.

Introduction to SEOPress blog categories

The SEOPress blog brings together a good number of articles that have been classified into 4 different categories. Right after, we made a presentation of these sections in order to teach you more on this blog.

1. SEO News

Every week, every month or every year new news appears re Google and SEO. Within this category of the SEOPress blog, find thelatest trends and news regarding SEO as well as Google.

To give more details about this category, here is what you need to know. Indeed, these news are published each month of the year by the SEOPress team. It is an analysis and a synthesis of the highlights gathered in a content pleasant to read.

2. Case study

The SEOPress company has developed a powerful tool with the same name as the company. This is the all-in-one SEOPress SEO add-on. This allows you to quickly and easily optimize the SEO of your site under WordPress.

Case studies that highlight the use of this SEO plugin for the WordPress CMS, here are the ones discussed in this section of the SEOPress blog.

As such, if you doubt the credibility of this tool, you should explore this section. The same is true if you don’t know how to exploit it in a real situation. Finally, the case studies regarding the plugin are detailed and understandable.

3. New Products

For a tool to work better, it needs to be upgraded. And upgrading means developing new versions of the product. This also implies the addition of new functionalities.

In this section which is very beneficial to SEOPress plugin users, check out the new features and upgrades of this plugin. The contents of this section are practical guides and tips to better understand and use the SEOPress add-on.

4. Reportage

WordPress is a remarkably powerful CMS. To tame this power, you must master SEO and improve the management of your site. All this assumes the use of extensions like SEOPress. Now it remains to know how to use it to optimize your website.

The SEOPress team has thought of this. This is why in this section she has brought together severaltips and tricks to learn, master and improve your SEO with its SEOPress plugin.

Moreover, even if you hesitate to use this plugin, you will also find in this section sound advice and several strategies for effective management of your WordPress SEO.

As for the presentation of the 4 categories of the SEOPress blog, we are at the end. Now, we would like to introduce you to the other resources that accompany the previous ones.

Other resources available on the SEOPress blog

As for the other resources available on this platform, it must be emphasized that these are SEOPress solutions. In other words, the other resources on the website concern SEOPress for SEOs and comparisons between this plugin and others. Let’s find out all this.

SEO for everyone

This resource relates to search engine optimization for everyone. By“all”, it is necessary to understand beginners or experts in SEO. These are guides that show how to improve your SEO skills in WordPress with the SEOPress add-on.

Compare SEOPress

These are some comparisons between the SEOPress plugin and other add-ons from the extensive WordPress directory. For now, there is only one comparison between SEOPress and Yoast as well as another between the same plugin and Rank Math.

Such areother available resources on the SEOPress blog. But is it a blog that accepts guest posts?

Does the SEOPress blog accept guest articles?

The SEOPress blog belongs to the French company SEOPress. And in this, it is usually published on this blog content that most often revolves around its SEOPress tool.

With this mindset, the blog would not accept guest posts since it is not a regular blog. Rather, it is a blog that responds to the specialty of the services and products offered by the company.

If you are looking for other blogs that practice guest blogging, you can go to our platform.

It can be accessed via this link:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary

The SEOPress blog is a blog that brings together several relevant contents that very often address its WordPress all-in-one SEO SEOPress tool, but also WordPress. This content is subdivided into the following categories:

  • SEO news;
  • Case study ;
  • New Products;
  • Reportage.

If you want interesting resources on WordPress and on this French extension, you must seek to subscribe to this blog.

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Presentation : SEOPress

Blog SEOPress Logo

SEOPress, as its name suggests, is a company specializing in the SEO of sites hosted on WordPress. It offers all-in-one offers, suitable for the self-employed, as well as for agencies, multinationals or small businesses.

SEOPress receives a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, making it a trusted company that has many happy customers.

Created in 2018, by Benjamin Denis, it sets up its premises in the northern Basque Country. SEOPress is part of one of the great WordPress communities. Benjamin Denis is a marketing and multimedia specialist.

He developed his first sites from a young age with CMS WordPress and MS FrontPage. He also creates plugins that are very useful today for companies.

On the other hand,SEOPress employs many professionals, all experts in their fields.

We find, for example, Thomas Deneulin, co-founder of WP Umbrella and coder of SEOPress. The team also includes Lucie Jégou, the Community Manager, Thomas Piron, one of the WordCamp organizers and the WordPress translators (WP Traductions).

We will not forget to mention the geniuses of the design of the siteSEOPress who are DEADWATER and LIW STUDIO.

It is possible to reach the founder Benjamin Denis, also a developer, onLinkedIn AndInstagram.

Above SEOPress

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