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Short Description : Blog SeoMix

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Are you looking for the exclusive resources of an SEO agency to improve your site’s SEO? Discover the SeoMix blog.

Long Description : Blog SeoMix

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Composed of three different sections, the SeoMix blog brings together a set of ordered content allowing Internet users to increase their knowledge of natural referencing, WordPress, and web marketing.

Thanks to textual content, indicative graphics, well-detailed definitions and a few case studies, this blog is an exclusive resource for its main themes. For example, for marketing, you will find expert advice and methods that can lead you to improve your webmarketing strategy, the design of your site or your webanalytics solution. In the field of natural referencing, you can discover exclusive articles, tests as well as tutorials for better referencing!

Blog de SeoMix

It’s no longer a secret that WordPress has become one of the most popular ways to create and manage websites today, and above all. Indeed, it represents 43% of websites worldwide. Like other sites, CMS, and means of creating websites, WordPress sites need to be well referenced to meet the expectations of their owners.

To achieve their goals, most of the owners of these sites use SEO and web marketing techniques that are both sophisticated and effective.

SeoMix is ​​a free access platform on which you can obtain free and exclusive tips relating to natural referencing, web marketing and the effective management of a WordPress site.

These contents will help you to better master the WordPress CMS and its requirements, to obtain a better referencing of your site, to improve your webmarketing strategy.

Discover his blog through this description.

Introducing the SeoMix Blog

We cannot present theblog de SeoMix not to mention (even a bit) what “SeoMix” is. So, it should be noted that SeoMix is ​​an agency that specializes in WordPress natural referencing. Beyond making WordPress natural referencing a simple specialty, the SeoMix agency is an expert.

On the strength of its experience and aware of the obvious need of owners of mainly WordPress sites to access certain vital knowledge for their sites, SeoMix has put a prestigious blog online, the access to which remains free.

On the latter, you can discover adapted and tailor-made SEO and SEO strategies.

Those who consult the resources of this blog are (for the most part) likely to:

  • Analyze a WordPress site in depth in order to establish a quality SEO strategy
  • Make their site more visible and generate business.

SeoMix Blog Metrics

The SeoMix blog has quite interesting metrics that should be presented in this part.

Website authority score : 38

Average length of visit: 00:20s

Average bounce rate : 84,85 %

Monthly organic traffic volume : 11,1 k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the SeoMix blog

Having an undeniable sense of order, the administrators of the SeoMix blog take care to organize their content into different specific categories, according to particular themes. This makes it easier for users to find the type of content they are looking for.

So, on the SeoMix blog, you will discover a variety of categories, all interesting and full of resources. You will discover among others the categories:


As you can imagine, this category is dedicated to everything that revolves around WordPress, a CMS that is both powerful and scalable.

Good to know: a CMS (Content Management System) is nothing more than a content management system, that is to say a tool that allows you to create a website and publish content on it. .

Specializing in this content management system since its creation, SeoMix has acquired real know-how that it shares with WordPress site owners to help them improve this tool on the various important aspects that are:

  • visibility in search engines;
  • Security ;
  • the development of tailor-made functionalities;
  • loading time;
  • redesign.

Also in this category, you will discover more deeply what WordPress is through its history and how it works. In addition, you will discover how to get started with WordPress, how to develop a custom WordPress site, how to optimize it and how to secure it.

In short, you will discover under this heading everything you could want to know about WordPress.

Natural reference

As one of the most profitable means of traffic on the Internet, natural referencing is an excellent strategy that allows you to gain visibility, customers and brand image, in the medium and long term.

In the “Natural SEO” section of the SeoMix blog, you will find reliable and clear answers to the various questions you can ask on topics relating to natural referencing. For example, you will have answers to the following questions:

  • What is natural referencing?
  • How it works ?
  • What to understand from SEO?
  • What beneficial steps should be taken in SEO?
  • Where to start in natural referencing?
  • How to train in natural referencing?

In particular, you will have access to articles relating to topics of in-depth SEO analysis of a website, netlinking, SEO technical optimization, SEO tools and software, SEO internal linking structure.

Web marketing

Maintaining a website is one thing, but making it perform as expected is quite another. To achieve this, it is above all necessary to put in place a web marketing strategy that is both adapted and effective.

The webmarketing section of the SeoMix blog provides advice on E.-marketing strategies with short, medium and long-term effects.

In this category of the SeoMix blog, you can access expert methods to improve your webmarketing strategy, design Webanalytics solutions.

You have the possibility of free access to exclusive content on e-commerce themes; paid referencing, social networks, E. marketing, and web analytics.

Other resources on the SeoMix site

In addition to the blog described above, the SeoMix site also highlights various training courses: WordPress and SEO training, then, WordPress developer training. Also, there you can access a page from which you can request a free quote without any commitment.

Acceptance or rejection of guest articles

In order to provide only reliable and quality content, the SeoMix agency mainly publishes articles from itself on its blog.

Clearly, the SeoMix blog does not contain guest articles. Nevertheless, there are a few articles with external links.

Do not hesitate to make netlinking proposals if you wish to collaborate with the SeoMix agency, take advantage of its blog to increase your visibility on the Internet and on search engines.


By way of conclusion, it should be noted that the SeoMix blog publishes, for the benefit of Internet users looking for reliable information on wordpress, natural referencing, and web marketing, exclusive and free articles.

You can find a wide range of articles there that can help you in your objectives of good SEO and online visibility.

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Presentation : Blog SeoMix

Blog SeoMix Logo

Daniel Roch is the founder and CEO of SEOMix which is an agency specializing in WordPress CMS SEO.

For the record, you should know that Daniel Roch has been passionate about WordPress, SEO and the Internet for several years. It is this passion that he wanted to share with a large number of people by founding this blog in 2010.

Four years later, this blog became at the beginning of 2014 the SEOMix web agency with its head office in Nantes.

Also developer of the SEOKey plugin for WordPress, Daniel is known as an expert SEO and WordPress consultant. This is also very noticeable through the themes covered on its web knowledge platform SEOMix.

In addition, he is the author of the book “Optimizing your WordPress SEO” which is published by Eyrolles editions. It should also be noted that he is one of the regular authors of the Newsletter of Olivier Andrieu’s Abondance website.

Since 2022, Daniel has been a member of the board of directors of the SEO CAMP association, allowing him to properly promote the profession of web referrer. His expertise has offered him important places for many conferences. As it happens :

  • WordCamp Paris and Bordeaux;
  • SMX Paris;
  • Visibility Live Camp (VLC);
  • QueDuWeb…

Finally, it is absolutely necessary to notify that Daniel Roch is certified Google Analytics Individual Consultant. And the other aspect of Daniel Roch which shows that he is a trusted WordPress expert consultant is that he regularly offers training on WP, web marketing, web analytics with specialists and well before in schools (IDRAC, IAE , EMA…).

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