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The SEO blog brings together informative articles, tips and tricks to help you deepen your SEO culture. Find out.

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SEO Blog

The SEO blog is a source of news on topics related to natural referencing and online marketing. This is a resource that brings together informative articles, tips and how-to guides, and tips to improve your perception of SEO and content marketing.

SEO blog description

SEO is an art, a way of life that requires improvement whenever the moment arises. For this reason, it is often a good idea to find relevant resources, news and tips to grow effectively in this art.

One of these resources is the SEO blog, a blog that is particularly interested in news related to SEO and web marketing. Would you like to learn more about this blog? The rest of the reading will be of good use to you.

Presentation of the SEO blog

The SEO blog is a set of articles whose main theme is SEO. It is aimed at all web marketing players, but especially SEOs.

Belonging to Référenceur, a French digital marketing agency, the blog aims to help visitors to its site solve their SEO problems.

To do this, it regularly publishes quality articles on its website since the agency specializes in natural referencing and Google Ads.

These articles, most of which are informative, are the latest news as well as news about the web marketing and SEO industry. You can also read practical advice and tips about these two industries.

So, would you doubt the reliability of the content? Would you like to find out the number of monthly visitors to this agency’s blog?

SEO Blog: Key Metrics 

Note that the metrics that we are going to present to you just below have been gathered using the SEOquake add-on. Here they are :

    • Authority Score: 26
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:995
  • Duration of visits:
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

Noticed: The measurements above were collected at the time of writing. As such, they may vary over time. These are therefore approximate figures.

In addition, the blog’s editorial team has grouped the articles they publish into several categories. In order to make a good description of the blog, we thought it useful to briefly present these categories to you.

SEO Blog Categories

Below are the categories that prioritize articles shared on the website.


With thisSEO blog category, be regularly informed of news from the web marketing industry. Indeed, it is a category that brings together several informative articles, trends, news and updates related to important aspects of digital marketing. Notably :

  • Le SMO ;
  • And THAT ;
  • Search engines;
  • Google products…

So if you’re looking for key point-in-time information on these aspects of e-marketing since 2010, you can explore this category.


Thiscategory brings together news about the SEO webmarketing agency. If there are news related to the progress or the services of the agency, you can discover them in this category of the blog.


Impossible to talk about SEO without addressing Google and more specifically Google Analytics. In thiscategory, you will discover relevant news and information relating to Google Analytics as well as certain Google products.

Google Ads SEA

Google Ads is the advertising service of Google. If you want to advertise online in order to gain visibility or sell one of your services or products, it will be useful for you to understand and master this advertising service.

So inthis category, in addition to the news shared by the blog team, also discover advice and valuable tips relating to online advertising and SEA.

Google My Business 

This is a category whose articles allow you to understand how to optimize your business listings on Google. By exploring this section, you will find ideas and strategies that will allow you to effectively develop your presence on the web.


Within this category, discover complete guides, tips and practical advice for making better use of mobile technology in your online activities.

Indeed, mobile or Smartphones are tools that must be considered in your various strategies, whether SEO or marketing. Since64,4 % of the world’s population uses the Internet on mobile.

Search engine

To better develop your presence on the web and establish your authority in your sector, it is essential to understand all the important factors relating to search engines. This requires understanding in detail how they work.

In thisblog section, discover all the news related to search engines.

By exploring the category, you will also find strategies to better establish yourself in the SERP of Google.

You will also have at your disposal news related to Google algorithm updates. Added to this are infographics to better understand the very important role of Google in your web efforts.

SEO natural referencing

The articles in this category mainly address SEO. In this section of the SEO blog, you not only have SEO news and trends, but you also have explanatory articles that provide very good information on content marketing.

As you explore the category, you’ll also find valuable tips and guides for:

  • Improve your SEO performance;
  • Deepen your global content marketing culture;
  • Improving the user experience…

This list is not exhaustive. Other important elements are alsoto discover


Faced with the evolution of web 2.0, you have to keep informed to be in the race, especially when you are an SMO specialist. In thepresent category, you have news related to this sector.

More precisely, it is gathered within it informative articles, valuable tips and practical advice to deepen your culture of the SMO.

Web marketing

Without fanfare, web marketing is the center of the Internet. This vast industry is a mix of marketing, SEO and search engine algorithms.

In thiscategory, you will have to read all the recent facts concerning webmarketing. You will also have access to practical guides and remarkable tips to help you get better in this industry.

In addition, there are interesting informative articles worth reading in this category.

This category is the one that ends the brief presentations of the categories of this blog. But is it a blog that agrees to publish guest articles?

The SEO blog and guest articles

The SEO blog is one of those blogs whose purpose is to publish only content, whose areas of interest, are oriented towards the services offered by the agency responsible for the blog. In this, he would not accept the publication of guest content like many elsewhere.

However, if you want to know blogs that allow guest posting, you might want to take a look at our resource. This last list at least1000 Blogs That Accept Guest Posting.

In summary

The SEO blog is a resource that covers many themes and topics related to natural referencing and digital marketing. This is a channel you can bookmark if you want to get better at SEO.

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Presentation : Réfé

Blog Referenceur Logo

SEO is a web agency specializing in digital marketing for over 15 years and made up of experts sharing the passion andteam cohesion dynamic.

She offers high quality content through her blog to help you increase your visibility, find new prospects and boost your sales.

Change is evolution. This is precisely one of the phrases that could characterize themarketing digital and the web world in general.

This is therefore one of the reasons that naturally motivates the team behind the SEO blog to provide its readers with news articles and news around aspects of digital marketing. In the continuity of this dynamic, they have never stopped evolving.

The blog covers topics like:

  • And THAT
  • The SEA
  • Le Marketing automation
  • Le remarketing
  • social media



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