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Short Description : Blog Ranxplorer

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Browse the ranxplorer blog to learn more about SEO.

Long Description : Blog Ranxplorer

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Nowadays, with digital technology, most information needs can be met through blogging. The ranxplorer blog is no exception. It offers the public the possibility of having access to a set of resources, but also to tips. In the following lines, I therefore suggest that you learn a little more about the content of the ranxplorer blog.

Introducing the ranxplorer blog

Ranxplorer is a platform that has been offering solutions since 2016 to increase your online visibility. His greatest wish is to help you collect and analyze the performance of your web pages in order to be more visible than your competitors.

Simultaneously with this objective, it provides its audience with a blog intended to provide them with information on SEO news as well as SEO practices.

Who is the ranxplorer blog intended for?

The ranxplorer blog is open to all web SEO specialists. It allows them to have access to a multitude of information which allows them to be aware of all SEO news, but also to have access to the practice of SEO as well as the study of certain practical cases. .

Ranxplorer blog metrics?

The analysis of the traffic of the page of this blog allows us to see that it has the following metrics as of December 13, 2022:

  • A bounce rate: 25.66;
  • Average length of visit: 15 minutes 42 seconds;
  • An authority score is 39;
  • Traffic of around 19,000 visitors per month.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These different blog metrics testify to the importance of the ranxplorer blog

Besides that, there is no doubt that the blog offers several articles that will be useful and interesting for visitors so that they can take advantage of them to enhance their knowledge of SEO.

In addition, it is important to note that each article is preceded by the date of publication, the author as well as the category in which it was published.

What will you find on the ranxplorer blog?

Once you decide to visit the ranxplorer blog, you will find several articles divided into three categories which are:

  • Practical SEO:This category of the ranxplorer blog presents articles, tutorials and tips relating to the practice of SEO. There are thus articles such as “5 steps to find relevant keywords”, “how to integrate SEO into your inboud marketing strategy” or “how to optimize the keywords on your site?” ;
  • The ranxplorer lab:In this category, there are articles that have a link with the services offered by the ranxplorer platform. So these are, so to speak, articles that present in much more detail not only the various features of the ranxplorer platform, but also in much more detail some examples of practical cases.

It is right that you will find articles offering titles such as: “How to create an effective SEO audit project with Ranxplorer?” , “How to generate keywords with ranxplorer?” or “Analyze your backlinks and those of your competitors with the Ranxplorer SEO tool?” ;

  • And SEO news:  The articles offered in this part of the ranxplorer blog allow Internet users to stay up to date with all the news on the ranxplorer platform. There are also articles presenting news related to SEO.

Beyond the ranxplorer blog

Apart from the blog, it is useful to remember that on the platform ofranxplorer there is also a set of services offered by the ranxplorer site.

It’s about :

  • Visibility audit : This is an analysis service that allows you to start from the URL address of your website. This is a step that allows you to make an inventory in order to obtain a map of the pages of your website;
  • Competitive intelligence : This is a service that offers you to spy on your competitors on Google. Thus, you can clearly identify them and analyze their strategy in order to copy the best;
  • Assisted writing and keyword research: This is a service offered by the ranxplorer site to allow users to find the right keywords, but also to find the semantic tree leading to long-tail expressions;
  • Automation and implementation of APIs : The service that is offered here allows you to use the various ranxplorer APIs in order to automate certain data collections. This will allow them to customize and automate the production of reports;
  • From the creation of datastudio reports : The ranxplorer platform also offers you the service of integrating your ranxplorer data into your reports on data studio thanks to the API connector it offers.
  • Etc. 

Thanks to these different services, the platform offers you:

  • Explore the SEO and SEA performance of your website;
  • To discover the strategies of competitors;
  • Target the right keywords as well as the most relevant questions related to the theme of your website;
  • Automate the extraction and collection of your data.

Now that you have all the information on the ranxplorer blog, do not hesitate to visit it to take advantage of the information it makes available to you.

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Presentation : Blog Ranxplorer

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Ranxplorer is a French web platform aimed at all SEO professionals. The site in question helps them effectively manage their SEO strategies/SEA. It belongs to

Ranxplorer is the combined effort of two specialistsSEO advisors: Cédric Messoumian and Pierre Foucher.

The first, Cédric Messoumian is the founder of, the web platform for monitoring the ranking of keywords for websites. He has a good background in terms of computer software programming and online marketing.

Based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Cédric is not only involved in the marketing sector. He also works in real estate. He is a manager within the company KIWAX. His LinkedIn profile is as follows:Cedric MESSOUMIAN.

As for the second Pierre Foucher, he is also based in Auvergne. Before co-founding Ranxplorer in 2016, he was a co-founder at KifDom which is an expiring domain name recovery service. His Linkedin profile is as follows:Pierre Foucher.

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