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Blog | Content Bird

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Improve your content strategy and learn more about optimizing the content of your web pages with blog posts from content bird.

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blog of content bird

As you can see, content bird’s blog offers information and tips on link building, traffic, and how to get conversions for anyone who wants it. Users also have the opportunity to attend conferences and webinars on various SEO topics.

As you know, quality and well-optimized content is what interests Internet users when they search online, but also search engines when they rank web pages in their search results. It is right that they recommend, for example, that webmasters create useful, reliable and human-oriented content.

As you can imagine, creating this type of content requires not only following certain rules, but also following several steps that are important to know in order to be effective.

The contentbird site as a specialist in the optimization of online content offers, apart from its products and services, a blog intended to share with the public advice and tips in this area.

I therefore suggest that you discover it in the following lines.

Description of contentbird’s blog

First of all, remember thatcontentbird is a platform that offers solutions that allow its users, among other things, to produce not only good content, but also quality content that is well optimized for search engines.

Therefore, it provides them with a set of services based on the search for keywords and content topics, the planning and creation of content as well as the distribution of content as well as the analysis of content, links and rankings.

Besides all this, the platform offers ablog on which various articles related to strategies, creation, conversion, masterclasses and content optimization are published on a regular basis.

Who is the contentbird blog for?

Given the information and the nature of the articles that are available on the contentbird blog, it is clear that it is intended for all those whose activities are related to:

  • Content creation;
  • Content management and distribution;
  • Optimization of content on websites.

The blog may also be useful for web editors or other web referencing professionals. The first will be able to use the tips and techniques presented in categories such as strategy and creation to produce good articles. The latter will be able to use all the resources to check that the articles they have on their website are of good quality and well optimized.

What are the advantages of the contentbird blog?

Apart from well-written, well-detailed and easy-to-understand articles, contentbird’s blog traffic analysis shows the following metrics as of December 12, 2022:

  • Authority score: 38;
  • Organic traffic: 4400 visits;
  • Bounce rate: 93.38%;
  • Average visit duration: 1 minute 47 seconds.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These different values ​​that we have identified show without a doubt that the contentbird blog is booming and that it is regularly visited by Internet users.

Alongside these metrics, it should also be said that the blog offers masterclasses that bring together a set of expert conferences, live sessions, and interesting use cases.

As you can see elsewhere, the articles published on the contentbird blog page are the work of several expert contributors in specific fields. This facilitates the communication of know-how.

Another interesting fact is that on the contentbird blog, you have the possibility to contact support and directly ask questions or seek help in solving your problems related to optimization or creation of content.

Let’s also not forget the presence of social media buttons such as:

  • Twitter ; 
  • LinkedIn ; 
  • Facebook ; 
  • And Instagram.

These buttons allow you to share content that you find interesting with your friends and contacts.

What will you discover on the contentbird blog? 

The contentbird blog offers various articles. These articles are divided into different categories, namely:

  • The content strategy : You will find in this section dozens of articles written by different contributors. Most articles offer tips, tricks, and solutions to make content marketing easier;
  • Content creation : This section offers you an approach to creating your digital content. Thus, through most of the articles offered, you have all the elements to have a clear idea of ​​how to build your article. For example, you will find ideas on how to structure your article, its ideal length, how to find keywords, etc.;
  • Traffic : This part helps you to get visibility with optimized contents likely to attract a lot of traffic. Thus with articles such as “understanding the search intention according to the SERPs”, “What is the EAT and many others, you will have an overview of the attitude to adopt to produce articles with which you will generate even more traffic for your website;
  • The conversion :To achieve your goals and get the return on investment with your content, the articles in this section should be of interest to you. You will find articles that explain for example how you could earn money with your content or how you could promote the content of your website with paid advertising;
  • The masterclasses : As you will see, the articles falling into this category are not numerous enough. It is mostly a collection of resources consisting of: Expert Talks, Live Webinar Sessions and Use Cases.

The most recent masterclass offered on the blog is titled: optimizing content for the Google “useful content” update and it took place on Tuesday, November 30, 2022 at 11 a.m.

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​the contentbird blog, do not hesitate to visit it to discover the articles they offer you. This can help you if you are looking for new strategies or ideas regarding the production and optimization of your web content.

See you soon !

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Blog ContentBird Logo

Content Bird is a company that offers companies and other businesses to help them improve their online visibility and attract more potential customers.

This vision, Content Bird owes it to its two co-founders (Bastian Bickelhaupt and Nicolai Kuban) who came together to put it in place, as well as to its current CEO.

Bastian Bickelhaupt is an SEO expert and one of the co-founders of Content Bird. He is also the technical director of the company. This company is not the only one in which Bastian intervenes.

Before co-founding Content Bird, he had already set up a company named netbird Holding GmbH and based in Berlin, Germany.

Andreas Eisemann is the current CEO of Content Bird. During the 2000s, he chained positions as a car salesman before finally obtaining a bachelor of arts at the University of Economics and Law in Berlin.

In 2021, he obtained the position of Chief Revenue Officer of Content Bird. After a year, he manages to rise to the head of the company.

Nicolai Kuban is the latest co-founder and former CEO of Content Bird. In addition, he previously held the position of President.

An entrepreneur since he was 16, he is a man of many talents and is very good at managing a business.

Join the creators ofblog de Content Bird on their social media:

Nicolai Kuban:LinkedIn AndTwitter ;

Bastian Bickelhaupt : LinkedIn.

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