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Training | WordPress training and SEO

Training | WordPress training and SEO

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Do you want to improve the SEO of your WordPress site? Discover WordPress: referencing and SEO, tailor-made training from Ziggourat.

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Ziggourat’s “WordPress and SEO” training teaches you how to configure and optimize WordPress for SEO. It is ideal for project managers, developers and web marketers wishing to improve the visibility of their site.

WordPress training: referencing and SEO – Ziggourat

WordPress is by far the CMS most used by site builders. It is practical and many prefer it for its ease of use.

If you aspire to become an SEO or manage WordPress projects, then you need to learn how to properly optimize your sites for search engines.

Presentation of WordPress training: referencing and SEO – Ziggourat

The “WordPress and SEO” training offered by Ziggourat is a unique opportunity for web professionals to master natural referencing (SEO) techniques on WordPress.

This training is designed for those who want to improve the visibility of their site. It is suitable for project managers, developers, web marketers and anyone involved in managing WordPress sites.

The main objectives of this training are:

  • Configure and optimize WordPress for Search Engine Optimization;
  • Install and configure the essential extensions for SEO;
  • Carry out corrective actions on the CMS;
  • Manage different categories to avoid duplicate content.

To participate in this training, you just need to be comfortable with the use of the Internet and the IT environment and have basic knowledge of web design and project management or use of CMS.

What is the methodology of this training?

The training is provided over two days, totaling 14 hours of intensive courses. It is available in person in Paris and remotely via platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. Sessions are limited to 8 trainees in order to guarantee the quality of the training.

Teaching methods include:

  • Theoretical presentations to understand basic concepts;
  • Practical workshops;
  • Case studies;
  • Personalized follow-up.

WordPress training: referencing and SEO – Ziggurat and its advantages

The advantages of following this training with Ziggurat are numerous:

  • An expert trainer in SEO and WordPress;
  • A limited number of participants for personalized monitoring;
  • Complete and up-to-date course materials;
  • A recognized certification;
  • Accessible financing options.

The program begins with an introduction to the basics of natural referencing. Participants will learn what SEO is, why it is crucial for online visibility and the difference between SEO and positioning

This section also covers important concepts such as web page indexing and crawling, as well as different aspects of SEO, SEA and SMO.

The notions of PageRank and TrustRank will be explored to understand how Google evaluates and ranks websites.

Obstacles to SEO

The training addresses common SEO obstacles. Participants will discover how to identify and overcome these obstacles to improve the positioning of their site.

This section highlights the specific SEO challenges WordPress poses and how to overcome them effectively.

Understanding WordPress

A large part of the training is dedicated to understanding WordPress and how it works. Participants will learn how to use taxonomies and post types to structure their content.

The importance of permalinks, trackbacks and pings will also be covered. This Ziggurat training also pays particular attention to the optimization of WordPress upon installation, which includes:

  • The default setting of the site;
  • The choice of title and slogan;
  • Managing user registrations and roles.

WordPress options

WordPress reading and writing options play an important role when it comes to SEO. Participants will learn how to properly configure these options to maximize SEO.

This section includes instructions on setting up default article categories and using ping services.

SEO plugins

WordPress offers a variety of dedicated SEO plugins. The training covers essential plugins like:

  • Akismet;
  • Broken Link Checker ;
  • WP Optimize ;
  • All in One SEO ;
  • Etc.

Attendees will also learn about lesser-known but equally useful plugins like No Self Pings, which improves internal link management.

WordPress themes and SEO

This section of the training helps participants understand how to select an SEO-optimized theme.

Criteria include the theme’s HTML structure, usability, and the ability to avoid content duplication. Participants will learn to test and evaluate these aspects before making a final choice.

Structuring Content in WordPress for SEO

Structuring content is essential for SEO. The training explains how to use categories and keywords effectively. Participants will learn about the risks associated with archives and how to manage them to avoid content duplication. The importance of sitemap, .htaccess file and robots.txt file will also be discussed.

Write SEO-optimized text in WordPress

Writing SEO-optimized content is a key skill. This section teaches participants how to write articles that attract search engines and readers

In summary

Ziggourat’s “WordPress and SEO Training” distance learning course is a comprehensive and practical program that helps WordPress users improve their natural SEO.

By following this training, you will be able to configure and optimize your site to improve its visibility on search engines, attract more visitors and, ultimately, increase your turnover.

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Ziggourat Formation is a continuing education center based in Paris, specializing in the digital field. For more than 20 years, Ziggourat Formation has supported professionals in developing their skills through a wide range of training adapted to current market needs.

The institute offers face-to-face and online courses, allowing maximum flexibility for learners.

The Ziggourat Formation catalog covers various fields such as digital marketing, graphic design, office automation, personal development and languages.

Among the most popular training courses, we find courses on essential software such as:

  • Photoshop ;
  • Illustrator ;
  • AutoCAD ;
  • Digital strategy.
  • And the professional use of social networks.

The training courses are eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF), which makes them more accessible to a wide audience.

Ziggurat Formation’s educational approach is learner-centered, with a strong emphasis on practice and interaction.

The training sessions include practical cases, role-playing, and personalized monitoring to guarantee the acquisition of skills. The institute is Qualiopi certified, recognition of the quality of its training services.

Ziggurat Formation also stands out for its commitment to educational innovation. The institute uses Digital Learning tools to offer interactive and engaging online training.

Learners can thus follow courses remotely while benefiting from individualized support and the possibility of interacting with trainers and other participants.


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