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Short Description : Digital Marketing

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Learning to create and launch online marketing campaigns, anyone? Check out Portent’s blog and resources.

Long Description : Digital Marketing

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Portent’s blog is a digital marketing blog that often posts about different aspects of online marketing. In addition to blog posts, he shares content such as infographics, videos, guides, and ebooks. Content on the Portent blog is organized into different categories, making it easier for readers to learn what interests them.

Portent Blog

Launching online marketing campaigns and achieving success is not an easy thing in the face of the multitude of strategies that exist as well as the many sites that try to reach the same target as you.

As a specialist, the digital marketing agency specializing in Portent Marketing campaigns shares fairly detailed content on its blog that can allow anyone to obtain results.

In this description, we will explore together the Portent blog and the resources that the site makes available to visitors.

Introducing the Portent blog:

Portent is a digital marketing agency that helps clients design a sales funnel that effectively converts leads.

ThePortent’s Blog aims to provide quality articles that can help readers develop each stage of their conversion funnel, from attracting visitors to converting them into customers.

The blog is organized into several categories, including:

  • Analytics ;
  • Content ;
  • CRO ;
  • Design & Dev ;
  • Marketing Strategy ;
  • Paid Media ;
  • THIS ;
  • Social Media.

These categories cover a wide range of digital marketing topics, from search engine optimization to social media marketing to conversion rate optimization.

In addition to articles, Portent’s blog also features infographics and videos, giving readers multiple ways to consume and learn about digital marketing.

The Portent site blog is arguably a nugget for those looking to improve their digital marketing skills and grow their online presence.

Blog metrics

Website authority score: 63

Average length of visit: 07 min 22 s

Average bounce rate: 86.17%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 96.1K

Presentation of the different categories of the blog

The categories of the Portent blog are:

The Analytics category

The Analytics category covers topics related to measuring and analyzing the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

It includes articles on web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, as well as tips that guide your steps when it comes to making decisions.

One of the articles in this category is “How to Use BigQuery to Fill the Gaps in Google Analytics 4“.

This article explains how to use Google’s BigQuery platform to supplement the data provided by Google Analytics and get a more complete understanding of your website’s performance.

By using BigQuery in conjunction with Google Analytics, you can better understand your visitor behavior and identify areas for improvement.

Another article in the Analytics category is “What goals should I track in Google Analytics?This article provides guidance on how to set up and track goals in Google Analytics, which can help you understand which actions are most important to your business.

By tracking goals, you can get a better idea of ​​how your website is performing and identify areas where you need to make changes or improvements.

The Content category

The Content category of the Portent site blog is for people who want to create quality and engaging content that attracts and retains visitors.

This category includes a variety of articles that provide ideas and advice on how to develop and implement a successful content marketing strategy.

As contents that you will discover in this category, we have “Lessons learned from a content hub strategy“.

This article discusses the benefits and challenges of using a content hub strategy, which involves creating a central location for all of your site’s content.

By centralizing your content, you can make it easier for visitors to find and consume it, which can help increase traffic and engagement.

You will also discover “How to prioritize new content ideas and improve search engine visibility?“.

It’s content that provides guidance on how to identify the most promising content ideas and prioritize them based on their portential impact on your business.

There is also an article dedicated to9 best practices in calls to action (CTA) for UX design and web accessibility. It covers best practices for designing effective calls to action (CTAs) on your website.

This includes advice on how to create compelling and actionable CTAs, as well as how to ensure your CTAs are accessible to all users.

The article also includes examples of well-designed CTAs that can serve as inspiration for your own website.

The CRO category

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) category covers strategies and tactics to improve the conversion rate of your website or landing page.

Like the other categories, it offers many articles that can help you convert successfully on your site.

For example, there is content that focuses on the multivariate test (MVT). This article discusses what isthe multivariate test (MVT) and how it can be used to identify the most effective versions of your website or landing page.

MVT consists of testing several variables at the same time, in order to identify the combinations that produce the best results.

In another content, you will discoverGoogle Optimize and how to use it. This is a tool that allows you to perform A/B testing and MVT on your website or landing page.

The article explains how to set up and use Google Optimize, as well as how to analyze your test results and use them to improve your website’s conversion rate.

The Design & Dev category

In the Design & Dev category of the Portent site blog, you will see how to format the design of your site and your web pages as well as how to optimize its development to offer the best user experience.

It includes a variety of articles that provide ideas and tips on how to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that drive conversions.

This is the case for content on the site that relates tocarousels and which discusses the impact of these on the performance of your website.

Indeed, website carousels can be useful for highlighting key features or promotions, but they can also negatively impact site UX and performance.

This article outlines best practices for using site carousels, including how to optimize them for Core Web Vitals, which are metrics that gauge a site’s performance and UX.

You will also find content onthe best web design tools and apps for small businesses.

An article dedicated to this topic shows you the tools for website building, designing graphics and optimizing website performance.

The Marketing Strategy category

The Marketing Strategy category of the Portent site blog is the perfect place to learn how to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.

You will find content dedicated tocharacteristics of the ideal digital marketing agency. This article discusses the top qualities to look for in a digital marketing agency. This includes factors such as experience, expertise and results-oriented approach.

Another article in the Marketing Strategy category refers to digital marketing blogs. This article providesa list of blogs and digital marketing resources that are worth following up on a regular basis.

By keeping up to date with the latest trends and ideas in digital marketing, you can discover new strategies and tactics that can help you grow your business.

The Paid Media Category

Online advertising campaigns have become common and most companies use it to promote their offers.

Portent offers you content that can help you create and launch these campaigns on behalf of your business, regardless of your niche.

One of the articles in this category is titled “Google Ads Audits: Why They Matter and How to Do Them“.

This article discusses the importance of regularly auditing your Google Ads campaigns and provides tips on how to audit effectively.

Doing regular audits helps you identify areas for improvement and ensures that your campaigns are working effectively and efficiently.

Another article in the Paid Media category is titled “Implement a Full-Funnel PPC Strategy for Long-Term B2B Success“.

This article explains how to create a “full-funnel” PPC strategy designed to ensure the long-term success of B2B businesses.

A full-funnel PPC strategy involves creating targeted ads, tailored to the different stages of the customer journey, from awareness to conversion.

By following the tips in this article, you can create a PPC strategy that’s optimized for long-term success.

The SEO category

The SEO category of the Portent site blog includes articles that are intended to help site owners develop their visibility in search results.

For example, you will find content onproximity and local referencing and How to Do a Proximity Audit.

With this article, you’ll learn about the importance of proximity as a ranking factor in local SEO and tips on how to conduct a proximity audit.

As for the proximity audit, it consists of analyzing the distance between your business and the local keywords you are targeting. This helps determine if your website ranks as highly as it could in local results.

You will also find in this category other content onSEO tools and other useful resources. This is an article that provides a comprehensive list of SEO tools and resources that can help you improve your website’s SEO.

The list includes tools for keyword research, site analysis, backlink analysis, and more.

There is also in this category an article ontypes of URL redirects and SEO best practices.

This content provides tips on how to use redirects effectively for SEO. A URL redirect is nothing but a way to send visitors from one URL to another.

The Social Media Category

The Social Media category includes a variety of articles that provide ideas and advice on how to effectively use social media for marketing purposes.

You will discover in this category how to configureFacebook attribution settings. This is content about changes to Facebook attribution settings.

Indeed, Facebook attribution allows you to track the impact of your ads on conversions and other user actions on your website.

That said, you will be able to compare the performance of your ads to optimize your campaigns as well as their effectiveness.

There is also an article onadvertising texts that convert on social media.

These include tips on how to write compelling headlines, use persuasive language, and optimize your ad copy for different social media platforms.

Other resources on the Portent site

Apart from its blog posts, the Portent site also offers other resources that you can use when marketing your site.

The guides

The guide section of Portent includes a series of guides that provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to perform various tasks or achieve specific goals related to digital marketing.

Among the guides available on the site, we can cite:

Site Performance : The Digital Marketer’s Guide : This guide provides detailed information on how to optimize the performance of your website, including tips on how to improve page speed and reduce load times.

As you know, site performance is an essential part of user experience, and this guide can help you ensure that your website performs at its best.

Attribution – The Digital Marketer’s Guide : This is a guide that gives an overview of attribution, which is the process of crediting sales or leads to the marketing activities that generated them.

The guide includes information on the different types of attribution models and how to choose the most appropriate one for your business.

What is SEO? A guide to organic search : This is a guide that provides an introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) and explains the elements that make up an effective SEO strategy.

The guide includes tips on how to optimize your website for search engines and improve your ranking in search results.

Podcast Advertising – The Digital Marketer’s Guide : This guide provides an overview of podcast advertising, which is a growing advertising medium for marketers to reach loyal and engaged audiences.

The guide includes information on how to get started with podcast advertising and tips on how to create effective campaigns.


The ebooks section of the Portent website is a collection of ebooks that the site offers. You will find ebooks such as:

Mobile PPC – An Absurdly Easy-to-Follow Ebook : This ebook provides a comprehensive overview of mobile PPC advertising, including how to set up and optimize campaigns for mobile devices.

With the growing number of searches being conducted on mobile devices, it is important for businesses to have a strong mobile PPC strategy in place to reach and engage their target audience.

Dive into Content Strategy : This ebook offers a detailed look at the key steps of content strategy and includes exercises to help you understand and apply the concepts covered.

You should definitely check out this ebook because content strategy is an important part of any digital marketing campaign.

Technical SEO Best Practices : This ebook provides expert advice on technical SEO, which is the practice of optimizing the technical aspects of a website in order to improve its ranking in search engine results.

Lean Content – Kick-ass Content Creation for Teams of One : It provides practical tips and techniques for creating content, especially for those working in a one-person team.

This ebook covers a range of topics, including how to plan and execute a content strategy, how to create effective and engaging content, and how to optimize your content for search engines.

The tools

Portent provides its users with a multitude of tools allowing them to achieve several things such as: optimizing your website, generating content ideas, evaluating your tone of voice, reviewing your SEO, and more.

One of the tools available in the Tools section is the SERP preview tool. This tool lets you preview how your title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs will appear in the SERPs.

This tool is useful for ensuring that your search snippets are optimized and will entice users to click.

Another tool found in the Tools section is the Portent Content Idea Generator. This tool helps you come up with content headline ideas based on best practices and proven techniques for generating clicks and links.

Portent’s Tone of Voice Generator is also a tool that can be helpful in identifying the best tone of voice for your brand and its writing.

Portent’s SEO Page Review Chrome extension is a browser add-on that examines the basics of on-site SEO and provides a comprehensive inventory of your site and online presence.

The Click Value Calculator is a tool that can help you determine the value of a click on your site, whether you are running a lead-based or retail-based business.

This tool can be useful for understanding the return on investment (ROI) and break-even point of your digital marketing efforts.

Accept guest articles or not

The Portent site accepts guest blogging and you can submit your content. This will allow the audience of this site to discover you and at the same time discover your content.

However, it is important to submit unique and well-written content to hope that your content is actually published on the blog of the site.


All in all, the Portent blog is an online portal that provides plenty of resources, be it articles, videos, and infographics to help its readers take care of their online presence.

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Presentation : Digital Marketing

Blog Portent logo

Portent is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Seattle, USA. Founded in 1995, the company specializes in:

  • Content creation;
  • Social platforms;
  • The development of sites;
  • Natural referencing;
  • Paid advertising;
  • And many others.

Portent aims to help businesses grow. To this end, she creates effective and useful digital marketing campaigns that stimulate business growth.

The company is run by Ian Lurie, a veteran internet marketer with over 20 years of experience. Lurie has spoken at several conferences around the world, including SearchLove, MozCon, SIC and Ad Tech. He has also contributed to Forbes, AllThingsD and TechCrunch.

Behind this agency is a formidable team made up of the brightest and most curious minds in the digital marketing industry.

Portent is recognized for its expertise in search algorithms. With over 450 five-star reviews online, Portent is also rated as one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies in America.

In addition to these services, Portent offers free tools like:

  • Click Value Calculator;
  • RainGage Digital Marketing Diagnosis;
  • Extension Chrome SEO Page Review;
  • The voice tone generator;
  • The idea generator;
  • The SERP preview tool.

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