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The Ninjalinker blog is a very qualitative content bank on SEO, consulting, web monetization, content spinning, web marketing and affiliation. Find out.

Long Description : Ninjalinker

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Ninjalinker’s blog covers all the topics that will help you succeed online; from the definition of your project idea to the loyalty of your customers through the creation of your website and its referencing.

If you are passionate about the quest for knowledge, its contents classified into sections, headings and categories will help you increase your knowledge in various areas essential to the success of any online project.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, they will help you master several useful tools, best practices and techniques for growing your online business.

Blog until Ninjalinker

To succeed in your online project, even if you have decided to enter a relatively competitive market, it is not enough to have a website, to create your business or to choose a good niche.

You must also know, master or execute certain winning strategies both on your website and on your various social networks or web applications.

To make your life easier, the head of the Ninjalinker platform has created a complete blog that he regularly updates with qualitative content classified by thematic folder. These will help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

The description you are about to read is partitioned into three main parts:

  • The summary presentation of the Ninjalinker blog;
  • Its metrics;
  • And finally the detailed presentation of the different categories of the blog.

Read it till the end to know more about what this blog has to offer.

Introducing the Ninjalinker Blog

On the Ninjalinker blog, thousands of content illustrated with images are published as blog posts completely free of charge.

Since its inception, this blog has helped entrepreneurs to:

  • Attract more qualified visitors to their website or to their physical business;
  • Develop and implement their advertising campaign;
  • Optimize the visibility of their brand on the web;
  • Regularly make more sales;
  • Succeed in achieving a good ROI at the end of their online advertising campaign;
  • Obtain more satisfactory results in their business in the short, medium and long term;
  • Tie up their affiliate program with specific, time-bound and achievable goals;
  • Monetize their blog;
  • Train themselves to deal with certain tasks inherent to the success of their online business;
  • Rank their site well on search engines by going through some tools, techniques and strategies detailed in the next paragraphs of this description;
  • Participate in conferences organized by the Ninjalinker platform manager or those they are thinking of attending.


Ninjalinker Blog Metrics

The Ninjalinker blog metrics are pretty exemplary for search engines when it comes to SEO. With the SEOquake tool, the most important ones are as follows:

  • Authority score: 25;
  • Average Bounce Rate: 30.20;
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: 3.95K;
  • Average visit duration: 06 min 29 s

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Ninjalinker blog

Ninjalinker’s blog is divided into two main categories, namely: Home and News.


The section “Welcome» on the Ninjalinker platform presents all the blog posts that are in the news or have been widely read and appreciated by Internet users. They are arranged by theme to facilitate the user experience of blog visitors.


Section “Newshighlights the conferences the Ninjalinker blogger plans to attend in the coming days, weeks, or months. It describes the programs of these conferences and sometimes the possible results expected at the end of the events.

Other Ninjalinker Blog Resources

This blog has six resources such as:

  • Guides, 
  • Tools,
  • Techniques & Strategies,
  • Formation, 
  • Monetization
  • and Contact.

Some of them are broken up into several sections that act as a secondary menu for the blog, thus making navigation and the user experience of its visitors pleasant.


The “Guides” resource outlines the essential methods and actions you can take to get your web pages up in the top Google SERP results.

It discusses the method of semantic analysis, web consultancy, the concept of spam referrer, but also the tools “Google Search Console”, “Google Panda” and “Google Penguin”. By reading the contents of this category, you will know how to detect drops in traffic on your website.

You will understand the notions of featured snippet, webperf and tf*idf in order to apply good practices on your website that will allow the pages of your website to end up with a good score on search engines.

You will master the “trust” and “citation flow” indicators. You will learn how to use them to please search engines and to get them to propel the pages of your website into the top positions.


To properly reference your web pages on search engines, you must use a number of SEO tools. In the resource “Toolsthe blogger has listed a few that are really important.

These include GSA tools, Seo Hero, Semjuice, Semrush, Scrapyleaks, Majectic Seo, Pbn Premium, Scrapebox V2, Seobserver, Senuke XCR, Getfluence, and Secockpit.

Techniques and Strategies

This main menu resource is made up of four sections which make up the secondary menu namely: Link-Building, Recycling, Google Footprint and Content Spinning.


This section has four pages that deal respectively with Netlinking, Siloing, internal linking and then dofollow backlinks strategies.

Written by the best experts in the field, their content will lead you on a case-by-case basis to know and master the Netlinking techniques that must be deployed to position your web pages in the best positions in Google.

By carefully reading its contents, you will understand what internal linking is, but also the notion of SEO juice, their importance for the referencing of the pages of your website.

You will gradually know the steps to follow to apply them on your own website in order to begin to obtain concrete results.


In this section, you will discover the right strategy to execute to find expired domain names in order to improve your SEO. This will help you to overcome the problems of broken or expired links which can alienate the referencing of your web pages at the level of search engines.

Footprint Google 

The content of this section describes the concept of Google Footprint, the tips to apply to identify the sources of your own links and backlinks, but also those of your competitors. It presents in detail the Google commands to be executed to achieve this, the advantages, but also the disadvantages of this rather innovative technique.

The latter is used to detect these links through various CMS media, including blogs, directories, forums and web profiles. In short, you will learn in this section how to use Google to rank on Google.

Content Spinning 

In this section of the “Techniques and Strategies” section, you will discover what Content Spinning is, its advantages, its disadvantages, but also the tools to use to guarantee the quality of your Spinning content.

To shed some light on this, “Content Spinning” means using AI tools to automate the writing of a multitude of web content so that it meets a few Google criteria.

This is a new technique that has entered the world of SEO. It saves time without necessarily having to pay writers or professionals to write your web pages, blog articles, product sheets or sales pages.

Go ahead and discover it for yourself by browsing the article that was written and published on the “Content Spinning” page and which is quite comprehensive on the subject.


This section or section of the site presents in detail the training provided by the founder of the Ninjalinker brand, its program, its modules as well as its many advantages.

This is an SEO training that will help you understand the Google algorithm, know how to tame it and optimize your communication strategy to improve the SEO of your website.

During this training, you will learn advanced SEO techniques (Grey & Black Hat). You will be able to spy on your competitors, unmask the SEO strategies they apply on their website and take the necessary actions to overcome them.

This training consists of five modules. During the first module which lasts two hours, you will be instructed on the importance of semantics in Ranking.

The second module, which runs over one to three hours, will allow you to master the concept of Content Spinning, that is to say the techniques and tools to use to produce quality content fairly quickly in a short period of time.

The third module lasts two to five hours and is devoted to advanced Netlinking methods: the high PR & DF. The fourth module, spanning two to five hours, addresses the notion of creating a PBN, also called a private blog network.

The fifth and final model lasts one to three hours. It is during this module that the trainer will teach you the methods of cloacking and SEO camouflage.

You will know step by step how to hide your backlinks as well as your SEO strategy from ahref, your competitors and the majestic tool in order to prevent your competitors from spying on you or copying your strategies.


If your wish is to monetize your website or generate monthly income with your blog, then head to the “monetization» of the heading «techniques & strategy ». 

The contents that compose it will give you all the cards to enrich yourself from your website or your blog by applying some principles of internet marketing.

You will know the actions you need to take to make a good turnover between joining an affiliate program or a monetization forum for marketing sites.


Does the Ninjalinker platform accept guest posts?

Yes, you can publish your article on the Ninjalinker blog. To do this, simply go to the “Contact Me” section and write to the platform manager David Dragesco offering to share your article on his website.

With any luck, you’ll get a favorable response from him. However, be sure to respect the editorial charter and the tone adopted on the platform during the writing of your article.

The summary of this description

To conclude, you have a lot to gain by visiting the Ninjalinker platform. Its rich and varied content will allow you to enrich your knowledge and achieve good results on your website, regardless of your sector of activity. You will be able to better optimize your SEO, increase your sales and make your marketing efforts profitable.

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Presentation : Ninjalinker

Blog Ninjalinker Logo

David Dragesco, as the “NinjaLinker” is nicknamed, is an SEO consultant.

Recognized expert in the field of SEO, he created the PBN Premium tool platform. This allows you to search for and manage domain names that have already expired. In addition, he is the one who set up the content creation service.

David discovered and became passionate about SEO in the years 2005 while he was in business school.

Once his studies were finished, he started his own business as a freelance SEO specialist. He then went on to several work experiences in Switzerland and Lyon.

In 2013, he abandoned his approach to SEO. From now on, he is dedicated to High Level SEO training, which allows him to have new approaches and new points of view. This is how he manages to create PNBPremium and

David is also the creator of theblog SEO On the platform, he shares a variety of training courses that he offers to his various clients.

He also shares on the website some of his speeches at the biggest conferences on Search Engine Optimization.

Finally, David is also an SEO training facilitator. He also works on SEO campuses, including that of Paris (2018).

During these events, he tells, for example, how an online merchant managed to multiply his online traffic by 10 during one year. Join him onSemrush, Twitter AndLinkedIn. 

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