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Blog | Matthew Woodward

Blog | Matthew Woodward

Short Description : Blog Matthew Woodward

Blog Matthew Woodward Mise en avant

Want to become an SEO expert? Discover Matthew Woodward’s Blog, a website entirely dedicated to SEO.

Long Description : Blog Matthew Woodward

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Theblog de Matthew Woodward is the ideal place for people who want to learn about web referencing. A very popular site, the blog has already been awarded for the quality of its content. It has the essential tools to improve the SEO score of its siteand or users can use its services to do so.

Blog de Matthew Woodward

Today, it is not always easy to obtain a good SEO for your website. Indeed, internet platforms are multiplying and it is becoming more difficult to obtain a good SEO score.

However, it remains undeniable that to prosper, any website must gain visibility and therefore have a good SEO.

It is with the aim of solving this problem that SEO blogs in general, and that of Matthew Woodward in particular, have emerged. So let’s go, without further ado, to discover this quite exceptional site.

Introducing Matthew Woodward’s blog

Matthew Woodward’s blog is a platform specially designed for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO.

Its informative content helps you understand and practice SEO strategies. You probably need it to improve your website traffic. You will also discover on the platform articles dedicated to Link building.

Also, you will know how this practice can positively impact the SEO of a website. Finally, you will find on Matthew Woodward’s platform a review of the different SEO tools in order to know which one can be the most useful to you.

On the other hand, the blog is exclusively powered by its creator Matthew Woodward. The latter is the only author who publishes articles on the site. Likewise, it is responsible for keeping the site in good condition and responding to the various requests from Internet users.

Matthew Woodward’s Blog Metrics

Matthew Woodward’s blog metrics are as follows:

Website authority score: 54

Average length of visit: 10:13

Average bounce rate:81,31 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic:178 k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of Matthew Woodward’s blog

Like other blogs dedicated to SEO, Matthew Woodward’s is also subdivided into several categories.

Indeed, theSearch Engine Optimisation is a vast field that brings together several aspects that must be differentiated from each other to avoid confusion and facilitate understanding. Thus, we find on the site the following categories.


Thesection SEO of the site includes articles that relate to the fundamental notions of SEO. This part aims first to explain to amateurs the basics of SEO. Thereafter, it approaches the more complex notions.

This is an important topic that users should understand before moving on to other sections of the site.


Keywords are considered the backbone of any SEO campaign. This category presents everything you need to know about these essential elements for SEO optimization.

You will find the definition of the term, the different types of keywords, the tools that allow you to obtain the best keywords, etc.

Link building

Link building is an SEO strategy that is becoming more and more popular with SEO experts. This section allows visitors to know:

  • The different Link building strategies,
  • Important resources to find links for Link building,
  • The tools allowing to carry out the Link building.

Link building is almost covered in its entirety.


Want to improve your online store traffic and revenue? If yes, then you are lucky. The E-commerce category has a multitude of tips, services and tools.

These will allow you to improve the popularity of your e-store and its turnover in no time.


This section is dedicated to the different metrics that allow you to monitor your SEO progress and performance. Indeed, each SEO action must be based on data and these are obtained through metrics.

This section therefore allows you to learn about the different metrics that you can use to evaluate the performance of your platform.


This is the very last category of the site. This section includes all articles that do not belong to any of the other sections.

Other resources on the Matthew Woodward website

Articles aren’t the only resources available on the Matthew Woodward Platform. The site also offers various services to visitors.

Services de Link Building

Despite the explanations given on Link Building in the blog section, this SEO strategy can be somewhat complex to achieve for SEO novices.

The creator of the site therefore offers his expert services to help those who wish to do Link Building for their website.

Service de consultation SEO

In addition to the Link Building services he offers, Matthew Woodward also allows visitors to seek expert assistance to implement various SEO strategies on their platform.

This service is done by Zoom call and usually takes place in 4 steps which are:

  • Step 1: Before the call
  • Step 2: Research and investigation
  • Step 3: The call
  • Step 4: Presentation of the action plan

It is important to follow this procedure.

Does the site accept guest posts?

The Matthew Woodward site is a follower of backlinks. Indeed, one of the platform’s flagship strategies is Link Building, which is done through backlinks. As a result, we find them all over the blog. The blog therefore accepts guest articles.

In summary

The Matthew Woodward Blog is a very unique website. It is full of a multitude of resources allowing those who wish to learn about the SEO optimization of websites.

The content is just as relevant as it is diverse. In addition, it allows both novices and semi-professionals to find something to meet their needs.

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Presentation : Blog Matthew Woodward

Blog Matthew Woodward Logo

As the name of the blog suggests, its founder is Matthew Woodward, a blog he founded in 2013. This blog he created allows him to share guides, case studies and tutorials to anyone who wants become even better at SEO.

Matthew Woodward is a seasoned blogger. The proof is his award-winning SEO blog. He is also and above all an expert in digital marketing and SEO. Not limited to that, he launched several products and services related to marketing and SEO.

Recognized worldwide for his expertise in terms of netlinking and SEA, Woodward is often asked at conferences to share his passion. So he’s a lecturer. He is also a trainer for companies and people looking to be more visible online.

On social media platforms, he is active. This allows him to always provide advice and ideas for his community of followers. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Matthew Woodward. And the twitter one is:@MattWoodwardUK).

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