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Blog | Lush Newsroom

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Discover tips and practical guides on online marketing from the Lush Newsroom blog and improve your knowledge in this industry.

Long Description : Lush Newsroom

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The Lush Newsroom blog is a source of information and practical advice in the field of digital marketing, SEO and oral production as video. More precisely, it is a valuable resource for all web 2.0 players who wish to deepen their knowledge. Apart from guides and tips, other resources are available on the website, including communication training.

Description du blog de Lush Newsroom

Podcasting, Copywriting or digital marketing are vast industries that require you to have an excellent general culture if you want to impose yourself.

But in absolute terms, there is no shortage of knowledge and good practices to adopt. The only problem is in the facts, in other words, the information channel. The best known is the blog. But not all blogs are unanimous.

If you are looking for a blog that covers content that covers all the industries mentioned above, you should definitely explore the Lush blog. A very inspiring and informative blog.

Introducing the Lush Blog

A host of informative articles are regularly published onthe Lush Newsroom blog which is intended for all web professionals including:

  • Marks ;
  • Content agencies;
  • The editors;
  • The creatives in all their ensembles…

Through these articles, the team behind the blog aims to help its visitors manage their digital problems. For this, you can read advice, news and exploit some tips that she shares in almost all the essential sectors of the web.

In addition, you have inspiring guides to either deepen your knowledge or refresh it in the web sector you have chosen. Finally, there are tactics and mistakes to avoid in the web industry that you may not know about, but are available on the blog.

Nevertheless, is it a fairly reliable blog? For a concise and precise answer, consider taking a look at the scores obtained by this blog in terms of main metrics.

Lush Newsroom Blog Core Metrics

Here are the famous metrics:

    • Site Authority Score: 23
  • Monthly organic traffic:3,25 k
  • Duration of visit:01 minutes 16 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:75,55 %

For accuracy, you know, these metrics were gathered using the SEOquake add-on. Moreover, they were collected during the description. At any time, this data may vary. They are therefore approximate.

Let’s move on now, with the categories in which the articles of this blog are classified.

Lush Newsroom Blog Categories

More than one category structures the content frequently shared on this blog. Here they are :

Audio Production 

This category brings together a number of articles that cover all the important aspects of oral production in marketing. So, if you want to create a Podcast to host regularly, take your time to read the content gathered in this category.

Why is that ? Well, as you explore the category, you’re going to discover several handy tips and great ideas on creating audio content that connects with your audience.

Additionally, you have how-to articles that tell you what to do if you decide to incorporate podcasts into your content marketing strategy. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to exploit valuable tips and guides to be successful with your podcast series.

Brand Marketing 

Aanother interesting category from the Lush Newsroom blogis this:Brand Marketing. Yes, interesting, because it allows you to deepen your knowledge in the sector. The diverse articles cover key aspects of this sector, including:

  • The importance of diversifying your content for your brand;
  • Proven ways to make your business successful;
  • Tactics for good video production for your brand;
  • The values ​​that your brand must have at all times.

Many other topics are covered in this category. You also have advice and practical guides to make your brand stand out against the competition.

Communications Training

Oh yes ! No doubt, thiscategory seems to be the key to sharpening your communication skills.

If you are a business owner, you would like to stand in front of the spotlight for the interview. You would like to show your competitors that you do not have the same level. And your presentations, you want to make them to show your team your charisma. But how to achieve all this?

To tell you that it is simple remains to be demonstrated. However, by exploring this category, you will have phase by phase how to achieve this. A multitude of explanatory articles will give you the basics. Expert advice, strategies and guides for successful communication are also to be discovered.

Content Copywriting 

A copywriter friend lost his first client because he made some syntactical errors in his first article. There is no shortage of facts like this in the field of writing. You see where I’m coming from.

Indeed, sometimes refreshing your linguistic knowledge, remembering certain syntactic rules is advice to consider. And if you want to remember other basic rules of writing, you should consider exploring themyriad content in this category.

New knowledge may emerge from your reading. Since you have guides to improve your skills, not to mention tips from veterans in the field.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the cornerstones of getting quality traffic to your website. So developing the right strategy should be a mission to accomplish. For this, you must use handpicked weapons or tactics to differentiate yourself from others.

By weapons, understand the research tools in content marketing strategy and by tactics, the approaches, tips and tricks grouped within thiscategory

If you want to boost your credibility, or how to improve your content marketing, you should do like the others: take advantage of the informative articles and engaging guides gathered in this category of the Lush blog.

Digital Marketing 

Online marketing, e-marketing, digital marketing, digital marketing. No matter how you describe this sector, the most important thing is to understand it, master it and innovate.

In this perspective, reading informative and explanatory content is essential. It is also essential to read guides and practical advice. All this is collected in thepresent category. Favorite topics are firmly waiting for you there:

  • E-mail marketing ;
  • Social media ;
  • Examples of Infographics;
  • Hashtag strategy;
  • Etc.

This way, even if you are a beginner, you can go from this level to expert. And to the extent that you’re an expert, there’s bound to be some new trick you’ll gain.

Video Production

Yes, if the blog has a category which is named Audio Production then it makes sense to have a categoryVideo Production. In this one, you have different ways to boost your business through animation.

If you are also looking for video content ideas or if you are new to animating videos, reading the content gathered in this section will be very useful to you.

Apart from these ideas, you have how-to guides, tips and tricks to develop your video production skills.

You will want to know if this websiteto others useful resources outside the blog? If so, you can continue reading.

Other resources available on the website

If, we have to address the question of the other resources available on this website, we will tell you that it is Training for Trainings. It is precisely a list of trainings that allow you to improve some of your skills. You are entitled to trainings like:

These various trainings are another essential resource if you want to improve your communication as a whole. With these trainings, you give yourself a chance to have a lead in your field. Since the coaching offered is world class.

Lush Newsroom Blog: Guest or Not Guest Articles

A priori, the Lush Newsroom blog, which belongs to the content marketing agency Lush Newsroom, does not allow the publication of guest content. It’s that simple.

However, a multitude of French and English blogs exist and accept the publication of guest articles. Getting an idea of ​​each of these blogs is just a click away:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary 

The Lush Newsroom blog is undoubtedly very rich in content. These contents are also very instructive and provide excellent advice. By exploring each of the categories of this blog, you will be very happy with the quality of the content.

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The Lush Newsroom blog is an incredibly informative and content-rich platform that offers valuable tips and insights to its readers.

The blog is a great source of practical advice on topics such as digital marketing, video production and SEO, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the web 2.0 industry.

In addition to tips and guides, the website offers a range of other resources, including communication training. For people looking for comprehensive coverage of the mentioned sectors, the Lush blog is definitely a valuable resource to explore, as it provides inspiration and a wealth of information.

Blog content is regularly updated with a host of informative articles aimed at all web professionals, with the ultimate goal of helping visitors solve their digital challenges.

You can contact them by:

LinkedIn :

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