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Blog | L’expert SEO Paris

Blog | L’expert SEO Paris

Short Description : L'expert SEO Paris

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To deepen your SEO and digital marketing knowledge, you can read the informative articles grouped together in the blog of L’expert SEO Paris.

Long Description : L'expert SEO Paris

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The SEO expert blog is a web platform in which you will discover very informative articles about SEO, SEA and digital marketing. The authors of this blog provide advice and valuable tips to help website owners improve their position in search results.

Description of the blog of the expert SEO Paris

SEO is a big challenge for any website owner who wants to increase their visibility and get quality traffic.

However, to have significant results in terms of SEO, it is essential to understand the mechanisms of operation of search engines.The is alsoIt is essential to develop effective strategies and master good practices.

With practical advice and valuable tips, in-depth analysis as well as regular updates, the blog of L’expert SEO Paris provides a valuable resource for its visitors.

Presentation of the blog of L’expert SEO Paris

The blog of the expert SEO Paris is a multitude of articles that deal with topics related to natural referencing and web marketing. Thus, by reading the content shared on the blog, users can:

  • Easily improve the quality of their traffic;
  • Increase market share;
  • Increase their turnover;
  • Increase their ROI…

The main purpose of this blog posts is to help visitors or industry professionals drive quality traffic to their website for deserved visibility.

Can we nevertheless say that this blog enjoys a good reputation online? If you are asking yourself this question, you might want to read on.

Main metrics of the blog of L’expert SEO Paris

Here are the measurements from this blog:

    • Authority Score: 30 
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:1,54 k
  • Duration of visits:01 minutes 34 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:66,67 % 

Noticed: These metrics were collected with the SEOquake add-on at the time we created this content. At any time, this data can change. These data are therefore approximate.

In addition, it is a blog whose articles are grouped by categories. If you want to have a brief presentation of these, you will have to read on.

Main categories of the blog of L’expert SEO Paris

AT About the main categories of this blog, here are the essentials to know.

SEO News

Natural referencing is constantly evolving and at all times new facts appear. Faced with this unpredictable change in SEO, one must always get up to date with news, current affairs and trends to stay in the running.

Thus, withinthis section, you will find the latest news and trends of the moment concerning SEO. The articles grouped in the category are for the most part SEO expert analyzes and informative articles centered around SEO.

Inbound marketing et SEO

The heterogeneity between inbound marketing and SEO is a must in the interactive web environment. But what are the ways to go about ensuring that the mix in question is perfect and makes users want to read your content?

How can these two elements affect the quality of your regular traffic? Why do you absolutely have to understand and exploit these two segments together? All the answers to its various relevant questions are to be discovered in thiscategory


Aother main category of the blog of L’expert SEO Paris is Infographic. At all costs, you must exploit it if you want qualitative information for pleasant reading.

This category is indeed a list of infographics related to SEO and SEA trends. Some of this content also addresses Amazon SEO. To read these infographics, you can click here:Infographics.

Mobile SEO

Doing SEO without addressing the mobile SEO part is normally inconceivable since mobile users are increasing every year. In France, we count38.3 million mobile users per day

To this end, if you wish to be in the dance, you can read the informative articles, tips and tricks collected withinthis category. In no time, you will understand and discover the need for this acquisition channel.

Natural reference

Among all the main categories of the blog of L’expert SEO Paris,this one is the richest in content. Indeed, the articles that are gathered in this category are not only informative, but they also form great tips that can be used by all professionals.

You will also find tips and techniques to deepen or refresh your knowledge of SEO. Certain related subjects and themes are thus to be discovered. By way of illustration, we can quote you:

  • Google algorithm;
  • Big Data SEO;
  • SEO Conseils ;
  • Site redesign in an SEO logic…

Each of the items in this list forms, after consulting theSitemap subcategories of this category. Without a doubt, this category is the core of the blog of L’expert SEO Paris.

Paid referencing

The SEA is a mode of referencing to exploit if you wish to have short-term results with Google. However, implementing good practices can sometimes remain complex.

Since between SEA and SEO, the first, even if it is known by the experts, remains less exploited like the second. In which case, getting information and listening to expert advice about SEA would be a good recommendation. In thiscategory, read some practices and use them for a good SEA strategy.

Social networks

Social media has a winning impact on your SEO approach. Of course, it would be necessary to make sure to put in place good practices concerning these social media platforms.

Indeed, in thiscategory, learn through some informative articles to use social media in your SEO strategy to get quality traffic. But is this a blog that accepts guest posting? Let’s find out this.

Does the blog of L’expert SEO Paris accept guest articles? 

AT the question of whether the blog of the expert SEO Paris accepts the publication of guest articles, the answer is No. So for now, you cannot post guest posts on this blog.

That said, if you need to advertise your blog on another, you can go to our guest blogging platform. The latter brings together1100+ blogs that accept guest posting in both English and French.

In summary

The blog of L’expert SEO Paris is a set of resources whose exploration will allow SEO and marketing professionals to become an ace in these sectors.

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Presentation : L'expert SEO Paris

Blog Agenceweb Logo

Created in 2013 in Paris byJonathan Habert AndNourdine Selmi, two colleagues who became friends, L’Agence Web is now made up of 20 SEO consultants, divided into 3 poles – technical, editorial and popularity – generating.

It isa Google SEO agency, specialized in technical and algorithmic solutions for natural referencing (Search Engine Optimization), developing Big Data solutions.

The Search Engine Advertising (SEO) sector is another area of ​​activity of the web agency. Google recognized his expertise by awarding him the Google Partner Premier accreditation.

As to blog, theis made up of a multitude of articles that deal with topics relating to natural referencing and web marketing.

The main objective of the articles in this blog is to help readers or industry professionals drive high quality traffic to their websites in order to gain deserved exposure.

You can reach one of the directors of the agency using the following contact details:

Jonathan HABERT

  • Call: +(33) 01 73 03 20 47

Email :

Above L'expert SEO Paris

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