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Short Description : Blogging Wizard

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Discover how-to guides, tactics and reliable advice to get away with blogging thanks to the contents of the BloggingWizard blog.

Long Description : Blogging Wizard

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The Blogging Wizard Blog is a digital library that trains you in managing your blog. Find in this library tutorials, tutorials and guides to build and monetize your website. Also discover tips, tactics, but also relevant advice to improve your knowledge of SEO, e-commerce, digital marketing as well as WordPress…


Blog the Blogging Wizard

Properly combining natural referencing and marketing for the development of your blog ensures you significant sources of income. Knowing is good, but doing it seems complicated for many, especially if you are new to blogging.

Faced with this situation, it is recommended to train whenever the opportunity arises. You need to find tips, advice and even research guides to achieve a perfect alloy.

To achieve this, reading content-rich blogsinstructive regarding SEO and marketing may well be the key. One such blog is Blogging Wizard. If you want to find out, follow us.

Introducing the BloggingWizard Blog

The Blogging Wizard blog was founded in 2012 byAdam Connell, one of the top 50 specialists according to Semrush and BuzzSumo.

This is a website that brings together a lot of relevant content that will accompany you if you are looking for tangible steps to boost the growth of your blog.

Besides that, if you want to turn your knowledge into a successful business, you are going to find this blog interesting. Since millions of people including bloggers, SEOs and entrepreneurs read this blog posts every year.

There is nothing strange about that. Indeed, the Blogging Wizard blog is a learning or self-training resource of great importance for Internet users.

As such, you will find several articles that are of interest if you wish for example:

  • design and manage a blog;
  • set up a YouTube channel;
  • publish a course…

And many other fundamental aspects concerning the digital world. Now let’s talk about the purpose or mission of the Blogging Wizard blog.

Bogging Wizard Blog Mission

Before recalling the mission or the objective of the team of the founder of this blog, you must know its context of creation. In fact, this blog was created byAdam Connell in a context of sharing everything he was learning new in a marketing agency.

But since then, his blog has become a source of information and training for beginners and intermediate level bloggers alike. This leads to the mission of the foundation of this blog.

The mission of the Blogging Wizard blog is therefore to share free detailed guides, tutorials and steps that you can automatically set up to solve a concern related to SEO, blogging, marketing…

In addition, any blog has measures that define whether or not this blog has a certain value or if it is known by a large audience. Let’s discover those of Blogging Wizard.

Blogging Wizard main blog metrics

The measures that we are going to present to you just after this paragraph were provided by SEOQuake. We are convinced that these measures are the most relevant to know the value of a blog. So here they are.

  • Website Authority Score:57
  • Average length of visit:09 minutes 40 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:86,41 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:407.k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Knowing now the notes of these metrics which are reasonably interesting, it would be time to talk about the categories which form the architecture of this blog.

Blogging Wizard Blog Categories

What seems to bring originality to this blog is its categories page. Indeed, it is a page that was set up by the blog to allow visitors to easily identify the content they are looking for.

This will allow them to waste time exploring the latest articles published on the website. The categories in question are as follows.


Now is the time to make a living blogging about what you love. To do this, rely on the blogging guides in this category to evolve effectively in a noisy digital world.

In addition to these guides, find a number of tips you need to start your blog and develop it quickly. In this category, discovertutorials and in-depth reviews created by bloggers as well as experienced specialists.


WordPress is the most popular CMS and it powers much of the web. This category brings together tutorials and tips to learn how to master and use WordPress like a pro. The goal is to help you design a successful website under WP.

Thus, with the articles of this category, become an axis of WordPress and gain in general culture thanks to tutorials, guides and analyzes. This link redirects you to all of this content:WordPress – Blogging Wizard.


The e-commerce sector is constantly evolving, fromnew changes are made each time to improve it and make it more transparent. This makes selling your products easy.

In this present category of the Blogging Wizard blog, discover software packages and the knowledge you necessarily need to create products. Better, to launch your own store and increase its growth.

E-mail marketing

Of the various online marketing channels, email offers the best ROI. That said, how can you get the most out of it for your startup or business? If you ask yourself this question, you must read the articles in this category.

In effect,by reading them, you’ll learn the information you need to build an email list. Email addresses that you can turn into a major revenue stream for your business.


Here in this present category, you will discoverall the secrets for transform your blogging passion into profits. All you have to do is read the monetization guides offered in the category to easily train yourself in this.

Whether it is the monetization of a website, a YouTube channel or any other form of digital media, this category has what you need. Precisely, you will meet the tips as well as the tools to make money online.


SEO is one of the valuable ways to get incredible quality traffic to your website. Although it is a passive means, it is still effective for income generation.

To understand, master and use this more or less illusory marketing channel, you can readSEO tool guides and reviews popular gathered in this category. Remember that SEO is the key to long-term blog growth.

Social Media

Social media platforms give you the opportunity to grow an audience that promotes your blog while you sleep. Indeed, they are the driving force behind the creation of a thriving audience. It is for this reason that they must be used well.

In this way, you can improve your strategy thanks to the guides shared in this category. Also learn how to establish an effective strategy and identify the right tools that will make you more productive. Get started by clicking the link:Social Media – Blogging Wizard.

Marketing & Sales

In this category you have relevant information to focus on marketing and sales. This is a collection of content that will help you market your business and increase your sales. Find out how

  • create a sales funnel;
  • optimize your landing pages;
  • promote your YouTube channel…

There are so many other aspects that add to these. Advice, tactics, but also guides on marketing and sales, here are some of the ones you are entitled to in this category. The contents are available here:Marketing & Sales — Blogging Wizard.

Building Websites 

If you need valuable and reliable help tocreate your website, you are in the right category. Here, there is everything you need. You will find interesting articles to build a profitable and flourishing website.

Find in the category a series of web hosting guides, opinions on the best tools and services as well as excellent tutorials all beneficial to quickly evolve your website.

Web Hosting

Without a web host, there is no website. The host is therefore the very foundation of your website. As such, if you want to boost your website traffic and earn revenue, you need to design your site on a solid foundation. In this category:

  • train yourself in the basic principles of web hosting;
  • get an idea of ​​the different types of web host;
  • discover opinions and comparisons on the main hosts…

And so many other things. To access all the content gathered in this blog, you can left click on:Web Hosting – Blogging Wizard

Software Review

As the name of this category suggests, this is a collection of comprehensive software reviews.

In fact, these are in-depth reviews and comparisons that will help you detect the powerful tools and services you will need for the rapid development of your website.

Whether it’s a personal or e-commerce website, find the right software through the contents of this category.

This last category is the one that ends the short presentations of the categories of the blog. Does the blog in question accept guest posts?

The Blogging Wizard blog and guest contributions

Blogging Wizard’s blog posts, guides and tips are written by the founder himself and an elite group of other bloggers who are all talented.

Adam Connell also states that it does not have an “open door” policy when it comes to accepting contributions. He goes on to say that he only accepts new contributors when he has some confidence in their knowledge and experience.

It is therefore a blog proud of its mission and in this it would not accept guest articles. However, by clicking on the link+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN] (, you can see other blogs that accept guest contributions.

In summary

The Blogging Wizard blog is a website that gives you the keys, the secrets to success in blogging, SEO, online sales… If you are a beginner or intermediate blogger, you can read the contents of this blog since they are really instructive and very well engaging.

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Presentation : Blogging Wizard

Blog BloggingWizard Logo

Bloggingwizard is a web platform that helps millions of new bloggers turn their passion into a source of income. This site also shares useful resources to help content creators and especially entrepreneurs.

Bloggingwizard was founded in 2012 by Adam Connell. Indeed, the latter is a marketing specialist specializing in:

  • optimization for search engines;
  • content strategy;
  • l’email marketing.

And this web platform would be the reason it is known in the marketing industry. He is originally from the UK and currently resides in the West Midlands. His passion is to learn how things work, so he is curious and thirsty for knowledge.

Adam Connell is a blogger who writes about digital marketing approaches, tactics and tools. It has a clear objective: to share with the web 2.0 community. everything he knows about digital marketing, blogging and SEO.

Under his belt, he has at least a decade of experience in website design as well as growing businesses that use scalable content marketing approaches. Connell is recognized by Buzzsumo and Semrush as one of the top 50 content marketers in the world.

His advice to the community has been featured on several websites such as CIO, Huffington Post, Forbes, SEJ…

Finally, in his spare time, he plays the guitar and certainly keeps a blog about them. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Adam Connell.

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