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Do you want to learn natural referencing and how to monetize a website? Discover the Korleon’Biz blog and its content.

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This is the blog of the Korleon’Biz agency specializing in SEO referencing. The blog offers tips, news and information about various topics. The topics covered range from CMS to events, including SEO tools, web writing and social networks.

Description Korleon’Biz

The world of natural referencing is evolving rapidly and plays a major role in the success of an online marketing strategy. SEO allows you to attract a relevant audience who can buy your products.

But with the many search algorithm updates and new trends emerging regularly, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed.

Through its blog, Korleon’Biz’s mission is to help its visitors navigate this complex universe of SEO. The SEO agency shares detailed articles for this purpose that can help them optimize their online visibility.

Together, we discover the Korleon’Biz blog with its various categories of articles. So follow!

Blog presentation of Korleon’Biz

The Korleon’Biz blog is a blog dedicated to SEO and online marketing that offers a range of relevant topics for SEO enthusiasts.

Item categories include:

  • CMS management advice;
  • Information on events related to SEO;
  • Articles on the digital lifestyle;
  • Online monetization strategies;
  • Etc.

The blog also offers feedback on events such as:

  • Le SEO Campus Paris ;
  • Le WordCamp Lille ;
  • Seocamp Lyon;
  • Le SEObynight ;
  • The Semsummit in Grenoble;
  • And Technology.

These articles provide an overview of the topics discussed at these events and share the knowledge gained.

The articles are written by different people from the Korleon’Biz team, including SEO consultants and online marketing experts.

Korleon’Biz blog metrics

The metrics for this blog are as follows:

Website authority score: 22

Average length of visit: 0min

Average bounce rate: 0.00%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 0

We obtained these metrics using the SEOquake tool and the data is subject to change from day to day.

The different blog categories

You can browse Korleon’Biz blog posts by category.


The “CMS” category of the Korleon’Biz blog features articles that focus on content management systems, with an emphasis on WordPress, the most widely used CMS in the world.

If you want to optimize the use of WordPress from an SEO and usability point of view, this blog has many articles on this subject.

Among the articles in this category, there is also a selection of SEO-friendly WordPress extensions, which are recommended plugins to improve the SEO performance of a WordPress site.

There are also articles dealing with specific topics related to the use of WordPress, such as displaying the current date as well as advice on adding Bing Maps to a WordPress site without using a plugin.


The “Events” category of the Korleon’Biz blog presents the various web and SEO events in which the members of the agency participate. These events can take different forms, such as conferences or training.

The Korleon’Biz team sometimes intervenes as speakers, giving presentations on topics related to SEO.

SEO tools

In this category, you will find information on the essential tools used in the SEO industry.

For example, one article introduces the new version of Google Search Console, a popular platform for tracking and analyzing a site’s performance in Google’s search results.

Another article presents SEO Tools for Excel, a well-known Excel module in the field of SEO that saves time in certain optimization tasks.

Other articles highlight specific tools, such as Screaming Frog’s SEO Log File Analyzer, a tool for analyzing server logs and how crawlers behave on a site.

There are also articles that offer lists of SEO tools to improve productivity or facilitate the writing of optimized content.

Web writing

The “Web Writing” category of the Korleon’Biz blog offers articles focused on writing, which is an important aspect of the agency.

Indeed, semantics and content are an essential pillar for SEO. In this category dedicated to writing, you will find articles that cover different aspects of web writing.

Among the articles you will find, we have an article that presents the five fundamental principles of web writing and gives advice on how to apply them well.

It explains the key things to consider when writing search engine optimized content.

Another article talks about the qualities needed to get started in web writing. The author, Oriane, shares her experience and highlights the ten essential qualities for success in this field.


The “Monetization” category of the Korleon’Biz blog deals with the different methods and strategies for generating income from your website. It aims to help site publishers optimize their monetization opportunities and maximize their revenue.


This category highlights different aspects of the professional life of the members of the Korleon’Biz team.

You will discover content that highlights the commitment of the Korleon’Biz team to associations and charities.

Other articles in this category refer to special events related to the company, such as the birthday of a member of the Korleon’Biz team or the particularities of teleworking within the company.

Social networks

Do you want to implement a social media strategy for your organization? This category of the Korleon’Biz blog is devoted to social platforms, in particular their use in a marketing strategy.

Thus, you will be able to consult articles that address best practices for optimizing the use of social networks as part of an online visibility strategy.

Does the Korleon’Biz blog accept guest posts?

If you are interested in guest blogging, you can contact the editorial team through their contact page. As we mentioned earlier, Korleon’Biz is a professional blogging platform, focused on digital marketing topics.

Therefore, before submitting your article, make sure that it is related to these themes and that it offers real added value to their readers.

In addition, Korleon’Biz is committed to the quality of its content and ensures that the articles published meet their editorial criteria, particularly in terms of structure, writing style and spelling.

To find other blogs that also accept guest posts, you can browse ourplatform that contains more than 1156 French-speaking sites.

In summary

The Korleon’Biz blog shares articles that you can consult to learn digital marketing. This content ranges from blog posts and guides on specific topics to SEO tools.

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Julien Jiménez, founder ofKorleon’We, is a passionate SEO entrepreneur. SEO specialist, he helps his clients improve their online visibility.

Its offers link buying and selling services to boost SEO. Julien also shares his expertise on social networks and at SEO conferences.

Self-taught, Julien has developed his SEO expertise. Since the creation of Korleon’Biz in 2010, the agency has experienced remarkable growth with 10 employees and an extensive network of sites.

Follow Julien Jimenez on social networksto stay informed of its new hires, searches for service providers and site purchase campaigns. His experience and knowledge make him a key player in SEO and entrepreneurship.

You can reach Julien Jimenez on:

Twitter : Julien Jiménez

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