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Blog | Growth Hackers

Short Description : Growth Hackers

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Check out the Growth Hackers Blog for content on strategies for growing a business

Long Description : Growth Hackers

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The Growth Hackers Blog is an online portal where you can find content on Growth Hacking, a tactic consisting in developing the growth of a company while minimizing costs. The blog provides articles on these tactics as well as case studies to highlight the results of companies using these tactics.

Blog de Growth Hackers

If growth hacking is a generic term for strategies focused solely on growth, it aims to acquire a lot of users with little means.

Growth hacking is therefore essential for both new and old companies if they want to be profitable.

If you do not know how to implement growth hacking to increase the growth of your business, it is fortunately possible to learn the various possible strategies.

The Growth Hackers blog offers many resources on growth hacking that can help you. In this description, we discover this blog and the content it offers.

Introducing the Growth Hackers Blog was founded by Sean Ellis, a pioneer in the field of growth hacking. The site is now owned and operated by GrowthHackers, Inc., a marketing technology company based in San Francisco, California.

The site provides a blog for marketers and entrepreneurs to share ideas, strategies, and case studies related to growth hacking and growing businesses.

The Growth Hackers site is intended as a center for discussion and learning on topics such as marketing, product development, customer acquisition, and more.

It is primarily intended for marketers as well as entrepreneurs wishing to learn more about growth hacking and other strategies to grow their businesses.

This blog is also useful for professionals in related fields, such as product management and business development, who want to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques in these areas.

The Growth Hackers blog covers topics related to growth hacking, including creative and low-cost strategies to develop business growth.

This is content that focuses on how to:

  • Set growth priorities;
  • Identify channels to acquire buyers;
  • Measure the results;
  • Continue to grow.

Some of the main topics discussed on the blog include:

Marketing : The blog offers articles on various marketing strategies and tactics, regardless of the type of marketing.

Product development : With the product at the heart of growth hacking strategies, this blog covers topics related to new product development and launch, including product strategy, user experience design, and product management.

Customer acquisition: The site includes articles on how to acquire and retain customers, including lead generation and customer retention strategies.

Growth hacking : The site focuses on growth hacking, which is a process of rapid experimentation and optimization of marketing and product development efforts to achieve maximum growth.

As for the types of content you will find on the Growth Hackers blog, note that the blog offers articles, case studies, and resources.

The blog posts available on this site are written by experts in the fields related to growth hacking and business growth. We have for example:

4 Content Strategies (and Tips) to Increase Lead Generation : This article discusses various content marketing strategies that businesses can use to generate leads, such as:

  • Creation of valuable and informative content;
  • Use of social platforms for the promotion of content;
  • Use of lead magnets to capture contact information;
  • Etc.

The article also includes tips on how to measure the success of these strategies and how to optimize them for optimal results.

Content Hacks for Enterprise Sales : This article discusses how businesses can use content marketing to drive business sales, including strategies such as:

  • Creation of targeted content for specific buyer personas;
  • Use of customer testimonials to demonstrate the value of the product;
  • Use of webinars;
  • Other interactive content to engage potential customers.

Growth KPIs and Business OKRs – Combining the Two : This article discusses how companies can use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OCRs) to measure and drive growth.

The article covers topics such as how to set meaningful KPIs and OKRs, track progress, and align those metrics with overall business goals.

How to combat rising acquisition costs with subscription : This article discusses how companies can use subscription models to reduce acquisition costs and drive growth.

It covers topics such as designing and implementing a subscription model, marketing and selling subscriptions, and retaining subscribers over the long term.

As for case studies, the blog examines and exposes companies that have successfully applied growth hacking strategies.

Growth Hackers blog metrics

According to the SEOquake tool, the Growth Hackers site metrics are:

Website authority score: 66

Average length of visit: 09 min 34 s

Average bounce rate: 57.36%

Volume of monthly organic traffic: 30.2K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Other Growth Hackers Site Resources

The Growth Hackers site also presents its users with other resources such as guides and a community section.

The guides

The guides on the Growth Hackers site are:

A data-driven approach to growth marketing : This guide offers a step-by-step approach to using data to drive growth marketing efforts.

It covers topics such as setting goals and key performance indicators, collecting and analyzing data, and using data to optimize marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives.

How to Define a Strategy for Your Growth Team – A Step-by-Step Guide for New Startup Leaders : This guide is designed for leaders of growth teams in startups and provides a step-by-step process for defining a growth strategy.

The guide covers topics such as setting growth goals, identifying growth opportunities, and creating a roadmap for growth.

The benefits of a growth team : This guide discusses the benefits of having a dedicated growth team within a company. It covers topics such as the role of a growth team, the benefits of a data-driven approach to growth, and how a growth team can help a business grow.

Go For Growth – How companies can act to get through a crisis : This guide is about how businesses can take action to weather a crisis and emerge stronger.

It covers topics such as how to assess and prioritize risks, communicate with stakeholders, and take advantage of new opportunities that may arise during a crisis.

This guide is designed for professionals who have been hired as a growth manager in a startup and provides advice on how to succeed in this role.

The guide covers topics such as setting goals and priorities, building and managing a growth team, and measuring and reporting on growth.


It is a dedicated community section of the Growth Hackers site that allows marketers and entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas as well as experiences. The community includes discussion forums, events, and other resources.

Accept guest articles or not

The Growth Hackers blog does not publish guest posts, which is why it is not possible to submit articles to this site.

If you are looking for similar sites that accept guest posts, you can use Twaino which offers youa list of over 1156 websites who accept articles in the French-speaking world.

Depending on a given theme, the platform shows you the sites that cover this theme, with their authority score and the number of visitors they generate each month.

In summary

In short, the Growth Hackers blog is a space dedicated to marketers and entrepreneurs who want to inform themselves and learn about growth hacking and other strategies to develop their businesses.

It features blog posts and case studies on topics like marketing, product development, and customer acquisition.

Hoping that the contents of this blog will help you develop the growth of your business, we also suggest that you consult our blog to learn how to develop your online visibility.

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Sean Ellis is the co-author of the bestselling Hacking Growth, published by Crown Books, and available in 16 languages.

This founder ofblog de Growth Hackers a helped set up the initial growth engines of several successful startups. At Uproar and LogMeIn, he led the process from inception to IPO.

Then, he focused on the most important phases of the development of the growth engine of the startups Dropbox, Lookout and Eventbrite. These companies have all achieved multi-billion dollar net worths.

Additionally, he spent several years as the founder and CEO of two venture-backed startups. After that, Sean plunged back into his unique area of ​​expertise: helping startups improve their early growth.

Focusing on one startup at a time, Sean is committed full-time to developing growth based on a solid understanding of the company’s unique product.

When Sean isn’t developing startups, he teaches growth at business schools. He teaches at prestigious schools such as Harvard, UC Berkeley Haas, CKGSB, and Imperial College BS.

He also teaches at INSEAD (France), and through the immersive simulator program GoPractice.

Sean also hosts The Breakout Growth Podcast. With the co-host, they interview business and growth leaders to understand how they operate. Find him on his networksLinkedIn AndTwitter.

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