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Want to learn how to improve the performance of your WordPress site? Check out the WP Rocket blog, a handy site optimization plugin.

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Optimizing a platform and its content is essential for better positioning. However, this is a sometimes difficult task that requires some SEO knowledge. You will have to take into account the structure of the articles, the ease of use of your site or the use of keywords. The WP Rocket blog aims to facilitate the user experience through a plugin on WordPress. blog

The performance of a website is one of the primary concerns of many professionals. Indeed, the speed of navigation and the ease of access to the various contents that are present on a platform are selection criteria among Internet users.

In order to allow developers, e-merchants and bloggers to provide their visitors with such experiences, the company WP Rocket offers them its cache plugin of the same name.

The blog dedicated to this purpose provides more information on the use of this tool. Check out its description here!

Introducing the blog blog was founded in 2013 by friends Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier and Jonathan Buttigieg.

Mainly devoted to the performance of sites hosted on WordPress, the site provides several sections and solutions specifically intended for the theme.

The platform is regularly animated by professionals specialized in web performance around the world.

The articles published are therefore original and relevant. The blog is also interested in natural referencing on WordPress.

The content put online will then help novices to take their first steps and professionals to optimize the speed of their websites.

In addition, it must be said that it is not always easy to optimize a website and its content, especially at the WordPress host.

The co-founders of the blog have therefore been accompanied by other experts, in order to properly meet the expectations of users. These specialists all contribute to a better functioning of the platform.

Among them are Violeta Bru, Maria Camila M., Raelene Morey and Eugénie Delaye. In addition to these people, the animation of the WP Rocket blog is provided by more than 35 experts. They come from all continents around the world and work remotely on the site.

They all work tirelessly to offer Internet users perfect content, respecting SEO rules. blog metrics

Website authority score: 64

Average length of visit : 07:08

Average bounce rate : 56,32 %

Monthly organic traffic volume: 727 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

What are the different categories of the blog?

The authors of the WP-rocket-me blog offer several contents classified in a variety of categories. Let’s find them.

Behind the scenes of WP Rocket

It is always very important to have more information about a tool or a plugin before thinking about using it. Behind the scenes of WP Rocket, you will find all the information about the caching plugin for sites hosted on WordPress and the company.

There is also content on employees, statistics and company news. The blog also highlights new releases and more.


The referencing of a website on WordPress and its content takes into account several elements. On the blog, you will find all the possible solutions to understand these and improve your position on search engines.

Loading time and cache

For a website to be faster, it is important that it has caching. This is an essential point that also improves the user experience and conversions.

Recognizing this, the WP Rocket blog offers several articles to give visitors a better understanding of page speed and caching.

Themes and plugins

The “themes and plugins” category provides useful tips for choosing the best WordPress themes and plugins. With these tips, you’ll get the most out of the tools you select to install.

Other blog resources

The WP Rocket blog is not limited only to these points concerning SEO. It has several other useful resources.


To improve your SEO skills, there is nothing better than talking to experts in the field. The WP Rocket blog has a community called the “Rocketeer Community” which you can of course join.

It is subdivided into several parts, including the Facebook community and those of the developers. We also note the community of translators as well as an affiliate program. All resources are available to help you gain more experience.


The blog has a section dedicated specifically to documentation. This covers almost all aspects of the blog.

It particularly includes articles on optimizing files, contents on using and one-click installation of the WP Rocket cache plugin and many others.


The site also has responsive customer support through which you can reach the team. If you need further information, just contact them by email.

This resource also allows visitors to access video tutorials for installing WP Rocket, if they do not have time to read the user guides. Finally, they can join the company’s Facebook group.


The site also offers a FAQ section containing more than thirty questions and answers. You will probably see a solution to most of the questions that plague your mind.

And if you are not satisfied, just contact customer service using the contact form.


The site also offers a newsletter to all those who wish to receive news published on the blog. You can subscribe to the latter in order to be informed of the latest news from the site.

Does it accept guest posts?

The WP Rocket blog accepts guest posts. However, these must be written by proven authors who are especially knowledgeable in the field of WordPress.

In summary

The WP Rocket blog is an incredible source of information that you should definitely go for. Several types of articles are frequently published to help you make your website faster.

In addition, the tips and tools offered on the blog make it easy for visitors to understand the fundamentals of SE0 on WordPress. Thanks to the content, they will now be able to reference their sites without calling on a connoisseur.

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Blog wp logo is a web platform that was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier. On this knowledge web platform, you will learn more about WP Rocket tool releases and follow several tutorials related to web performance.

Jonathan Butting is the first co-founder of WP Rocket andcomes from the website development environment. It’s about d’a great web performance enthusiast and the idea of ​​co-founding this tool with his friend Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier comes from the fact that no WP plugin satisfied him.

Finally, he is CPO at WP Media. His Linkedin profile is as follows:Jonathan Buttigieg. As for his twitter profile, here it is:@GeekPressFR.

The second co-founder, Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier, is just like the first from the same environment. But on top of that, he is an investor and an entrepreneur. To get an idea of ​​the publications he makes on LinkedIn, you can consult his profile:Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier. On twitter, he also publishes, here is the profile:@jb_ma.

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