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Discover the Evolving SEO blog with its articles on SEO as well as its podcasts and interviews.

Long Description : Evolving SEO

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The Evolving SEO blog is an online portal where you can find articles and podcasts on natural referencing and new SEO trends. With its different categories, this blog offers different types of content and aims to help its readers optimize their sites effectively.

Evolving SEO Blog

SEO errors are often difficult to discover and these errors can even appear on the most popular blogs. Through his blog, Evolving SEO, Dan Shure aims to help site owners identify and fix these errors on their sites.

The blogshare, to this end, numerous contents on the themes of SEO in order to provide practical solutions to its users.

In this description, I invite you to discover the Evolving SEO blog and the content it offers to its visitors. We then discover the other resources of the site.

Presentation of the blog

Evolving SEO is an SEO consulting firm that offers its services to clients around the world. It is led by Principal Consultant Dan Shure.

With his 15 years of experience in the art of propelling businesses to the top through SEO, Dan Shure shares shocking articles on the agency’s blog to help you grow your business online.

The objective ofblog Evolving SEO is to provide SEO information, advice and best practices to help businesses grow through marketing and SEO.

This blog is open to anyone interested in learning more about SEO, whether they are business owners, marketers, or just individuals looking to improve their knowledge in this area.

You will find a lot of content on the Evolving SEO blog, such as:

The Ultimate Rank Checker List: This is a comprehensive list of tools that can be used to track the ranking of a site or specific keywords on search engines like Google.

The main SEO tools we use every day: Here is an overview of the most essential tools that the Evolving SEO team uses on a daily basis to improve the rankings of their clients.

The Evolving SEO blog is structured into several categories to help readers easily find the information they are looking for.

Blog metrics

According to the SEOquake tool, the Evolving SEO blog metrics look like this.

Website authority score: 44

Average length of visit: –

Average bounce rate: –

Monthly organic traffic volume: 325

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the blog

The Evolving SEO blog is organized by category.

The Analytics category

The Analytics category from the Evolving SEO blog is about tracking and analyzing data to better understand the performance of a website or marketing campaign.

Here you’ll find articles that cover a range of analytics-related topics, including:

How to access to Twitter organic statistics : This is a guide on how to access and analyze the organic performance of your Twitter account, including metrics such as impressions, engagement, and clicks.

THE statistics of your Instagram account, data to consider: This article covers the most important stats to track on your Instagram account, including engagement rates, reach, and follower growth.

What is really the 80/20 law and its application to SEO : This article explains the 80/20 principle, also known as the Pareto principle, and how it can be applied to SEO.

This principle states that approximately 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, and this article discusses how this concept can be applied to SEO to prioritize efforts and achieve the greatest impact.

The Content category

The Content category of the Evolving SEO blog is all about creating high-quality, SEO-friendly content that attracts and engages users.

Here are some of the items you can find in this category:

Master your landing page meta descriptions with 15 inspiring examples: This article provides tips and best practices for writing compelling meta descriptions for your landing pages. It also contains 15 inspiring examples to help you get started.

THE metrics are what you get from content, not why you’re creating it: This article argues that content creation shouldn’t be driven by metrics alone. It’s also important to focus on creating valuable and engaging content for your audience.

It discusses the importance of aligning your content strategy with your business goals and how to track the right metrics to measure the success of your content.

Thecategory Experts On The Wire Podcast

If you’re looking to learn more about the world of SEO and hear advice from big names in the industry, then the Experts On The Wire category of the Evolving SEO blog is for you.

This is the blog’s monthly podcast that has already been downloaded over 700,000 times. Dan Shure has interviewed over 100 SEO experts, including John Mueller, Jackie Chu, Kevin Indig, Rand Fishkin, JR Oakes, and more.

Among the episodes not to be missed, you will find:

Acquisition of passive links with authoritative content with Monique: In this episode, Monique Quarles talks about the importance of creating quality content to get links and improve the SEO of her site.

The Worst Technical SEO Mistakes to Avoid with Olga Zarzeczna: Olga Zarzeczna shares in this episode the most common technical SEO mistakes and how to avoid them to improve the SEO of her site.”

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research category of the Evolving SEO blog is dedicated to finding the most effective keywords to target in your content and marketing efforts. As for the articles in this category, you will find:

Find keywords with related searches in Google’s autocomplete : This article explains how to use Google’s autocomplete to find keywords and phrases that are commonly searched for by users.

It provides tips on how to use this feature to generate content ideas and identify new keywords to target.

The Ultimate List of Keyword Research and Management Tools : This is a comprehensive list of tools that can be used to perform keyword research.

It includes free and paid tools and gives a brief overview of the features and benefits of each tool.

6 tips for search operators and the Google Doc Tool: It provides guidance on how to use search operators and Google Doc to find additional keywords and content ideas.

It covers various operators that can be used to narrow your search and find more specific results, as well as how to use the Google Doc tool to organize and manage your keyword list.

The Local/Small Biz category

The Local SEO category of the Evolving SEO blog caters specifically to small businesses and covers topics such as local SEO and online marketing strategies for these businesses.

In this category you will find the following content:

The Local SEO Opportunity in 7 Steps & Screencast : In this article, the author provides a step-by-step guide on how to assess the potential for local SEO success for a particular business or location.

The article includes a screencast that demonstrates the process and provides tips on how to identify opportunities and prioritize efforts.

Steps include keyword research, analysis of local search results, and competition assessment. The article also discusses tools and resources that can be helpful in this process.

The Social Media Category

The Social Media category of the Evolving SEO blog covers topics related to social media marketing and how it can be integrated with SEO.

You will discover how social media can help your SEO. In this category, the blog also shares tips on how you can post engaging content on social platforms.

Likewise, you’ll find tips on how to use social media to build connections, and how to track and measure the success of your social media efforts.


The Strategy category of the Evolving SEO blog includes articles that focus on various effective SEO strategies that you can implement on your site.

With supporting examples, the blog shows you the strategies that are already working and how you can implement them on your site.

Technical SEO

The Technical SEO category of the Evolving SEO blog covers topics related to technical SEO, which is nothing but the practice of optimizing the technical parts of your site.

These include items related to the speed of your site, its mobile friendliness, and other factors such as ease of crawl and structured data.

You will also discover content on common technical errors to avoid in SEO such as duplicate content, broken links and the inappropriate use of redirects.

The contents of this category will also teach you how to identify these errors through an audit, if you are already making them.

the Tools category

The Tools category of the Evolving SEO blog features well-detailed articles on SEO tools, analytics tools, and marketing tools that can help you grow your online presence.

The site, for example, gives you a comprehensive list of tools that can be used for various aspects of SEO, including keyword research, website analysis, and link building.

You will discover both paid and free tools as well as brief overviews of these tools.

Other resources on the site

This section includes additional resources from the Evolving SEO site.


Evolving SEO propose des SEO training sessions through which Dan Shure intends to help companies fix optimization errors.

This training is intended for business owners who are looking to better train their internal staff in SEO, so that they can then implement it more consistently.

It is also for people who want to train to do SEO for others.

Third-party article and interview resources

In addition to its resources, Evolving SEO offers articles from other blogs like Moz. You will discover popular articles from well-implemented blogs in the SEO industry.

You will also find in this section all the articles guest articles available on the blog as well as interviews and podcasts of the site.

Accept guest articles or not

The Evolving SEO blog accepts guest posts. The site also devotes a section to guest posts published on its blog. You can thus submit your guest articles to the sites for publication.

Note, however, that the articles you must submit to this site must address the topics that this blog covers.

Also, if you are looking for other sites to submit guest posts to, you can check outthis list of sites that accept guest posts offered by Twaino.

You can browse this list by entering a specific keyword. You immediately discover the sites that cover this kind of theme as well as their authority score and the number of monthly visits.


In short, the Evolving SEO blog is a blog for people looking to develop their SEO skills or find actionable SEO resources.

The blog offers everything from blog posts to podcasts, guides and interviews. This means that readers can find various types of content and themes, especially since the site covers several categories.

Hoping that this description can help you to exploit the resources of this blog, you can also check out our blog if your goal is to learn SEO.

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Presentation : Evolving SEO

Blog Evolving Seo Logo

Dan Shure is the mastermind behind thesite d’Evolving SEO, a company specializing in SEO consulting and headquartered in Massachusetts.

The author of this blog, Dan Shure, is now an expert SEO consultant. With his 15 years of experience, he publishes informative articles and offers training on SEO.

These articlespublished regularly on its site generally provide information on the strategies and techniques to be used for the creation of reliable content. These will allow companies to better position themselves in search engines.

Similarly, on the Evolving SEO site, you will find podcasts broadcast by the specialist Dan Shure himself. These files are free and will allow you to better understand all the parameters of natural referencing.

However, note that Dan Shure created his first platforms more than ten years ago after learning to use HTML formatting in Adobe Dreamweaver software.

He first earned his living as a musician and gave full-time piano lessons. At the same time, he develops skills in the creation of e-commerce sites. This is where he discovered the challenges of SEO and decided to integrate it into the administration of his platforms.

He gradually created his Evolving SEO company as well as the dedicated blog. Dan Shure is available for all SEO services. You can contact him via email at:

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