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Would you like to deepen or refresh your knowledge of digital marketing? If so, discover the articles and advice from Cibleweb blog

Long Description : Cibleweb

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Cibleweb blog represents an online library that covers several topics related to Google Adwords, SEO (SEO and SEM), social media and many other interactive web topics. Bringing together various informative articles, practical guides and above all advice as well as valuable tips on these subjects, this blog comes at the right time to name professionals and brands. Especially if he wants to increase their visibility and get good traffic.

Description of Targetweb blog

It is no longer a secret to the world that online marketing represents the future of business regardless of the sector of activity. For this good reason, it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest trends relating to this industry.

Likewise, knowing new tricks and discovering new ideas to establish the right strategy to stand out in the plethora of professionals remains the sure way to make a good turnover. But how to achieve this?

The answer to this question is found in the blogs that constantly address the subject and other themes that are complementary to it. Immediately, one of these blogs that comes to mind is that of Cibleweb. Let’s discover ipso facto its universe, its metrics and its categories.

Presentation of the Cibleweb blog

Publishing content for over 15 years,Cibleweb blog intends to support SMEs and web professionals in the performance of their digital communication. For this reason, Cibleweb’s experts offer interesting advice, excellent tips and current news in e-marketing and e-commerce with a single objective.

That of helping all players in the interactive web scene to effectively develop their online presence. The topics developed in the multitude of articles shared on the blog often revolve around the following themes:

  • Creation of merchant websites;
  • SEO and SEA ;
  • Social media platforms…

Note that these themes are not the only ones addressed in the blog. You will also discover content that addresses best practices in terms of web marketing.

But is it a blog with strong authority? At what value can we estimate the number of visitors to the blog? All the answers are offered to you just below.

Cibleweb blog main metrics

Speaking of metrics, we notify you that they have been provided thanks to the SEOquake extension. Specifically, these are the following:

    • Authority Score: 29
  • Monthly organic traffic:4,64 k
  • Duration of visit: —
  • Average Bounce Rate:100,01 %

In addition, note that this data was noted during the creation of the article you are reading. The next minute or hour, these metrics, even if they remain credible, can vary. These measurements are therefore approximate. What should you know about the categories that form the architecture of this blog?

Categories of Cibleweb blog

The articles published by Cibleweb’s experts are classified in the categories that we have put in the form of a list. It is :

Web marketing

You know why some professionals like web marketing better than traditional marketing. Well, without a doubt, web marketing gives the power to target a more specific audience and effectively measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Still, you need to know in what ways they achieve this. If you are one of those professionals who for the moment cannot master all the elements to which web marketing refers, then this category will suit you.

Within it, discover many ideas, practical advice and valuable tips to be able to become a master in web marketing. Of course, if you’re a beginner or looking for specific answers on particular topics, then the guides in the category will point you in the right direction.


For this category, the experts of Cibleweb blog discuss in the articles they have brought together in the section, two important e-marketing techniques. It’s about :

  • SEO and

By offering these articles, they seek to support you in your visibility and help you get quality traffic to your site. You will therefore see several practical tips as well as valuable tips on how to effectively exploit these two marketing techniques.

Note that explanatory content awaits you to better understand the issues and challenges of these two techniques. Finally, some mini-guides remain introduced in the category to teach you some SEO realities (SEO, SEM).

Google Adwords 

Google Adwords remains powerful. But how powerful it is depends on how you use it. Even if you believe you have mastered this tool, allow us to doubt it, just a little.

Indeed, this tool remains so important in marketing that its use must be well understood if you want to stand out on this search engine. Within this category, you have practical guides and several explanatory contents that bring you new information on the multiple options it offers.

Finally, what remains pleasant in this category is perceived by its usefulness for beginners in advertisements or Google ads. In fact, you can know everything about Google Adwords, its purpose, its usefulness, its performance, in short, everything you need to start or deepen your knowledge of the subject.

Social media 

We were talking about Google Adwords for a moment, but another powerful tool is social media. Within this category, you have several contents that revolve around the theme of social networks and marketing.

Discover by exploring this one, tips and valuable techniques to control the power of these platforms in order to better integrate them into your marketing strategies. Interesting guides on how to gain visibility through these media are waiting for you there.


Our e-mails are not only used to send personal messages. At least, with professionals like you, they can be used for several things. But the best known trick if you are a marketing professional is still sending promotional or informative emails to a personal contact list. A known case is the Newsletter.

Although there are other cases, the concept remains the same. If you’re new to emailing and don’t really know much about it, maybe you should explore this category.

Several practical tips and new ideas will allow you to better understand the substance of emailing. To these are attached guides to know the maneuver to put in place for your next campaigns.

E-commerce news

What if we were talking about e-commerce? No doubt this question would represent a perfect synonym of the name of the category. Since precisely within the latter, it is only the latest news of the moment concerning e-commerce.

More precisely, read the latest trends regarding Amazon and many other marketplaces. Advice and informative articles regarding e-commerce also remain available.

Definition of the day 

Admit it, this is a rather original category name that clearly reflects what this one is about. But for there to be a better understanding, it is necessary to know what you will find concretely in the definition of the day.

These are hardly definitions of the style, a sentence or two followed by examples. Indeed, it is a simple definition illustrated by an image and which offers the essential to know about the term to be defined. In this way, the reading remains more interesting, more instructive and easy to remember. What to fill his old knowledge about the subject.

Tips of the week

If defining the day isn’t really your forte, you might want to know the tips of the week. It should be noted that the name of this category illustrates the substance of the topics covered by the articles. You will therefore find several tips on:

  • The way to quickly reach the zero position;
  • Carrying out a complete or in-depth analysis of Facebook statistics;
  • The success of his YouTube channel;
  • The smart campaigns of the Google Adwords display network…

Tantalizing advice, isn’t it? Many other tips await you in this category. Just find the topic that interests you and search the category to receive and apply the tips of the week.

The Tips of the week category is the latest from Cibleweb blog. Let’s see what other resources the website has to offer.

Cibleweb: what about the other resources available?

Achievements and customer cases, these are the other resources available on the Cibleweb site. More precisely, it is a list of projects carried out by the team behind Cibleweb. By leaving them openly on the site, she offers you to see her expertise and to inspire you for your own projects. Remember to take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Does Cibleweb blog allow guest posts?

Although it is rich in content, it must be believed that this blog has a few principles which oblige it for the moment not to allow the publication of guest posts. Nevertheless, our agency offers a unique resource.

This is the grouping of at least 1000 French and English blogs which authorize the publication of guest posts. Access to this resource remains free and available through this link:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR / EN].

In summary

Cibleweb blog is a valuable online resource that offers several remarkably informative and explanatory content. You also have valuable tips and practical guides to effectively manage all concerns related to Google, SEO and web marketing. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will get the information you want.

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Presentation : Cibleweb

Blog Cible Web Logo

GuilhemGleizesEast the founder the Web agency CibleWeb, created in 2001 and based in Languedoc-Roussillon and the Iziflux software, marketplace flow manager.

He created the agency with the aim of supporting SMEs in the development of their visibility and their online business strategy for 15 years.

From a team of two people at the start, todayGuilhem Gleizes is surrounded bya team of 25 passionate about different aspects of web marketing.

With more than 20 years of experience in the web business,Guilhem Gleizes has become an expert in supporting companies or professionals in strategies for:

  • Rreferencing, emailing;
  • Social media ;
  • Management of your presence on marketplaces.

It shares content rich in valuable information fromnews in the field of digital marketing on his LinkedIn profile:Guilhem Gleizes

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