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Short Description : Balmer

Blog Balmer Mise en avant

What does Balmer’s blog inspire in you? What do its experts say about e-marketing? Discover all this and many other topics in the description.

Long Description : Balmer

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Balmer’s blog represents an online portal that in its particularity brings together informative articles, valuable guides and expert advice on digital marketing. Moreover, valuable tips and interesting ideas about this industry are also available. Finally, there are the valuable case studies of the Balmer agency which can inspire everyone.

Description of Balmer’s blog

Balmer’s blog is owned by Balmer Agency, a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency. Since 2014, this agency has been offering services relating to social media marketing, digital marketing, content creation, etc.

But for sure, what interests us right away is his blog, a wealth of informative articles, proven advice, practical guides that can be of interest to all professionals and even companies. By continuing to read, you will have better details on this rather interesting blog.

Introducing Balmer’s Blog

Thebalmer’s blog is a truly valuable resource for marketers and communicators in Australia and around the world for that matter. Informative articles written by industry experts are regularly published on the latter. These articles cover several web 2.0 topics, including:

  • The brand strategy;
  • Le marketing digital ;
  • Social media ;
  • Content creation;
  • Public relations…

In addition, interesting tips, how-to guides and interviews with industry leaders in Australia remain available on Balmer’s blog. Through this blog, Balmer’s experts seek to help professionals and companies get involved in the best trends and opportunities related to marketing and communication.

Balmer’s blog also remains a sure way for readers to keep up to date with news from the Balmer agency and its projects. But, does the blog have a good reputation among these readers? What is his authority score at the moment? Regarding these two questions, here are some key details.

Balmer’s main blog metrics

Here are the metrics from this blog:

    • Site Authority Score: 22
  • Monthly organic traffic: —
  • Duration of visit: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

Regarding the metrics, we would like to point out that they were provided by the SEOquake extension. Also, these are figures taken during the writing of this description. At any time, they may vary. Consequently, these data remain approximate. Categories, on the other hand, do not.

Categories available on Balmer’s blog

Balmer’s blog has classified these articles into several categories in order to orient you more quickly in the choice of content to choose and read. Here they are.


Some visitors like the name of this category. This can be you or another visitor who prefers an overview so that they can choose the article that is most relevant to them.

Indeed, within the category, you can get an idea of ​​all the articles available on Balmer’s blog. Moreover, it groups the articles of the other categories of the blog. In particular, the following:

  • Agency News;
  • Asian Marketing ;
  • Culture ;
  • Marketing Insights.

That way, in addition to the full set of articles, you can see expert advice from Balmer experts that you may choose to adopt if they remain compelling. Also, some important tips and guides remain available for a more global view.

Agency News

Like any self-respecting blog, Balmer’s sometimes deals with current news relating to his agency. In fact, through this category, the experts of Balmer’s Blog show how Balmer, the founder of the blog, manages these two lives: the personal life and the professional life.

We are human and we have certain values. Thus, whatever the work, the human relationship and the family remain essential. That’s probably why you’ll see inspiring interviews about Balmer and his two lives.

Asian Marketing 

EBeing faithful to one’s origins will always remain honourable, no offense to the rare people who think otherwise. For this category, you have informative, quite informative and enjoyable to read articles about digital marketing.

Long story short, in this category you can find useful information about starting a marketing profession in Asia. Up-to-date news and current affairs remain open for you to understand how to manage your career if you are in the cutthroat world of digital marketing in Asia.

Finally, practical cases and proven advice, not to mention their guides, await you. In your place, we will take the trouble to waste a lot of time exploring this category. Especially if you are a beginner. As for the pros, you’ll have new approaches to sharpen your business acumen.


ANDamazing for a blog from a digital marketing agency. We grant you our astonishment too. But for sure, know that this category only supports the second category of the blog. Good on top of a new fact.

Indeed, Balmer is a woman, and her sensitivity, her responsibility and her leadership are felt thanks to this category. You can consider the section as its favorites in general and mainly the emancipation or enhancement of the fairer sex.

Marketing Insights 

No doubt, she may be a woman, she knows her job and it is to manage her business. We think if you explore this category, you will exclaim as well.

You should know that in this category, you have valuable advice and really practical guides to have new marketing ideas. So, whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will enjoy reading many of the articles in this category.

Not only do you have informative articles, valuable tips and new inspirations can emerge from this flood of marketing experiences. You’ll find topics like:

  • L’e-mail marketing ;
  • Electronic commerce;
  • Social media management (especially);
  • SEO (also)…

So what are you waiting for? We think you will certainly be happy that we described Balmer’s blog to you. Speaking of which, if you want to know if outside of this blog, Balmer’s website has other great resources, keep reading.

What other interesting resources are there besides Balmer’s blog?

This is a remarkably relevant question. Without any transition, know that the other resources available on the blog remain for the moment the case studies that we like to call Case studies.

Indeed, the Balmer agency has worked on many projects. These are left to you for free so you can see all of their expertise. Of course, the results they have obtained by using various marketing strategies tailored to each project are also included.

As such, you can immerse yourself in it to see other new ideas dock in your genius ideas. The approaches used can be a source of benefit to you. It is therefore a more than interesting resource. That said, do Balmer and his team of experts allow the publication of guest content on their blog?

Guest blogging and Balmer’s blog

Well, the blog remains quite provided in content. However, it belongs to the agency. It can therefore be described as a private blog between claws. What you should know is that Balmer’s blog remains in the category of blogs that do not currently practice guest blogging.

Aware that not all blogs that deal with web marketing or SEO allow the publication of guest content, we have helped you. How ? Well, we provide you with a platform, otherwiseour platform which brings together at least 1000 French and English blogs which authorizes it. You should also know that this platform is frequently updated to help you.

In summary

In short, Balmer’s blog remains a resource in its own right. Although two of these categories do not directly address issues related to digital marketing, the others are all the opposite. Tips, tricks, ideas and case studies on digital marketing, here are the valuable resources that this blog offers you.

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Presentation : Balmer

Blog Balmer Logo

Sarah Balmer is the CEO and founder of the agencyBlame located in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked in the field of digital marketing for over 20 years and her experiences cover all facets of a digital marketing strategy, website development and social media marketing.

Through the Balmer blog, the agency distributes informative articles, helpful guides, and reliable recommendations on digital marketing, covering a wide range of concepts.

Sarah Balmer personally handles sensitive issues by providingvaluable advice and interesting ideas on various concepts discussed on the site. In order to inspire other companies or professionals in the same field as him, she also shares some case studies.

Sarah Balmer is an expert in her field and she never stops innovating and bringing more value to these readers by providing through her blogvaluable resources to deepen your knowledge of marketing and digital communication. His articles cover a variety of web 2.0 topics, such as:

  • Branding ;
  • digital marketing;
  • social media ;
  • content creation;
  • public relations, among others.

Through this blog, Sarah Balmer strives to help specialists and companies gain knowledge about the latest trends and opportunities in the field of marketing and communication.

To find out more about the agency, you can contact the CEO by:

Above Balmer

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