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Podcast | Scotch and World Domination – La Tranchée: podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs

Podcast | Scotch and World Domination – La Tranchée: podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs

Short Description : BaladoQuebec


Discover BaladoQuebec, your directory of podcasts from Quebec. Explore a multitude of topics to feed your curiosity.

Long Description : BaladoQuebec


BaladoQuebec is a valuable resource for those looking to discover new podcasts or learn more about their favorite podcasts. Every podcast onBaladoQuebec offers a unique perspective on its subject. Which allows listeners to deepen their knowledge and discover new ideas.


Are you looking for new perspectives to broaden your listening horizon? Explore BaladoQuébec’s podcast directory.

With a variety of topics covered by experts, this platform offers a wealth of information. By browsing these podcasts, you will discover new ideas and deepen your knowledge.

In this article, we will discover in detail the universe ofBaladoQuebec and everything it offers. Prepare yourself for an enriching and captivating listening experience. Good discovery !

Presentation of the podcast

BaladoQuebec is a directory of Quebec podcasts. It offers podcasts on several topics. An example of a podcast onBaladoQuebec is the one “In 5 minutes Podcast“.

The latter broadcasts a weekly 5-minute episode every day at 6 a.m. It deals with scientific subjects inspired by pages published in the Magazine de Montréal.

The show is produced and presented by Charles Trahan, with the participation of Baptiste Zapirain, Benjamin Bourque and Hélène Laurin.

Themes covered byBaladoQuebec

BaladoQuebec offers a wide variety of podcasts that cover many topics.

Science and technology

In the field oftechnology, podcastsBaladoQuébec allow listeners to stay up to date on the latest scientific discoveries and technological advances.

They also allow complex topics to be explored in an accessible and engaging way.

Real estate

For those interested in the marketreal estate, BaladoQuebec offers podcasts that provide valuable information. Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to real estate, these podcasts can help you understand:

  • Market trends;
  • Investment strategies;
  • And the challenges facing real estate professionals.


BaladoQuebec is also a great resource for music lovers. It offers severalmusic podcasts Who :

  • Explore different genres;
  • Discuss the history of music;
  • And feature artists from all backgrounds.

Quebec television

If you are a fan of theQuebec television, BaladoQuebec has a lot to offer too. Podcasts that discuss popular television shows, provide episode analysis, and explore the impact of these shows on Quebec culture.


For lovers ofsport, BaladoQuebec offers a variety of podcasts that cover a wide variety of sports including:

  • Football ;
  • Basketball ;
  • Hockey ;
  • Tennis ;
  • Athleticism ;
  • Or any other sport.

Culture and society

BaladoQuebec also offers a variety of podcasts that explore various aspects ofculture and society.

These podcasts offer reflections on:

  • The story ;
  • Politics ;
  • The religion;
  • Art ;
  • Literature ;
  • The philosophy ;
  • Etc.

They offer an in-depth exploration of how we live, how we interact with each other, and how our societies and cultures have evolved over time.

Availability and episode structures

BaladoQuebec is an online platform that hosts a multitude of podcasts. Episodes of these podcasts are available directly on thesite ofBaladoQuebec. You can stream episodes or download them to listen offline.

Episode structure varies depending on the specific podcast. Some podcasts may have episodes structured around a specific theme, while others may have a more loose structure.

For example, the podcast “The Video Game Assembly” discusses video game news and features games they have played. On the other hand, the podcast “Oyster mushrooms” offers friendly discussions with Sylvain.

Their duration may also vary. Some podcasts may have shorter episodes, ideal for quick listening, while others may have longer episodes for more in-depth discussion.

Recent podcasts fromBaladoQuebec

Here are the most recent episodes that have been shared on the podcastBaladoQuebec.

1. The Videogame assembly. – Volume 103

This podcast is dedicated to the world of video games. In episode 103, they discuss gaming news and show off games they’ve played recently, like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Sovereign Syndicate, and Rising Lords.

2. Oyster Mushrooms S2 episode 30

Les Pleurotes is a podcast hosted by Jack (Pascal Jacob) and Mike (Michel Marier). In episode 30 of season 2, they join Sylvain in his adopted country for a series of friendly discussions.

3. Troll King Podcast – Episode January 2024 – Freedom Force, Metal Combat

This podcast highlights three video games to explore and discusses the latest news in the world of video games. The games featured in this episode are Freedom Force, Metal Combat, and Xevious.

4. Turcotte interchange | Ep. 39 Suicide prevention, with Mélanie Lapierr

This is a discussion between Pierre Turcotte and other panelists to exchange, develop and reflect on different social issues. Episode 39 focuses on suicide prevention, with the participation of Mélanie Lapierr.

In summary

BaladoQuebec offers a variety of exciting Quebec podcasts, covering topics such as science, real estate, music, television, sports, culture and society.

The themes covered are diverse. It’s more than just a podcast directory. It is a learning community, a source of inspiration, and a way to explore new ideas and perspectives.

The episodes are available for streaming on the websiteBaladoQuebec, with the possibility of downloading them for offline listening.

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Presentation : BaladoQuebec


BaladoQuebec is an essential platform for podcast lovers in Quebec, which offers a vast repertoire of varied and captivating audio content.

As the author of the BaladoQuebec Podcast, this platform stands out for its ability to bring together a multitude of voices and subjects under one roof, ranging from culture and society to education, including leisure and technology.

With an open and inclusive approach, BaladoQuebec addresses a broad audience who seeks to satisfy the curiosity and diverse interests of its listeners.

Whether you are passionate about the arts, comedy, science, or sport, BaladoQuebec offers you direct access to quality podcasts that will enrich your daily life.

The strength of BaladoQuebec lies in its dynamic community of content creators and engaged listeners, making this platform a lively space for exchange and sharing.

As the author of the BaladoQuebec Podcast, the platform plays a crucial role in promoting podcast culture in Quebec, contributing to the visibility and success of local podcasts.

BaladoQuebec thus positions itself as a key player in the audio media ecosystem in Quebec, which offers a window open to a world of discoveries and constantly renewed learning.


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