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Blog | Blogging Pro

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Discover in this article the blog of Blogging Pro, a website entirely dedicated to the creation of online blogs and the monetization of the latter.

Long Description : Blogging Pro

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The Blogging Pro blog is a platform that was created to guide Internet users in creating their online blog. The site includes a multitude of content and resources intended to enlighten novices who are taking their first steps in the field. They can also, thanks to the various guides, learn how to earn money thanks to theircontent.

Blog de Blogging Pro

Today, a simple internet search is enough to find answers to any question. Information is available to everyone at the click of a button.

This ease of access to information is partly due to the existence of a multitude of blogs online. Indeed, the latter are diversified and each deal with a variety of subjects.

Of course, since there are blogs focused on these themes, some also offer to help beginners create and make their first online blog profitable.

TheBlogging Pro platform has the sole objective of helping Internet users to understand and master the different steps necessary to create an online blog. Discover a description of its categories, its resourcesand its metrics.

Introducing the Blogging Pro Blog

The Blogging Pro site is entirely dedicated to the means and methods of creating an online blog.

There are several contents on the platform indicating the different processes for setting up a blog. These articles cover in detail how to launch your site from choosing the domain to getting more traffic and revenue.

The Blogging Pro site has a very smooth interface that is very easy to use. In addition, the articles on the site are written in such a way as to facilitate the understanding of different readers.

In addition, the Blogging Pro platform specializes in blogging guides on the net. This is quite a complex topic.

As a result, the various authors and contributors involved in writing the content of the site are themselves specialists in the field.

Some of the main authors of the site include: Ionut, Damjan Milenkovic, John Hughes, Karol k, Davis Porter and Martin. These are just the main contributors to the Blogging Pro site.

What are the different Blogging Pro blog metrics?

Here are Blogging Pro’s blog metrics:

Website authority score : 30

Average length of visit : 06:21

Average bounce rate : 54,63 %

Monthly organic traffic volume : 25.6K

These data are by no means definitive. They are approximate and vary over time.

Overview of the different Blogging Pro blog categories

Generally, blog articles are classified into several categories to facilitate navigation for Internet users.

However, articles on the Blogging Pro site are not published by sections or topics. The contents present on the platform relate in one way or another to the creation of websites on the net.

Other resources on the Blogging Pro site?

The blog is not the only resource available to the Blogging Pro platform. The site also provides visitors with several other resources to support them in their blogging adventure.

Blogging jobs

The blogging jobs section includes a variety of blogging job ads. Visitors can view blogging-related job postings and apply to those that interest them.

Thus, failing to create their own website, they can become a blogger on sites belonging to other people.

About us

The About us section contains information about the Blogging Pro site. It includes the history of the site, the reason for its success, its purpose, etc.


As the name suggests, the contact section includes the various means by which you can contact the team behind the site. These include social media and contact form links. On this page, you can discover books on blogging.

Does the Blogging Pro blog accept guest posts?

Guest posts allow online blogs to mutually benefit from the audience of the partner site to gain visibility and increase its audience.

It is a fairly well-known strategy in the SEO field and several blogs use it. However, Blogging Pro is not one of the sites that employs this strategy. It therefore does not accept guest articles.

In summary

The Blogging Pro blog is a very informative platform that presents guides and tips for setting up an online blog. Moreover, the articles present on the site are very useful and written in a way that makes it easy for the readers to understand.

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BloggingPro has been helping bloggers and freelancers since 2006, providing a variety of services and strategies to improve their blogging skills and help everyone in the process.

In effect,BloggingPro specializes in sharing A-Z guides for online blogging, a complex subject that requires the expertise of site authors and contributors.

The main contributors to the siteBloggingPro are Ionut, Damjan Milenkovic, John Hughes, Karol K, Davis Porter and Martin, all experts in their respective fields.

This is a total of 25 employees within the agencyBloggingPro with a turnover of more than 5 million dollars since its inception.

There are plenty of informative posts on the platform that explain in detail the steps of starting a blog, from selecting a domain name to increasing traffic and revenue.

Plus, there’s a comprehensive course designed for both newbie bloggers and people looking for current and effective blogging tips and tactics. You can contact themhere.

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