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Short Description : MacRAE'S

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Check out MacRAE’s blog for informative articles and SEO and web marketing tips and make a name for yourself in one of these industries.

Long Description : MacRAE'S

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MacRAE’s Blog is an online portal that covers a wide range of issues, primarily encompassing marketing (in all its forms), SEO and content marketing. You also have at your disposal tips and informative content about these sectors of the web. Plus, aside from the blog, you have other resources including case studies and infographics.

MacRAE’S Blog Description

If you want to have good online visibility, you need to design a relevant website. And it is quite a long process that materializes over time. This process goes through its creation, management, marketing and optimization.

Thus, feeding on the advice and tips of professionals who master all these aspects of the subject remains beneficial. One of these professionals represents the entire team behind MacRAE’S blog. By exploring the latter, you will discover how it can remain an essential resource for you.

Introducing the MacRAE’S Blog

Themacrae’s blog is a platform specialized in digital marketing. Contributors to the latter regularly share tips and advice to help businesses and professionals:

  • Improve their online notoriety and
  • Effectively achieve their marketing objectives.

Articles published by MacRAE’s experts mainly revolve around the following topics:

  • THIS;
  • Advertising on social media;
  • Webdesign of e-commerce sites;
  • Marketing (par email, inbound…)

With decades of experience, MacRAE’s blog remains a reliable source of information that can help you in the business world. In the e-marketing industry, you will also find in this blog ideas and new strategies to impose yourself.

But what about these visitors and their behavior? As the numbers speak best, we have provided some metrics that will allow you to judge the quality of this English blog.

Top MacRAE’S Blog Metrics

AT Speaking of the metrics in this blog, here are the ones we’re interested in:

    • Site Authority Score: 16
  • Monthly organic traffic:4,69 k
  • Duration of visit:03 minutes 17 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:96,31 %

It should be noted that these figures were gathered using the SEOquake plugin. Also, they remain summary since it is data that can vary at any time. The ones you just saw were suggested while we were writing the article.

Having read these blog metrics, it would be so much to describe its main categories.

MacRAE’S Main Blog Categories

Several categories structure the blog, but among these, here is the list of the main ones.

Content marketing 

It is impossible to approach the web marketing industry without talking about content marketing. In this category of the MacRAE’S blog you will find tips and informative articles on content marketing. The latest news of the moment are also available.

If you want to create impactful SEO content, for example, well, we recommend that you read the content that is gathered in this category.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing sounds like the center of the world in the current era. No one doubts it anymore. But precisely being the center of this era, knowing the best practices can benefit all those who experiment on a daily basis.

In this section, you have these practices. In addition, you have SEO tips that help you improve your digital marketing efforts. More than interesting news from this industry remains available so that you can prepare for the changes that are coming.

Inbound marketing 

Getting too serious about marketing can sometimes kill marketing. Very often, it is better to tell a story to sell. However, this also requires technicality and a certain knowledge of inbound marketing.

With this category brought to you by the MacRAE’S blog team, you’ll find how-to articles that show you how. Tactics and approaches are also waiting for you.

Link building

Link building is one of the key factors of technical SEO. This is an absolute fact in SEO. However, how to develop a remarkable backlinks strategy? What advice can be useful?

If any of these questions are on your mind, know that concrete answers are still available if you explore this category.

PPC Management

If running a paid advertising campaign remains a bit complex for you, then the good mindset is to do some research on the subject. Speaking of which, if you have no satisfaction after searching on Google, maybe you would like to explore this category.

Within it, you have informative articles, advice that tackles the issue extensively. You can come up with some pretty engaging ideas and draw inspiration from them for your next PPC campaign.

Press Release 

In case you don’t know, the blog is owned by MacRAE’S, a B2B marketing and information services provider. This one through this category shares information about MacRAE’S. Be aware of the advances and new experiences of the agency.


We agree that SEO helps to generate traffic on your website, but of course, provided you establish the right strategy. So in SEO, the real concern remains first of all the development of the maneuver to follow.

Often difficult to establish well, only advice and explanations can help you get out of it. To get them, remember to read the contents of this category.


Currently, a debate is gaining more and more momentum. It is about the role of AI in the creation of content, its ever-growing impact on web businesses.

In this category, you have tips and tricks to stand out from AI technologies. In addition to this, you have current news about Google.

Web Design & Development

This category deals with the design as well as the development of websites. More precisely e-commerce websites. If you are starting in this sector, you absolutely must read the articles in the category.

Not only do they remain informative and detailed, you will discover practical guides for beginners. With this category, become an ace in the creation of e-commerce sites.

For this blog, here are the small presentations that we can make concerning its categories. Now, let’s discuss the additional resources available on MacRAE’s blog site.

Other resources available on the MacRAE’S blog site

Other resources available on this site outside of the blog are:


This resource brings together a large number of case studies of operations orchestrated by the digital service provider MacRAE’S with these many customers.

By having an idea of ​​each of these operations, you can draw inspiration from them to increase your chances of developing a good web marketing strategy.


For fans of informative images, this resource will serve you. This is a list of infographics that address many questions related to:

  • Marketing digital ;
  • To natural referencing;
  •  Google…

These infographics remain extremely detailed with visuals and colors that encourage reading.

Now that you’ve read about these other resources, we want to let you know if the blog allows guest posting.

Does MacRAE’S blog do guest blogging?

MacRAE’S Blog does not accept guest content for posting on its website. Therefore, he does not practice guest blogging. This may have as an explanation, the fact that the MacRAE’S team prefers to concentrate on its own services.

That said, if you’re looking for a list of blogs that accept guest posting, you can visit this resource owned by us:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary

The MacRAE’S blog represents a significant source of information to consider if you want to deepen your knowledge in the main sectors of the web such as content marketing, SEO, web design…

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Presentation : MacRAE'S

Blog MacRAE_S Logo

MacRAE’S is an agency created byHugh Owen, for about 20 years and based in the city of Toronto in Canada.The objective behind this agency is to helplB2B and B2C companies to expand their online presence and multiply their customer acquisitions.

Hughes Owen atsubsequently set up the blogMacRAE’S in order to share with its prospects or professionals various topics on web marketing, in particular on the different forms of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

With his talent, he also shares tested ideas and reliable recommendations on these different notions in order to help companies and experts improve their digital image and successfully achieve their marketing objectives.

This content mainly focuses on the following topics:

  • Advertising on social media
  • E-commerce website design
  • Various marketing practices (e-mail, inbound…)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hugues Owen has always been able to capture the attention of his subscribers by offering more enriching content, additional resources such as case studies.

To learn more about Hugues Owen, you can reach him by:


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