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Blog | Jeff Bullas  

Blog | Jeff Bullas  

Short Description : Jeff Bullas

Blog Jeff Bullas Mise en avant

Discover the tips and SEO guides available on Jeff Bullas’ blog to improve your level in these sectors.

Long Description : Jeff Bullas

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Jeff Bullas’ blog is a web platform that brings together techniques, tips and SEO and marketing advice to improve you in these two sectors. You can also find in this blog several ultimate guides for digital beginners.


Description of Jeff Bullas’ Blog

For a good management of an online business, it is necessary to adapt to the latest trends in the digital marketing and SEO industry. Because these two industries are the key to having an excellent turnover.

This assumes that you should always seek out tips and advice to improve yourself even further. But this is only possible by reading blogs that cover the most essential aspects of these industries.

Speaking of blogs, that of Jeff Bullas is a concrete example that can inspire you through his really informative and reliable articles. To have more details about this blog and the topics covered in its categories, you can continue reading.

Introducing Jeff Bullas’ Blog

Jeff Bullas’ blog began sharing content on its web platform from the year 2009, thus symbolizing its foundation.

This blog is precisely an informative website that offers articles that deal with digital marketing, online business or SEO. Indeed, you have in this blog all the elements you need if you want to evolve quickly in the digital world.

Adapt to the latest trends related to all these sectors of the web and become better than before. The articles available in this blog will also help you get started if you are struggling to do so or if you are a beginner in digital marketing.

By founding this blog, Jeff Bullas gave it what mission? Here is the answer to the question.

Jeff Bullas Blog Mission

The mission of Jeff Bullas and his blog is to inspire and teach people how to succeed in business and life in today’s digital world.

Maybe he will finally succeed since the blog of Jeff Bullas is millions of visitors per year on the website and at least 700,000 subscribers on social media. This blog therefore has a certain influence on Internet users.

However, do Internet users have the habit of regularly appearing on the blog? Does the website have a good authority score? To find out, we suggest you discover the measurements of this blog.

Top metrics from Jeff Bullas’ blog

The following metrics come from the SEOquake plugin. By having an idea of ​​these, you will have an answer to the two previous questions.

  • Website Authority Score:65
  • Average length of visit:05 minutes 15 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:93, 56 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:101.k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

By attaching particular importance to these metrics, it is more than obvious that this blog really provides tangible and surely interesting news with regard to web marketing. To provide you with more details on the content published in this blog, here is a small presentation of the different categories of the blog.

Jeff Bullas Blog Categories

Several categories are named to classify all the articles that the blog publishes on its web platform. This undoubtedly aims to better guide the readers of the blog. So, if you have just discovered this blog, the short descriptions that we want to offer will be very useful to you. Here they are.


The Blogging category of Jeff Bullas’ blog includes several articles that discuss the art of sharing written content on your website. These articles are intended to help you:

  • gain quality traffic to your site;
  • design a list of email addresses to build loyalty;
  • make a success of your life online through the management of a blog…

It is therefore content that can be beneficial for beginners and professional bloggers, but also SEOs and companies. About the content, it is important to specify that it is all practical tips, tricks and techniques. Go to this category via this link:Blogging Category Archives – Jeffbullas’s Blog

Social Media

Social media is one of the pillars of online marketing as it allows you to build a loyal following.

Indeed, in this category, discover tips on how you can effectively use social media platforms to accelerate the pursuit of your marketing objectives.

 Master and understand your audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. for the development of your online business through interesting tips.

Also build trust in your brand with the marketing techniques and tips in thiscategory.

Influencer Marketing 

This category covers all aspects of a form of marketing. The one that involves identifying, connecting and engaging with people who have a noticeable impact on your ideal customer group. By people who have an impact, we mean influencers.

You should therefore expect to read content in this category that relates to influencer marketing. These are tips and tricks you can use to improve your online business by focusing on influencers. Tempting isn’t it! Here is the link of all the articles dealing with the subject:Influencer Marketing Category Archives – Jeffbullas’s Blog.

Content Marketing

Creating and sharing content is absolutely easy, but in reality, it is another reality. If you’ve been looking for relevant articles on content marketing for a long time, this category may be the place for you.

Indeed, the articles in this section focus on techniques for creating and sharing content:

  • blogs ;
  • posts on social media platforms;
  • videos;
  • graphics;
  • images.

Thesearticles which are mostly tips and tricks will help you build trust in your brand. Use this content to also develop impactful marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Thanks to the articles grouped in this category, learn how to develop a list of online prospects.

Also discover through tips and tricks how to share useful, personalized, but above all targeted content so as to build customer trust. But also to effectively generate sales.

This link :Email Marketing Category Archives – Jeffbullas’s Blog refers to all the articles available for this category.


For this category, you have a set of articles that deals with all aspects related to SEO. Whether it’s On-page SEO, Off-page SEO or Technical SEO, you have actionable information to rework your SEO approaches.

Findtips and techniques referencing which concerns the systems, processes and strategies that help a website to have targeted traffic via search engines.


Developing an online business is good, but it’s better when it’s profitable. But before it is, you have to invest a lot and make some sacrifices. If you are struggling to make your e-business profitable, the articles in this category of Jeff Bullas’ blog will help you.

In fact, it istips and tacticsto help you develop your business in a world marked by communication and digital media.

Personal Growth

In this category ofjeff bullas blog and which by the way represent the last, learn how to improve your productivity. Find and maintain your passion through advice and recommendations.

Also find out how to overcome fears when carrying out your tasks thanks to the tips offered for this category. In a few words, learn to work on your personal excellence.

Apart from these categories of the blog, this platform has other resources that should also be presented.

Other resources available on Jeff Bullas’ blog

As for the other resources available on Jeff Bullas’ blog, here’s what you need to remember. These other resources are indeed the ultimate, step-by-step guides for beginners. Below are the guides available at the moment.

These practical and comprehensive guides can serve as your base if you are a beginner in the digital world. Moreover, even professionals can use these guides, because you never stop learning. Does Jeff Bullas’ blog accept guest posts?

Jeff Bullas’ blog and guest posts

This blog has a certain notoriety on the Internet and its authority score is quite high. So in principle the practice of guest blogging should not be a concern for the blog of Jeff Bullas. Nevertheless, this blog is one of those that would not accept guest posts.

Indeed, the famous blog proud of its notoriety prefers the publication of sponsored content. So you can indeed publish certain articles. Except that these will not be considered guest posts, but sponsored posts whose terms of publication are available by clicking on this link:Sponsored Content Opportunities –

If you are looking for blogs for guest posting, you can join our blog catalog which accepts guest posts in both French and English. Here is the link :+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN] (

In summary

In summary, Jeff Bullas’ blog is a blog whose reading of the content shared on his web platform will allow you to cultivate yourself in digital marketing. Whether you are a beginner or not, you have a reliable source of information to elevate yourself even further in this environment. So it can effectively satisfy your curiosity.

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Presentation : Jeff Bullas

Blog Jeff Bullas Logo

The jeff bullas blog was founded by an Australian web entrepreneur of the same name. The latter is also a blogger, speaker and author of several bestsellers. Jeff is best known for hispodcast «The Jeff BullasShow».

It is a platform whose purpose is to help entrepreneurs win business, overcome challenges and generate leads.

Recently, Jeff founded Side HustleStrategies, an educational platform that provides the latest research on starting a business. He has over 500k Twitter followers, nearly 20K Instagram followers and around 10k YouTube subscribers.

Early in his career, Jeff was unemployed and had $50,000 in debt. He even had difficulties on a personal level.

He then came across a few personal development and marketing books as well as the Hubspot blog. These have motivated him to create his own blog.

He names his passion project after him and invests about $10 in it. Gradually, Jeff begins to create quality content on the power of social media.

A year later, he was already traveling the world explaining how to use social media to grow his business. His approach allows him to attract millions of visitors to his website and increase the number of his subscribers.

Find Jeff Bullas on his networksTwitter, LinkedIn, Instagram that Facebook.

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