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Short Description : C-Marketing

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Discover the content published on the C-Marketing blog and effectively display your business on the Internet to have a good turnover.

Long Description : C-Marketing

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The C-Marketing blog is an informative website that brings together guides and tips related to digital marketing to help businesses better develop their virtual presence. It also includes SEO tips and techniques to help bloggers and SEOs improve their skills in this sector.


C-Marketing Blog

Being informed and understanding at the same time the most important elements of online marketing and SEO will allow you to differentiate yourself in these two vast digital sectors.

But to have valuable information that will be really useful to you, you have to research and find good blogs. One of them is that of C-Marketing.

It is a blog that brings a more than informative dimension to specialists and companies in web marketing thanks to its guides and tips.

Let’s find out together.

Presentation of the C-Marketing Blog

The C-Marketing blog publishes content that is of rather remarkable simplicity and understanding.

So, whether you are a beginner in digital marketing or just curious, the articles on this web platform will help you respectively reach a good level and fully satisfy your curiosity.

This is a blog that gives you the opportunity to better understand the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. Notably :

  • le branding ;
  • l’inbound marketing ;
  • le street marketing ;
  • The advertisement.

It is a blog that appears to be a solid foundation in the digital world because it does not only deal with marketing, but it also addresses natural referencing. This knowledge platform is beneficial if, for example, you want to:

  • have a better command of the Google search engine;
  • work on your content marketing strategy again;
  • discover free and fortuitously essential tools for your SEO;
  • significantly improve your ranking in the Google SERP…

C-Marketing can therefore be useful to all players in the web marketing sphere. And like any blog, it has metrics that we invite you to discover below.

Top C-Marketing Blog Metrics

Perhaps you are wondering if the C-Marketing blog has a good reputation on the web. If so, we invite you to discover in this section the metrics that we think are the most important in terms of visibility.

It is :

  • Website Authority Score: 44
  • Average length of visit:06 minutes 25 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate: 90,64 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:36,4. K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These are the main C-Marketing metrics provided by SEOquake. Now that you have an idea of ​​these metrics, let’s quickly dive into what the categories in this blog are all about.

Presentation of the different categories of the C-Marketing blog

This blog which provides various relevant information on web marketing and natural referencing is well structured. Indeed, all the articles published on the platform are classified into several categories.

Here they are.


This category is a set of articles that offers you useful information to be able to easily develop any digital strategy. This will allow you to easily outperform competitors.

Indeed, a well-established digital marketing strategy is proof that you can effectively achieve your advertising campaign objectives. It is thanks to this strategy that you can move easily and quickly to any digital marketing action.

This is a category whose contents are practical guides for:

  • attract prospects;
  • to win the loyalty of customers ;
  • provide a quality user experience;
  • know your competitors and many other aspects of the role of a digital strategy.

By browsing the articles in this category, you will also come across tips for better developing the elements of your current digital strategy.

Marketing digital

This category is undoubtedly the most extensive in terms of content. Indeed, you have all the tips to understand online marketing from A to Z.

This is a category that brings together comprehensive guides and sound advice to help you grow your online business. It takes into account all aspects of marketing and when we say everything, we really mean everything.

At least, in the category, you will find something to feed and satisfy your thirst for learning more and more about online marketing.

For example, to understand the source of your website traffic or to most effectively develop a digital marketing plan, you should consider reading the content in this category.


Content alone is the main driver of digital marketing. This is why this category that has proposedChristiane W, the blog founder is perfect for content marketing professionals.

The category offers advice and techniques for using the main types of content that form the heart of online marketing.

By main types of content, include:

  • the writings ;
  • the visuals;
  • the audios ;
  • videos.

By exploring the articles in this category, you can better see the power of content in digital marketing to now cover all its segments. A situation that will only propel both you and your business to the forefront when it comes to content marketing.

Great, isn’t it!

Social networks

No digital marketing strategy worthy of the name can be developed by a professional without involving social platforms. This simply means that social media is a key pillar of online marketing.

Since consumers of services or products are more active on these social platforms. This makes them a source of traffic to your website. They also give you more visibility and make it easier to promote your products.

So, if you want to have tips, advice and marketing techniques for an excellent use of social media, all you have to do is read the contents of this category. You will know how to harness the power of social platforms for the progress of your online business.


Before your website(s) are visible, you need to optimize your web pages for the Google search engine. This will allow you at the same time to have good traffic.

To do this, you must correctly and rigorously understand how Google works. Thus, you will know how to better exploit your SEO strategies, tools and resources to have a good ranking in the SERPs.

In this category of the C-Marketing blog, you will have advice, tips and techniques to establish and properly exploit your SEO procedures. In no time you will become a basic professional if you were a beginner.

In fact, most of the content on this blog shares articles on, where to start to get good visibility by optimizing your SEO. This link :SEO — C-Marketing collect these items.


  • CMS WordPress ;
  • E-commerce platform;
  • Web Design.

These previous points are those developed in this category. More precisely, it is content in the form of guides, tips and tricks that give you the opportunity to understand all the segments that these different points cover.

Mastering these segments is necessary if you want to have a good turnover with your business on the Internet. Also find interesting information and techniques to boost the web performance of your website.

In the same vein, discover comparisons and practical guides on the use of CMS. Indeed, these contents give you all the cards for a good choice and a better use of these CMS. Here is the link that brings together all of this content:Web — C-Marketing.


This section currently includes about thirty articles that address entrepreneurship. Specifically, almost everything you need to know if you want to start a new entrepreneurial project.

The contents available in this category are useful for new entrepreneurs or those who are already and wish to have more knowledge in this sector. These are interesting articles, tips, techniques and advice to better develop your online business. Check them out here:Entrepreneurship — C-Marketing.

Apart from these categories of the C-Marketing blog, you can come across other resources on the knowledge website that are also worth bringing a small introduction.

The other resources of the C-Marketing blog

There are two other resources available on this blog. In this case, there are two categories which are:White Book And Tools. Below is an overview of these two categories.

  • White Book

This resource is a collection of books that deals with the different specialties of online marketing. These books offered in the category also address entrepreneurship and digital transformations.

They are therefore important and easily accessible resources for:

  • uninitiated in the digital world;
  • all small, small and medium enterprises;
  • e-merchants…

Thus, these protagonists of the digital scene who wish to grow their business without breaking the bank can use these books and make a name for themselves. It is therefore an online library for entrepreneurs that focuses more on web marketing.

  • Tools

This resource is a web-based toolkit for businesses. In this category, discover a selection of free or freemium tools that can support you if you are a VSE or an SME.

Apart from these resources, it would be relevant to tell you if this French blog practices guest blogging. Here is what to remember about the guest articles of the C-Marketing blog.

C-Marketing and guest blogging

The C-Marketing blog accepts guest articles. So, if you like to share your experiences, you can very well do it on this blog.

How to publish on C-Marketing?

If you want to publish an article on the C-Marketing blog, you just need to send a short presentation and an article proposal through thisContact formor byemail. And your request will be carefully considered.

That said, your area of ​​expertise must be linked to one of the different categories of the blog presented above.

Once your article proposal is suitable, you will receive an email in which you will be invited to produce an article that necessarily respects the editorial line of the blog.

Then, your article will be meticulously proofread before publication, but it may undergo slight modifications without deviating from your context. Once all this has been respected, your guest post will be accompanied by your bio, a small one with the link to your professional website. But can you share sustainably on the C-Marketing blog?

Long-term collaboration with the blog

Provided that your articles are pleasant and bring value to the C-Marketing audience, you can renew the adventure if you like. This will give you the title of “attracted” expert of one of the blog’s specialties.

In which case, you will have to commit to providing at least 6 articles at your own pace in exchange for a personalized introductory web page on this knowledge web platform. Here is some information about the practice of guest blogging on the C-Marketing blog.

In summary

All in all, the C-Marketing blog is a blog proud of its notoriety which regularly publishes pleasant articles related to web marketing and SEO. These articles are subdivided into 7 categories which form the specialties of the blog.

These are the following categories.

  • Strategy ;
  • Marketing digital ;
  • Contents;
  • Social networks;
  • THIS;
  • Web ;
  • Entrepreneurship.

So, if you are a blogger or a digital marketing professional, exploring the contents of this blog will benefit you. In addition, it offers two important resources to better develop your business’s online presence. These resources are white papers and tools.

Finally, it is a blog that accepts guest articles for free under very specific conditions. All digital players should consider subscribing to this blog.

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Presentation : C-Marketing

Blog C Marketing Logo

The French web platform C-Marketing advises entrepreneurs as well as SMEs who are looking for responsible, effective and affordable digital marketing.

This is a website that aims to make you more visible on the Internet and help you attract leads and retain your customers through content marketing techniques as well as inbound marketing.

It was founded in 2011 by blogger Christian Waterschoot which is based in Brussels. With at least 30 years of B2B communication projects at European level, she has had the opportunity to experience all the facets of this constantly evolving profession.

Her main pride is the fact of having been able to set up and develop a communication department from A to Z. There is also the fact that Christiane W. was able to:

  • coordinate multidisciplinary teams;
  • collaborate with several specialized agencies;
  • succeed in having international projects.

Since the founding of C-marketing, Christiane has brought all her know-how and professionalism to SMEs. Of course, those who deeply want to improve their digital performance in order to better meet the expectations of their customers.

Through her blog, Christiane Waterschoot’s goal is to help each entrepreneur better develop their e-business and boost notoriety and attractiveness with affordable tools, resources and methods. She specializes in:

  • le coaching digital ;
  • web writing;
  • the creation and redesign of websites in WordPress;
  • writing blog posts;
  • the design and distribution of newsletters;
  • le community management. 

Finally, Christiane W. is also active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. If you want to get in touch with her, you can follow her with this profile:Christiane W. | LinkedIn. His twitter profile is as follows:C-Marketing (@ChristianeWa).

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