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Browse Academicist’s blog to find resources that can help you develop skills for web jobs.

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The Academiste blog is an online platform that publishes content that can help readers develop skills in digital professions. In particular, it offers articles and training on SEO, SEA, online marketing and many others. The articles on this blog are freely accessible and are well-stocked resources that can help users succeed in their learning.

Academicist’s Blog

If it is now easy to learn digital professions from YouTube and other online resources, it may be more interesting to learn from education sites that specialize in online training.

This is the case of the Academiste site, which not only offers online training, but also has a blog from which you can learn how to develop specific skills.

In this description, we will discoverAcademicist’s blog and the content it offers to help its visitors learn the web trades.

Presentation of the academic blog

Academiste is a training organization dedicated to web professionals that offers fun and practical support in learning web marketing.

To this end, it offers a blog whose objective is to help readers find useful and practical resources that can help them in their learning.

The articles of the Academic blog are freely accessible to:

  • People who hold positions;
  • People wishing to train in new skills;
  • Future business creators;
  • Digital marketing specialists.

If the blog generally deals with web marketing, readers will find specific articles on SEO, paid search, web design and e-commerce.

In addition to these topics, the Academic blog also features articles on project management, personal development, and online content creation.

The blog addresses all these topics in a practical way, so that people who view its articles can easily tap into them.

The Academic blog offers several interesting articles on topics related to webmarketing and digital professions. We discover in particular:

  •     Free Google Ads Training“: This article provides free training on Google Ads, Google’s online advertising tool. Readers will learn how to create and manage effective online advertising campaigns through step-by-step tutorials and real-life examples.
  •     E-commerce digital strategy“: This article aims to help e-merchants develop an effective digital strategy for their business. It offers practical advice on creating an e-commerce site, online customer relationship management and content creation. quality.
  •     SEO on Shopify: Product optimization on Google?“: Those who use the Shopify e-commerce platform will benefit from this article. It explains how to optimize their online store products. Readers will learn how to use Shopify’s SEO features and how to implement an SEO strategy. effective.
  •     Top digital professions“: If you are interested in digital jobs, this article is probably for you. It presents the jobs most in demand in the digital field and gives advice on how to get started in these careers.
  •     Start in natural referencing with 5 basic tips” : This article is for SEO beginners. It presents five basic tips to improve the ranking of your site in Google search results.
  •     Master Indesign like an expert“: Those who want to learn how to use the Indesign layout software professionally can find valuable advice in this article. It explains how to use the various features of Indesign to create professional and visually appealing documents.

In addition to these articles, the Academic blog also offers many other interesting content on various topics related to webmarketing and digital professions.

Blog metrics

Website authority score: 15

Average length of visit: –

Average bounce rate: –

Monthly organic traffic volume: –

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Other resources

The Academic site offers its users training that they can follow to develop specific skills.

SEO training

The Academic blog offers online SEO training, which is a key area of ​​web marketing.

This training of more than 10 hours is divided into several parts, which are as follows:

  1. Understand the context (1 hour) – This part of the training aims to give an overview of SEO and explain its role in a company’s online marketing strategy.
  2. Technical part (2h30) – This part of the training deals with the technical aspects of SEO, such as the structure of the site, the “title” tag and the “meta” tags.
  3. On-Site (1h40) – This part of the training explains how to optimize the pages of your site for search engines. It includes advice on writing quality content and using HTML tags.
  4. Web Copywriting (35 mins) – This part of the course gives advice on writing content for the web, such as writing titles and subtitles, structuring content and using keywords.
  5. Off-Site (2 hrs) – This part of the training explains how to get quality inbound links for your site, which are essential to improve your SEO. It also includes advice on social networks as well as reputation management.
  6. Types of SEO (25 min) – This part of the training introduces the different types of SEO, such as SEO and SEA. She explains the pros and cons of each type of SEO so you can see which is best for your business.
  1. Reporting and Auditing (1h10) – This part of the training explains how to evaluate the performance of your site in terms of SEO and how to establish an action plan to improve your ranking in search results. It includes advice on reporting tools and site auditing.

Online training on LinkedIn

The Academiste blog also offers online training on LinkedIn, which is a very popular professional social network. This training of more than 2 hours is divided into three parts:

  1. The Context of LinkedIn (40 minutes) – This part of the training introduces LinkedIn and explains how it can be used as a professional marketing tool. It also gives advice on creating and managing a profile on the social network.
  2. LinkedIn Profile and Posting (1 hour) – This part of the training explains how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it is attractive to potential employers and clients. It also includes tips on writing LinkedIn posts and using hashtags to increase the visibility of your content.
  3. Project Management & Getting Better on LinkedIn (45 minutes) – This part of the training gives advice on project management on LinkedIn and the different ways to improve your presence on this professional social network. It also includes tips on using LinkedIn groups and creating great content.

This LinkedIn training is designed to help those on the platform understand the basics of LinkedIn and how to use this tool professionally to grow their careers.

Formation sur WordPress

Academic blog also offers online training on WordPress, which is a content management system that many people use. This training is also divided into three parts:

  1. The Context – WordPress” (1 hour) – This part of the training introduces WordPress and explains how it can be used to create and manage a website. It also gives advice on choosing a theme and customizing the design of your site.
  2. CMS & WordPress Installation” (2 h) – This part of the training explains how content management systems work and how to install WordPress on your server. It also includes advice on content management and the use of plugins WordPress.
  3. Third-Party WordPress and NoCode Elements” (2 hours) – In this part, you will learn how to add additional functionality to your site using third-party WordPress elements and using NoCode tools (tools that allow you to create applications without having to code) It also includes tips on project management and how to optimize your site’s performance.

This online WordPress training is designed to help you understand the basic principles of WordPress and use this CMS professionally to create and manage a website.

Apart from these three online training courses, the Academiste site also offers training courses to which you can grant from this page dedicated to site training.

Accept guest articles or not

Academicist’s blog doesn’t accept guest posts, which means you won’t be able to submit guest posts to them.

However, there are other similar sites that you can submit your guest posts to and gain notoriety and traffic. Twaino brings these sites together in one platform that you can browse and discover the site that matches your criteria.

It is a platform with more than 1156 French-speaking sites that accept guest posts.

In summary

Ultimately, the blog of Academiste shares with its visitors content to learn the trades of the web and to make a career. You will learn in particular SEO, SEA, CMS as well as marketing in its various forms.

You will also discover online training that can also help you develop various skills.

To learn more about its different themes, you can alsobrowse Twaino’s blog which shares daily resources used to learn digital marketing.

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Presentation : Academiste

Blog Academiste Logo

TheAcademicist’s blog was created by another company called BAE Groupe. Based in Paris, France, Business Accelerator Enterprise (BAE Groupe) claims to be the future of digital business.

It is the first independent group of digital and highly innovative solutions for startups. Likewise, it offers tools focused on deep data and competition analysis.

The company supports its customers in setting upwork various acquisition techniques. This is done thanks to a certain expertise and an exceptional pedagogical approach.

BAE Groupe is made up of five complementary strategic divisions, in particular ADDUALITY,THE KOOBIES, MAITRICKS, MARKSTRAT and finallyACADEMISTE.

  • AdQuality Media: This is a web marketing agency that is responsible for managing campaignsadvertising. 
  • Maitricks: this body is the technical department that develops technical solutions in SAAS and tailor-made, co-financed by Google. It was a finalist for the Grand Prix du Search and has developed a partnership with Google.
  • Academic: this is the group’s training organization certified by Veritas and Datadock. He now has more than 40 Off line & E Learning training courses on digital professions to his credit.
  • Koobiak: he is the expert in creating a market place. The company helps to deploy brands on Marketplaces such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten, Fnac, Bol, eBay, etc.

Markstrat, the fifth pole is a consulting agency of the BAE group, based in Vancouver, specializing in brand strategy and positioning.

She assists clients in the creation of banners, visuals for sites and social networks. In addition, it is involved in the creation of landing pages.

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